Mega Man Legends 2
Back to Terra
By Macross-Green [ 08/04/05 ]

Author's Note: This was my first good fanfic written,according to many who remember about 4-5 years ago. Based on the ending of Mega Man Legends 2, there aresome spoilers here. That's the only warning you'llget. Some people have gone so far as to say that theyhope that MML3 would eventually get to be like this. Anyway, enjoy!


A rather crude, weatherworn, pieced together small poddocked up against the docking tube that extended fromthe space station. There weren't any visible lights orwindows on the pod, just heat shielding material. Infact, the material had remained on the pod, even afterthe initial launch sequence, and that fact hadsurprised the designers of the craft, who happened tobe onboard. A moment later, a single light on thespace stations docking tube lit up, and a shell ofmetal extended around the small pod. Using vacuumforces within the station, the small pod was sucked upthrough the tube and a moment later, the pod was setdown within a docking bay.

"Well, we finally got the shuttle to work!" a smallfigure spoke up, in his squealing voice. "I told youtwo to listen to me!" it yelled at the two figuresstill in the pilot seats. "Shut up, Data!" both saidsimultaneously, screaming at the little monkey 'bot,which fell back and down the hatchway the ladder was,dazed from the multiple voice yell as well as thefall. "Tron, how do your sensors read? Mine say thatwe're inside the station, and that the air isbreathable." One of the voices said. The soft glow inthe cockpit that was given off by the pod's monitorsproved there to be enough light for them to see eachother, as Roll looked over to the black haired girl.

"My instruments say that we can go on outside now. Idon't have any reaverbots on the instruments, but whoknows how they were designed while we're in space likethis?" Tron said, and a click could be heard as sheunbuckled herself from the seat. She blinked insurprise, as her feet remained on the floor of thecraft. "Hey, there's gravity here!" she exclaimed.Roll, Data, and Tron had been weightless for the pastweek or so, during the transit to the station. "Hey,you're right, Tron! Somehow, it's the same amount ofgravity as on Earth!" Roll commented, as a click couldbe heard while she unbuckled from her seat.

Below the cockpit's deck, a dozen servbots readied theMini Leopardo, which was specially designed for speedand armor, for use in a space station. With onlyenough room for Roll, Tron, Data, and two Servbots,the other Servbots would remain on the pod, to man thefour turreted Vulcan guns that were upon the sides ofthe craft. "Miss Tron, Miss Roll, the Mini Leopardo isready for use now." The high pitched, somewhat whinyvoice said over the intercom. "Shall we go find MegaMan then, Tron?" Roll said, grinning in the soft lightthat lit up the cockpit. Tron simply nodded, her faceset in a serious tone as she walked over to the ladderbehind them.

* * *

"Yuna, there is a crude space pod which has justdocked with the station," a small, nearly girlishvoice said. Sure, she was around Mega Man's age, if alittle shorter, but she was once, almost 5 months ago,the Mother unit of the entire space station, intent ondestroying the population of the Carbons on the planetbelow. "Really, Sera? Well, I guess that means MegaMan was right all along. It sure took them longenoughI wonder if they even listened to Data as heexplained the technology?" Yuna said, walking over totake the little girl's hand in her own. "Well, let'sgo get him, I'm certain we can find him in theMaster's house," Sera replied, smiling sweetly. She'dalmost completely gotten into the spirit of being acarbon, Yuna thought. "Such a change in her, it israther remarkable," she said to herself, smiling asthey walked from the Library, which had been repairedby some of the smaller Servitor 'bots after Sera'sfighting against Mega Man. They walked down thewinding hallways, looking around at the broken downmachinery that had once been the Guardians of thelibrary that Sera had placed in Mega Man's way to slowhim down.

"You know, I'm going to miss this place," Sera said,looking around with wide eyes as she gazed about atthe remains of the now dead, powerful reaverbots. Thefirst one was the huge remains of the largeDinosaur-like reaverbot. Yuna just nodded slightly.She had a facility sort of like this one, underneaththe snow of Forbidden Island. Except, the reaverbotsthere were still under the control of her otherServitor Unit. The Servitor, while not as powerful asa Purifier unit or a Mother-class unit, was easilyable to keep things under control there until she gotback, she thought. "You know, Sera, one of these dayswe are going to have to duplicate our Servitors. Itwill be hard to get from place to place to keep theremnants of the ancient system from activating." Yunacommented, as they now went up an elevator.

"Don't worry too much about that, Yuna," Sera said,looking to her mentor in Carbon psychology andtraditions. "I know a place that is still functioningon Terra that we can restore our Servitors at." Then,after the door ahead of them opened up, the two ladiesfound themselves inside the room that the thirdguardian had been in. Strangely enough, there wasn'tany wreckage of the battle that had taken place here."Shouldn't there be something in this room?" Yunaasked Sera, and they both looked around. Not a singlebit of excess machinery could be found anywhere,whether on the floor or on the walls. "Yes, thereshould have beenBut then again, we haven't been outof the Library since Mega Man defeated me 5 monthsago. After all, we have been busy thwarting theAncient Systems attempts to come online since then."Sera responded, and shrugged. "Well, maybe Mega Mancleaned it all up then. It's not like he's had much todo hereother than to talk to us, that is."

They continued along their way, and soon foundthemselves in the room of the second guardian. Thesmall pieces of the blob reaverbot were still lyingaround, though it was obvious that they had beenpicked and searched through. "How oddthe guardianhas been dismantled more than it had when it wasdestroyed, Yuna," Sera said, walking over to thewreck. About half of its body had been taken apart,including the shell that kept its internal systemsinside, though now the internal systems were nowvisible. "Mega Man has kept to himself much of thetime now, the last few monthsI wonder what he hasbeen doing?" Both of the ladies shrugged, andcontinued on, toward the room of the very firstguardian that had been set in Mega Man's way. TheBullfrog 'bot was nowhere to be found now. It hadplenty of salvageable pieces, thanks to its hugeframe, and even the spinning top blade machines thathad circled the room were gone.

A few moments later, the two emerged at the Master'shouse, and both gasped in surprise as they saw MegaMan at the control panel for the main screen for thehouse. What was no longer there, however, was thescreen itself. Instead, there was a vehicle for spacetravel, one that could land and take off under its ownpower. The entire house had been retrofitted,elongated in several directions to give clearance forthe shuttle itself. There were hundreds of Refractorsbeside the stand that the vehicle was on- it wassmall, but could easily carry the three humanoids backdown to Terra. A constant stream of plasma shots couldbe heard, as Mega Man worked on his creation. "I wishRoll were here, she would be a lot better at this thanI am," he muttered, unaware of the two who had shownup behind him. In that instant, he blinked as he heardlaughter, and he smiled. His voice had become muchmore masculine lately, which he preferred. So many hadmistaken him for a girl, whether talking in person orover a phone or com-link, that it was beginning to gettiresome. Slowly, Mega Man turned around to face thetwo he had come to acknowledge as friends, though itwas hard for him to accept Yuna as anyone but Roll'smother.

"Well, look who's decided to come out of the Library!"he said, smiling to them both as he took off hishelmet, to run fingers through his hair. He'd evengotten a bit of a haircut since the last time they'dseen each other, the two girls noticed. No longerspiky and unruly, it was now much more manageable, andnever threatened to get into his eyesight. "What areyou doing, Trigger? This is not a job for aFirst-class Purifier unit," Sera asked, winking as shereached the end of the sentence. "Maybe not, but I'vegotten bored of waiting for Roll to come pick us up.After all, it has been several months. She might nothave had any luck getting supplies to build theshuttle plans you gave Data. I started on this twomonths ago, just in case we needed it." He held up asmall data pad, which he had managed to create withthe plans he'd had in mind, which had necessitated hisdemolishing the main monitor of the home. He evensearched the Library's ancient texts, to find a typeof shuttle that could take them in and out of space,from Terra to Elysium station easily. "Still, I'm atleast a few months from finishing it"

"You may not need to, Mega Man," Yuna spoke up,smiling. "According to the Station's internal sensorarray, Roll may have found a way to get here afterall! There's a Shuttle pod down below in the DockingBay. We know that there's a total of 2 carbons, adozen small 'bots, and even Data is there with them.We couldn't quite tell, but" Yuna broke off as aklaxon flared to life, informing the whole station tothe fact there were intruders on the residentiallevel. "Looks like Data led them here already. But,there's still those bird-like reaverbots outside, Ihope they'll be okay" Mega Man trailed off, and thengot up, slipping his helmet back on as he went to thedoorway. "I'll be right back, I'm going to make theirtraveling arrangements a little easier!" and withthat, Mega Man headed out, his buster gun powered upwith range and energy abilities at max, with the rapidfire and power wasn't quite as high as it should'vebeen by now, probably. Turning from the doorway andheading around to the back of the house, he noticed asmall tank getting attacked by two of the bird-typereaverbots.

* * *

"Data, if you're leading us the wrong way, I'm goingto rearrange your circuits!" Tron exclaimed, even asshe began firing the main cannon buster on the smalltank. Roll, who was sitting below and ahead of her,was piloting the small vehicle as the turret turnedquickly, as the cannon pelted out powerful plasmablasts at the oncoming 'mechs. "Tron, there are atleast two more around hereWe gotta get rid of thesetwo fast, before the others notice us!"

"Yeah, yeah, you do the driving, I'll do the blasting,Roll!" Tron yelled down, still blasting away at bothof the reaverbots. "What the heck kinda armor do thesethings have? I'm blasting and I'm blasting, andthey're still trying to ram us!" Suddenly, one of themwas destroyed, by fire other than their own. "Hey,wait a minute! The other two reaverbots are gone now,and there's only this one! There's only one person weknow who could do that so quickly!" Roll exclaimed,getting so excited that she rammed into the bird-typereaverbot, knocking it back with a huge dent in itsarmor. "Gotcha!" Tron yelled, blasting away at thedazed reaverbot until it blew up. Then, Roll turnedthe tank toward the large building she saw in theclearing, and both Tron and Roll's faces paled. One ofthe Servbots, who were in the small ports above thetreads, carrying bomb launchers, noticed a veryfamiliar figure running toward them. He wasn't theonly one to notice the figure, though.

"MEGA MAN!" Roll and Tron both yelled, and stopped thetank. Both got scrambled out as fast as they could,getting stuck in the small hatch for a second beforesqueezing out, and they ran over to Mega Man, whoseface had paled as he saw the two girls running towardhim, dust flying from their feet. "Uh-oh" hewhispered, suddenly getting tackled by them both, hishelmet flying off as both girls hugged him. "Ack!" hemanaged, his armor beginning to buckle against thepressure their arms combined were exerting on him.Then, all of a sudden, both girls looked up to him,their eyes cold-looking and as empathic as stone."Don't you ever do this to me again, Mega Man! If youever do this again, we'll finish you off ourselves!"both Tron and Roll exclaimed, while a surprised MegaMan tried to escape from their clutches, even as bothbegan to cry in joy.

* * *

"How odd. Both the girl that Trigger travels with andthe girl who attacked Trigger are happy to see himagain. And yet, both yelled at him, and both are nowcrying," Sera said, looking to the three who were onthe grounds. Data was dancing above on the top of thetank, while the Servbots were dancing in their littleports in the tank. "I think I may never understand allof these Carbon's emotions, Yuna." She said, lookingup to the older looking Mother unit. "Sera, withenough time, you too may have friends, and possiblypeople who care about you," Yuna replied, smiling asshe saw her Carbon host's daughter out there on thefield with Mega Man and Tron.

"StillI have to wait until we get back to Terrabefore I can give Roll's mother back to her" Yunamused, smiling brightly at the two humans and onecyborg on the ground ahead of them. "Come on Sera, Ithink we should introduce ourselves," Yuna said,taking Sera's hand into hers before pulling her onover to the three figures on the ground. Sera tiltedher head to the side as she looked to them, her greenhair falling to the side as well. Such odd behavior,she thought. Perhaps, someday, I will understand it.

* * *

"Rock, if you ever, and I mean ever, do this sort ofthing again, I'm going to triple the upgrade rates!"Roll said, crying onto his right shoulder as Tronblinked, sniffling as her crying stopped for a second."Rock? Who are you talking about, Roll?" Tron asked,looking over to her partner in designing the shuttleand shuttle pod. Mega Man laughed gently, putting anarm around both girls. Unknown to him, Yuna and Serahad come within hearing distance as he began to speak."My given name, Tron, after getting found by Gramps,was Rock. Then Roll came up with a middle name for meafterwards and I guess it kinda stuck. Nowadays,everyone calls me Mega Man, or, as I've heard Teaselcall me, Blue Boy."

Roll and Tron laughed at that, and both began cryingon his shoulder gently. "Mega Man, I hope you canforgive us for taking so long. Data wasn't any help atall!" both Roll and Tron wailed. A loud, resoundingEeeeeeeek! Sound was heard, which made everyone lookaround quickly. Data danced over quickly, face redfrom anger as he began squeaking like crazy. "That's alie Mega Man! They wouldn't listen to me! I"

Both girls looked back over their shoulders and theyglared at Data. "SHUT UP YOU STUPID LITTLE MONKEY!"both girls yelled, and from the sonic blast of theirvoices combined propelled Data back against the MiniLeopardo, which had taken so much damage that it blewup immediately. "Oh no!" the two Servbots within thetank exclaimed, even as their burnt carcasses gotknocked out of the tank. Data could be seen rollingaround the two knocked out Kobuns, burnt as well."Woah" Mega Man, Sera, and Yuna all sweated as theysaw that happen. Tron and Roll both blinked insurprise and then began to laugh a bit as they stoodup. Mega Man just crawled backwards from the twogirls, who, after a few seconds, began laughing almostmaniacally.

"OkWell, I guess it's time to get going now" MegaMan said, moving to stand up, looking back to see Yunaand Sera close by. "Tron, Roll, you both know Yuna

this is Sera," he said, looking back to the girls.Stunned at the announcement that they weren't alone,Tron and Roll turned back to look at the two. Rollimmediately got teary eyed as she saw her long lostMothereven if she already knew that Yuna was incontrol of her mind and body. Tron, however, got animmediate, different emotion altogether. Her face wentcompletely red, her pupils narrowed, and steam beganto rise from her body.

"YouYou weren't alone up here! We couldn't get toyou for 6 months and after all that time, you werehere with two girls? I can't believe this! What didyou two do with Mega Man while we weren't here? Spillit, or I'm going to kick both your cans off of thisstation as fast I can!" she screamed, eyes closed asall the humans fell back in surprise, holding theirears. Shattering sounds could be heard as well, whenthe dura-glass windows broke from the sheer tone ofher voice. Tron suddenly stopped screaming, eyesreturned to normal as she gasped, and then fainted."Tron!" Mega Man exclaimed, and then ran over to herquickly as she fell onto the ground, easing her downto the soft, artificial turf that was the ancientbackyard of the Master's house.

Sera watched the happenings, wondering what had justhappened to Tron. "Yuna, what happened to that Carbon?Was she deactivated?" she asked her friend, to whichYuna laughed a little bit before answering. "Sera,humans are not deactivated like our Servitors orReaver units. She simply fainted, that's all. After amoment or two, she'll be awake." Yuna said, beforewalking over to Roll, and taking her to the side totalk to her. In the meantime, Tron began to stir. "Ihave such a headache" she moaned, shaking her headlightly, before wincing at that movement.

"Miss Tron! Are you alright?" the two Servbots, whojust woke up, asked, running over to where Mega Manhad eased her to the ground, and was now kneeling overher. "Hey, Tron, take it easy" he said, smiling downto the fallen, raven-haired girl. "Fine." She replied,in a rather flat sounding voice that made Mega Mansigh and stand up, looking around slowly. Tron slowlysat up, with the help of her little Kobuns, andgrinned slightly, as she saw Mega Man with his backturned to her. "Now!" she whispered, and the Kobun toher right nodded, before slipping a small chip ontothe back of Mega Man's left leg.

"Huh? Did you say something Tron?" Mega Man asked,turning back to her as she stood up, and the Kobunthat was next to his leg got knocked to the side. "Oh,sorry about that" The Servbot got up and shook hishead at Mega Man. "It's okay, Mr. Mega Man" was theresponse, as the small, yellow-headed robot went backto Tron's side. "Well, I guess we better get goingback to your guys' ship now" he said as he looked toTron, who simply shook her head. "Sorry, Mega Man, butour ship needed the refractors that were in theLeopardo we brought up hereWe don't have enoughenergy reserves to get back down to Terra now." Shesaid, sighing softly.

"HmmWell then, I think we can still get back downthere actually, Tron. We just need to finish myproject!" Mega Man exclaimed, grinning as he startedrunning back toward the house. Tron watched him for asecond before shrugging, and running after him. Inturn, the two Servbots also broke into a run afterher, and then Data, who had just recovered, ran afterthem. Roll, who then looked over Yuna's shoulder asshe heard them running, took off after them. Yunasighed, and shook her head as she smiled, walkingafter them with a hand on her hip. "Come on, Sera. Ithink we better go help finish up Mega Man's shuttle."

Reaching the door, Mega Man looked behind him as theentire group came up to him. Pressing the crystal-likebutton, the sliding doors slid open easily, andsmiled, motioning for them all to go inside. "Welcome,to the Master's home. According to my old databanks,this is where the person in charge of the Eden systemslived, thousands of years ago. Sorry for the mess" hesaid, and they all laughed, including Sera, as the twocarbons, 3 small robots, and the two former "Mother"class units walked into the main room of the house.Roll and Tron, who had moved to the front of thegroup, gasped in surprise as they came up to theshuttle. "Woah"

"Mega ManYou did this?" Roll asked, without turningto look at him, even as she looked over theshuttlecraft. At around 180ft in length, with whatseemed to be three decks tall or at least 30ft tall,the shuttle looked to be large enough to carryeverything that had been brought up with Tron andRoll. "YeahIt was a pain, too, since I'm not as goodwith machinery as you two are, but after 2 months,I've gotten a few parts of the shuttle up and running

I could use some help, though." He responded, and withsimple jump, managed to clear the entire group,turning in midair to land in front of both Tron andRoll, facing them both. "Now that you two are here, Ithink we can finish this thingwithin a week, I'llbet." At that, Roll and Tron nodded, and then grinned,looking over to the diagram that had been laid outupon the hull of the craft.

After a moment, Roll and Tron looked to each other,grinned, and in a mad dash for the tools in the largebox, rammed into each other. At that, they both fellto the ground in a heap. "Hey, watch where you'regoing! I nearly fell on a micro-cellular torch!" Tronexclaimed, pushing Roll off of her, and in response,Roll pushed back. "Well, sorry, Tron! You know thatwhen genius is" she began, and then blinked, seeingTron get angry, her face turning red suddenly. "Hey,now, take it easy" Roll said, even as she backed awayslowly from the enraged teenager.

"What were you gonna say about mechanical geniuses,Roll?" Tron yelled, before getting to her feet for aninstant, just before launching herself at Roll as sheyelled, "I'm a better mechanic than you are! Admitit!" Both girls began rolling on the floor, and a bitof dust would've flown up if the place hadn't alreadybeen cleaned as they began to fight. The others in theroom simply sighed as they watched this. Mega Manturned back to the Servbots, and smiled. "Hey, you twogo get your friendsI'm pretty sure that Tron broughtmore of you with her, right?" The Kobuns nodded inagreement, and went out to get the ten others thatwere left at the pod, even as the fight continued.

"Come on then, let's get to workwho knows how longthose two will be at it." Yuna said, as she grabbedsome gear from the large pile nearby. Sera and Rocknodded in agreement, and soon all three of them wereat work on the shuttle, even as Tron and Rollcontinued to duke it out. The Kobuns returned shortly,carrying extra tools and refractors, and they all set'em down before running over to try and separate thegirls, to no avail.

* * *

A week later

A refractor fell into place in one of the manyrefractor ports. It was a large purple refractor, andit was easily set into place by blue, gloved hands. Asit went into place, the other refractors in thesequence (eleven in all) glowed softly, as their powerbecame fuel for the rocket. Mega Man looked up andstretched a little bit. His gaze went along thefuselage he was standing upon, to the several Kobunsplaying ball on the top of the shuttle. One of themactually fell off, and hit the metallic floor with aresounding thud. That thud brought another's attentionto the Kobun, and an angry looking person popped herhead out of a window at the bridge. "Number 15, getback to work! It's not play time! If I have to tellyou one more time, I'm going to put you through thenew torture chamber I have planned!" Tron yelled, andthe Kobun scrambled to its feet and ran for his life,back to the shuttle to start working again.

"That's the eighth time today," he said to himself,and he shook his head, smiling softly, and thenlaughing a bit. It was at times like these when heasked himself how he got a sense of humor. After all,a purifier unit, though partly organic, is mostly preprogrammed. Was it some kind of masking program, putinto place after his initial battle with Sera, heasked himself. Or, was it something I picked up fromRoll, Gramps, and others? "Oh well," he whispered, andshrugs slightly, before picking up the welding toolonce again. What's the point of thinking of it whenthe answer probably won't be known?

With that, the sheet of Reaver metal was set intoplace over the now completed set of Refractorcrystals. A flash of light, and Mega Man could be seenwith a visor on his helmet as the laser welder emittedits nearly invisible beam of light, which welded themetal into place. Standing up, Mega Man looked overthe large thruster assembly. It had taken two dozenrefractors in two sets of twelve to provide enoughestimated power to get this thing through theatmosphere, both up and out as well as down and intoit. There were half a dozen thrusters, which hadnecessitated 12 dozen refractors to be installed. "I'mjust glad I'm done installing them." He said tohimself, and smiled.

Roll's voice suddenly came over his com-link. "MegaMan, I've finished installing the refractors here. Areyou done too?" she asked. She had been busy in theengine room, as well as the bridge, the elevators, andlots of other places, installing smaller or evenlarger refractors. The main computer room, constructedby the ex-mother units Sera and Yuna, was nowcompletely functioning. There were several Servbots inthe main part of the shuttle, setting up the last ofthe crew rooms for use. There were even removable bedsthat the Servbots could use, in several of the rooms.Mega Man had his own room, which he shared only withData. Roll and Tron would be forced to share a room aswell, which had been padded all around in case of afight that got started. The room was also soundproofed, in case of the same thing, when the otherswere trying to get sleep. Sera and Yuna would sharequarters as well, but fortunately, they tended to bemuch more relaxed and mild than the younger girls.

"Yeah Roll, I just finished up out here. I'm coming into help now." He said, and walked carefully along thefuselage and to the top hatch of the shuttle, whichhad been left open. The Kobuns got out of his way-each one of 'em had been blasted, tackled, kicked, orotherwise knocked out of the way one way or the otherby this blue-armor clad kid. Mega Man descended intothe Shuttle, to the first deck before stepping awayfrom the ladder, and then headed for the nearest room,where two human figures could be seen working away.Suddenly, lightning sparked across the room even as ayellow-faced Kobun went flying through the room, andinto another small room. The door closed behind thesmall android, and on it was the stenciled word'bathroom.' Sera and Yuna just looked at each other,and laughed softly at that incident. Mega Man,however, scratched his head slightly, before shakingit. "So, how's the shuttle coming, along, Sera? Yuna?"

"Oh, Trigger!" Sera said, jumping a bit as she looksback to see Mega Man, with a startled look on herface. Yuna just smiled and stepped toward him. "MegaMan, the computers are up and running. The shuttle isairtight, and almost all the systems are completelyready. We'll have to test the thrusters in the Shuttlebay, though, or else we may destroy the Master's houseby accident." She said, and then gestured all aroundthem. "I haven't seen a shuttle like this for agesIstill can't believe that it's taking the combinedeffort of Humans, Androids, ex-mother units turnedorganic, and a single Purifier unit to create this!Its unheard of!" Mega Man nodded in agreement, andgrinned. "I'm just glad I got some help on this thing.If Roll and Tron hadn't gotten here, it might've takenanother couple years to finish this project!"

Sera, Yuna, and Mega Man all laughed lightly at that,and smiled. "According to the calculations I've made,Trigger, at your old rate of putting this shuttletogether," she began. "Allowing for testing of systemsand sub-systems, the engines and thrusters, thecreation of all the computers, the bridge, lavatories,living quarters," and so on the list went, for a fewminutes, until Sera came to the part that actuallyheld Mega man and Yuna's interest. "It would havetaken you about eight years, ten months, sixteen days,5 hours, and thirty-seven and a half minutes. Give ortake a few explosions." Mega Man just rolled his eyes,and shook his head in amazement. "How long did youspend working on that answer, Sera?" Mega Man asked,and Sera blinked in surprise at that unexpectedquestion. "II don't know, Trigger."

* * *

Elsewhere on the ship

"Okay you guys, you know what to do! Now, you guys goand get that pod ready! We're going to be ready fortake-off soon!" Tron said, into her short-rangecom-link that she had built to keep in touch with herKobuns. They might goof off a lot, but I certainlywould trade them for any of Glyde's Birdbots, shethought to herself, and grinned. There were a lot ofnew ideas she'd gotten since coming to Elysium, likecreating a few powered suits for her Kobuns, that theycould wear into battle against Reaverbots or even MegaMan again. Of course, we have to get to Terra first,she told herself, and she grinned, finishing up withinstalling the last remnants of the Bridge's screens,windows, and computer systems. "There, finished!"

'Now, all that's left', she thought, 'is to get backto Terra and activate the chip!' Tron's eyes closed,and she was whisked away to the Gesellchaft II, whichwas partly completed when Mega Man had been stuck onthis space station. She hated leaving a projecthalf-done, but getting Mega Man back was much moreimportant to her than any reconstructed aircraft, evenif it was their family's. Her mind, however, didn'tdwell on those thoughts for long, because soon, herimagination took over, taking her to there-constructed Torture room she was going to buildthere. The whips, chains, fire traps, and so much morewere therebut to her, they were all secondary to herprize which was tied with titanium lined rope to thecentral pillar of the room- Mega Man! She opened hereyes, and smiled, unconsciously wiping at the smallamount of drool that had escaped her lips, even as shelicked them, and then got back to work.

* * *

Roll was almost completely covered with grease by thispoint. She'd been working on the engines, theinstallation of moving parts that required somefine-tuning, a few dozen refractors, and severalEasily Accessible Refractor Ports, which could replaceRefractors that were empty or broken within a momentor two. These redundant systems sure make it a loteasier to work with, she thought. Won't have to worryabout losing powerwon't have to worry about partsbreaking down in the middle of doing something, shetold herself. She closed her eyes, and her minddrifted back to the nearly 2,000 different launches ofunsuccessful rockets before Roll and Tron finally gotit right. She sighed softly, and then reached over toa washcloth nearby, and wiped her darkened face withit. Most of the grease came right off with that oneswipe, and she grinned, thinking of the perfect placeto dispose the rag when she got the chance

"Mega Man?" she asked, tucking the rag into a pocketof her overall's as she stepped out of the engineroom. She quickly turned around and closed therefractor storage locker, and then placed the key intoa magnetic holder near the locker, so that it didn'tfloat away when in space. Then, she went through thedoor and into the cargo bay, which was filled withodds and ends- hulls of non-functional reaverbots,plenty of smaller refractors of high quality (andprice). Tron had been right about one thing, and Rollhated to admit it- the rockets had all cost a lot ofzenny, so it was a good idea to bring back as much asthey could to pay for their expenditures. Roll, afterseeing that all the cargo containers were magneticallyclamped down, nodded, and then walked over to theladder leading to the second deck, and kept climbing,up to the first. Soon, she was face to face with MegaMan, and she smiled.

"Well, I think we're ready! As soon as Tron finisheswith the bridge, we can finally get back home!" shesaid, and with that, she walked back to the ladder,and started to climb back down to the second deck. Shestopped about halfway, and looked over her shoulder toMega Man, Sera, and Yuna who were watching her. "Ifyou need me, I'll be in my room, okay?" she said, justbefore disappearing. Roll couldn't help but to laughto herself as she pulled the grease-filled cloth fromher overalls, and she entered the small room. The bedswere actually inside the walls, the openings of whichcould be closed if they wanted. 'Thankfully,' Rollthought, 'I'm already over my claustrophobia.' The twoupper decks had artificial gravity, which they hopedwould hold until they breached Terra's atmosphere.There were magnetic nameplates above the smallopenings for each bed. On the left was Roll's, and onthe right, was Tron's. Giggling all the while, Rollreached in under Tron's pillow, and slipped the clothunderneath. The grease would dry before Tron realizedwhat was there, she knew, but by morning, with anyluck, Tron's whole face would be covered by it anyway!

* * *

The Next Day

A deep, long yawn was heard as she woke up early.Being careful not to sit up too much in bed, for theceiling was low, she stretched carefully. Slipping outof the little cubicle, unaware of the cloth that wassitting upon her pillow, she walked out in her pinkand black pajamas, rubbing her eyes with one unglovedhand. Somewhat grumpy, she tried to remember the dreamshe was having'Oh yes,' she thought. 'That samedream againThe one with Mega Man tied up in thetorture room' She nearly began to drool right there,simply at the remnants of her dreamWhip in hand

Mega Man stuck at a postThat one Kobun up in thebooth urging Tron on"What the? I'll have to dealwith that one when we get back" she mutters toherself.

Grinning to herself silently, she walked out of theroom slowly, gently closing the door behind her as shewent toward the bathroom. 'Everyone else is asleep,'she thought to herself. 'Now's a good time to check onit," she thought, and smiled, as she took out thesmall device from her pocket. It was green and darkgray, stylized after Teasel's body armor, but it had amuch more important purpose. Well, to her, at least.On it was a small button, as well as a dim, greenlight, which was already lit. Nodding to herself, sheput the device away as she reached the bathroom, andin she went. Flipping on the light, she sleepilylooked to the mirror. Her eyes went open in completehorror at what she saw there. Her face was completelycovered with grease! Her mind racing, she came up withthe obvious answer to her unasked question. A loud,ear piercing scream echoed throughout the shipand asoft giggle, unheard of by anyone else, came from theonly sound proofed room in the shuttle.

* * *

"I swear, Roll, I'm going to get you for that!" Tronyelled, almost screaming, as she flipped the switchesin the Bridge. Roll simply laughed and did the same onher side of the consoles. Two pilot seats forward,three to the back, a pile of Kobuns in their room withtheir feet now magnetized which made them stick to themetal floor, and the Shuttle's first launch was nowready. The ship had been christened as "the Egress,"and, with a simple push of button from Mega ManTrigger, also known to his surrogate family as Rock,the shuttle descended on the huge elevator. Tron wasalmost cursing the entire way, mumbling under herbreath as she tried to come up with ways to get backat her now rival, but was comforted by the fact thatshe'd have the last laugh. Her eyes glazed over andher mind wandered back to that favorite daydream ofhers, in the Torture room

"Hey, wake up Tron, we have a shuttle to launch here!"Roll exclaimed, and Tron snapped out of it, once againunconsciously wiping the drool away from her chin asthe pre-start thrusters were thundering intoexistence. "All systems are ready. Thrusters are atmaximum power. Refractor power is at 93% and holding.Bay doors are opening." Sera said, looking out theforward view-port as she pushed the button that openedthe bay doors. Yuna and Mega Man, also in the threerear seats along with Sera, as well as Roll and Tron,all looked ahead of them, as huge metal doors opened,parting vertically to allow them access to the outsidevoid.

"3" Roll began, and grinned slightly, looking over toTron, who returned the glance. "2" Tron continued, asboth girls put a hand on the throttle that was setbetween them on the console. "1" they both saidtogether, and Mega Man couldn't help but to grin,chiming in with them on that number. "Blast off!" Allfive yelled, as Tron and Roll pushed the throttleforward. The thrusters behind them roared into activelife, nearly drowning out the high pitched yells of"Hurray!" and one even higher pitched "Eeeek!" as theshuttle shot forward. With Roll's expert maneuvering,they easily passed through the open bay doors, andbefore them, was the awe-inspiring view of the planetbelow. Dawn was just dawning to the eastern part ofthe world, and a collective gasp was heardeven fromSera, whose mouth opened in surprise at the sheerbeauty of the moment. "I wish we had a video camera

Roll said softly, and Tron had to agree. "Me toobut,we can come up again some other timefor now, home isthe target." Roll looked over to Tron at that, andTron looked to Roll as well. They nodded at the sametime, and then turned their attention to the planetthat is so large in front of their eyes.

"Firing maneuvering thrustersnow!" Tron said, andthey all felt the shuttle begin to roll onto its bellytoward the planet. "Firing main thrusters, now!" Rollsaid, as they then began to drop into the spacebetween outer space and the atmosphere itself. Tronquickly corrected for a slight over-maneuvering,bringing the shuttle into a perfect angle forreturning to their mother planet. Soon, after aroundforty-five minutes, they could all feel thetemperature begin to rise and the hue around the frontview-port turn to a hotter red color as the atmospherebegan to be breached.

* * *

Meanwhile, on the ground, at the united launch site, 7hours later

Teasel, Gramps, and Von Muller waited indoors, wherethe Servbots had set up shop as an indoor cafeteria asof late. Sure, a few of the Kobuns were still workingon the new Gesellchaft, and Teasel had heard rumorsabout Tron's room and 'special project' beingcompleted, but nothing major had been completelyfinished yet. At least it was on a remote island,which was now being used as their base. Bomb was theretoo, to keep an eye on things and make sure that thebase remained guarded. Teasel sighed, and then lookedup into the blue sky, taking a sip from his coffee ashe watched a flock of gulls suddenly fly away. Hisenhanced hearing abilities, granted by cybernetics,began to detect and aircraft of some sort comingcloser to this island.

"Is anyone expecting company?" he asked, and for once,the pitch of his voice remained relatively calm.Barrel and Muller shook their heads to the pirate inresponse, and went back to drinking their coffee.Teasel shook his head, and set the cup of coffee tothe side, on the table, before going outside. To hissurprise though, as he looked in the direction thesound was coming from, the airship was much closerthan he originally thought. "I've never seen somethinglike that before," he said to himself, this time, hispitch ranging from normal to annoyed, and then to aslight twinge of fear as he watched the dark grayaircraft descend, and finally land down upon theground, on landing struts. A large cargo hatch openedalong the belly of the ship, and the dozen Kobuns thathad gone with Tron ran out, jumping, playing, andlaughing. Teasel smiled, and yelled, "Hey you guys,they're back! They made it!" and then he took offrunning for the opened hatch, to go check on hislittle sister. "Tron! Tron! Come on out, you had me soworried!"

"I'm coming!" she laughed, and ran out of the baydoor, and jumped into her big brother's arms to givehim a big hug. "See, a pirate isn't that easy to getrid of! We still have to get rich, right!" she said,almost in tears as she looked to Teasel, who then sether down, and then kneeled beside her. The Servbotssurrounded them, including the dozen who had left withher, and they all said, "Welcome back, Miss Tron!"Tron could only smile, and laugh, and when Teaselwhispered to her, she nodded. "Yep, everything'sready, Teasel. Oh, shhhHere he comes."----

Mega Man was the next one out, looking none the worsefor wear. As soon as he stepped on the ground,however, he fell to the soft grass. Blackness washedover his eyes, as he slowly felt his strength leavehim. "Wha, what's happening to me?" he whispered, evenas he felt himself get picked up and then carried ashis captor ran somewhere. Mega Man could hear manyfootsteps around him, and he recognized those softfootfalls as the Servbot's, which meant the somewhatlighter ones were Tron's, and Teasel's. Warm breathtickled his ear as he listened to someone whisper tohim. "Well now, Mega Mannow you're mine!" Tron said,and then threw back her head and laughed, the footfalls growing louder as metal was heard beneath them.

"Mega Man! Stop them, they've got Mega Man!" a voicecried out, and that was the last Mega Man heard ofRoll's voice just then, as the metal door slid shutclose by, and engines revved up. He recognized thesound, however, from battles he had fought onKattlelox Island. 'A Drache,' he thought to himself,and he slowly opened his eyes. There were half a dozenServbots surrounding him, and then he tried to backaway, but couldn't, as he fell down. His arms weretied up in some kind of rope, he realized, and when henext looked up, he saw Tron looking down on him.

"Just you wait, Mega Man! I have so many thingsplanned for us, I just don't know where to start!" shelaughed, and then she grabbed both ends of a strangelymetallic whip, drawing it taut as a snap was easilyaudible. Her maniacal laughter filled the Drache, andthe air around them as Mega Man closed his eyes to getsome restand to pray that Roll and Gramps could savehim. Save him before any of the teenage pirate's planscould come into fruition, he hoped.

But thatis another story.


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