Lunar: Silver Star Story

Will You Marry Me?
By Platina, Takeru, and Staz [ 07-18-01 ]

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This fic is just a creation of ours... our own creation of how the LUNAR guys proposed to the gals. :)

"Mommy," a little girl began, "Bedtime story!"

The young woman smiled as she lifted her daughter and placed her on her lap. "What do you want to hear tonight, sweetie?"

"About those six adventurers who fell in love with each other... and how the guys proposed to the girls! You promised to tell me that!"

"Alright," the mother gave in. "Which one do you want to hear first?"

"About the bandit and the priestess."

The mother grinned. "Alright. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful priestess and a handsome bandit. They loved each other, however, they often got in arguments so they broke up. They often fought as they went on with their adventure, but when they defeated the bad guy, they got back together."

"How did the bandit propose?"

The mother smiled again. "It happened in a very unlikely way... They were in a cave trying to recover a stolen treasure when the cave gave in and was beginning to collapse..."


"I FOUND IT!" Kyle exclaimed as he held out the beautiful sword which was stolen from one of the citizens in Meribia. "Jess, I found it!"

"Good! Now get back here and let's get out of this place!"

Kyle hurriedly went down off the steep rock with his prize when suddenly the cave began to collapse. "Uh-oh, Jess... we're in trouble!"

"I know that!" Jessica exclaimed as the two ran for the exit. However, a large chasm tore apart ground and Kyle fell in, dropping the sword in the process.

"Kyle!!" Jessica yelled as she dove down to catch his hand. She did so, but Kyle's weight was pulling her down into the chasm too.

"JESS!!" Kyle began, screaming from below. "WILL YOU MARRY ME?"




Luckily, Jessica was able to pull Kyle back up, and as Kyle set foot on stable ground again, rocks from above them began crashing down. He placed his arms around Jessica, and yelled, "WE'RE GOING TO GET OUT OF THIS PLACE BECAUSE I'M GOING TO MARRY YOU!!"


"And then they were able to get out of the cave, right, mommy?" the little girl asked.

The mother nodded. "Yes, you are right. They got out of the debris, and a week later, they got married. Which one do you want to hear next, sweetheart?"

"About the hero and the songstress! I like that one too!"

"Alright," the mother said, as she took a deep breath and began telling the story. "The adventurers finally defeated the bad guy, so the hero was on his way to rescue his love from the magic that would separate them forever...."


Alex finally arrived at Luna's throne, bruised and bleeding, but alive. "Luna... I'm here."

A beam of light suddenly softened around Luna, and she opened her eyes to see her one true love standing in front of her, very gallant-looking. "I knew you would never be able to abandon me to evil, Alex."

"Yes, now we can finally go back to Burg together!"

"Though Ghaleon has perished, the Fortress of Althena continues to bleed life from the whole world of Lunar. If it does not cease, all Lunar will become as lifeless as the Frontier. But if I leave the Fortress, the stored magic will be released too rapidly, and it may end up destroying the entire world of Lunar. I'm a prisoner, Alex."

"No!" Alex exclaimed.

Tears fell down Luna's eyes. "I'm sorry, Alex. I must stay here... for Lunar."

"I won't give you up! You mustn't give up either, regardless of how hopeless things may seem! There has to be a way! We must believe in the power that resides within each of us, Luna! I believe each of us is entrusted with a future to realize, and this is not our future! Luna, if we work together, I'm certain we'll find a way... just like Dyne did, remember?"

Alex looked on to Luna, and then he started walking toward her and the beam of light.

"Alex, no!"

He continued walking through the beam of light, and he began to lose his Dragonmaster powers.

"Alex, you mustn't try it, it's too dangerous!"

However, it was too late. Alex's Dragonmaster powers were gone, and he transformed back into his former being. He extended his hand towards her and smiled.

"We will always be together... in the past, the present, and the future as well. It's destiny."

Luna took Alex's hand, and she threw herself into his arms. "Oh, Alex... Alex..."

A beam of light swallowed them up...


"Mom! When did the hero pop the question?"

The mother smiled thoughtfully. "Well, actually, this is what really happened..."


Luna took Alex's hand, and she threw herself into his arms. "Oh, Alex... Alex..."

Alex placed his arms and around her, and then he whispered something into his ear.

"Luna... will you marry me?"

Luna nodded, then she looked at him and smiled.


"Wow cool!" the little girl exclaimed as she jumped around. "That was sooo cool! So, mommy, what happened to the two magicians?"

Her mother shut her eyes, and then a smile formed on her face. "Here's what happened to them..."


Early in the morning, Nash stood infront of the mirror, practicing how to say it to Mia.

"Mia, I--"

He stopped as his hair went out of place. Cursing lightly, he took his comb and combed his hair back into its former position.

"Mia, I have something to tell you. Will you-- Dammit!" Nash exclaimed as his hair went wild again. He fixed it, but then it kept on happening over and over. Finally, on the fifteenth time, Nash took a new bottle of hair gel and fixed his hair. However, there was so much gel in it by then that it went stiff and was sure not to budge. Nash went out of his room, and luckily enough, Mia was walking down the hallway...


"Yes, Nash?"

"I have something to tell you..."

"What is it?"

Nash stammered. "Will... oh, nevermind."

Nash ran off and Mia wondered what was that all about. Later in the afternoon, Nash forced himself to tell it to her.


Mia looked at him wearily. "Yes, Nash? If you have something to say, make it quick. I have some things to do..."

"Will you marry me?" Nash asked in a muffled voice, barely comprehendable. It sounded like, "Will oo mer me?"

"What did you say, Nash?"

Nash asked it again but it was too muffled. And again. Eventually, Mia got... a bit frustrated.

"Look, Nash, if you don't have anything else to say..."

"MIA, WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Nash screamed in a loud voice that echoed all over the Magic Guild. Mia's face grew red in embarrassment.



Mia felt her cheeks flush even more, and then she smiled. "Yes, Nash, I will..."


"Boy, was that embarrassing! But if I was the lady, I'd be so proud because my love announced it to the whole world... that's so romantic..."

"Alright, that's it for now. Now you go to bed."

The little girl grinned. "Good night, mommy. And tell daddy too."

"Okay," the mother said as she kissed her daughter on the cheek.

"Nice story. I want to hear more tomorrow."

The mother sighed. "Alright, I'll tell you another one tomorrow. Good night."


The mother turned off the lights and shut the door. She slowly went down the stairs and found her husband busy reading a couple of magic books.

"Mina is extending her good night to you."

"What story did you tell her this time?" her husband asked. The woman grinned.

"Well... about the six adventurers who fell in love with each other, and how the guys proposed to the girls..."

The father's jaw dropped. "You told her OUR story?"

Mia nodded. "Why, what's wrong with that? I told her about how Alex proposed to Luna and how Kyle popped the question to Jessica..."

"But you told her about my hair going out of place moments before I tried to say it? That was embarrassing!" Nash countered.

Mia grinned. "Oh, come on, Nash! I was so embarrassed when you shouted the question at the corridor..."

It was silent. Then they laughed.

"Yeah, I know, Mia... I know."


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