Parasite Eve II

Lost and Found
By Yuna [ 05-02-01 ]

A woman. Dressed in a long white t-shirt. She slept peacefully on a bed, not even her eyes stirring. She was very pretty. She looked alomst like an angel. She looked to be about twenty. Her blonde hair hung in her face as she slept.


Then there was a brief flash.

Eve's eyes opened slowly. She winced, blinded by hot, seering lights. Her eyes shut once more until fully adjusted. Eve shook her head and attempted to sit up but found she couldn't. Her shoulders and arms struggled fiercly but it was to no avail. Firm straps held her snuggly in place on the long chair. Her legs wiggled but they too were held down. The lights were so bright. All at once Eve panicked. She felt it flow through her entire body.

Where was she?

How did she get here?

More importantly... what was whoever going to do to her?

There were so many questions and no answers.

Eve craned her head to the side, observing the room. Various instruments with lots of buttons were in every corner of the room. A small table with various nasty looking tools on it stood not far from her. Eve panted, feeling her panic level shoot out through the roof.


A light bulb from the lamp over head shattered. Eve closed her eyes tightly. She wanted to scream, but her voice caught in her throat. What if whoever owned these scary instruments heard her? What if they came in and USED those scary instruments on her?

Eve felt her body tense and all at once there was a series of small popping sounds. Shards rained down all along her. Eve closed her eyes tightly hoping she wouldn't get an owwie from the sharp shards of glass. She opened them to find the room dark and red now. An annoying alarm rang in her ears. From then on everything happened so quickly. She discovered the shards had cut through the straps for the most part. She easily sat up , breaking through the rest of the straps. Her legs swung over the side and she found herself running. The alarm was a constant annoying reminder of her predicament. Eve ran and ran and placed her hands over her ears. She remembered the pretty lady from her dreams.

"I wish you were here now..." she thought desperately. But it was useless. Eve was alone and very lost.


Eve sealed the door. Her breath came in short gasps. She stopped, pausing to catch gasps of precious air. Scary men in lab coats had been chasing her. Before that two big ugly men, no, THINGS, had approached her. She didn't remember how she'd gotten away. All she'd known is she'd had that panic again and poof. The next thing she knew they were crispy critters.


"Open up right now!"

Eve jumped and her features turned to that of dread. The banging intensified and Eve backed away from the door, shaking her head slowly. "No... no more," Eve whimpered, her pleas going out to no one in particular.

There was a piercing flash and a bright beam of light shot through the crack of the door. Eve jumped and ran. She didn't know where she was headed or if there was a way out, just as long as she got away from her pursuers. If she could only have found an exit!

Eve saw an elevator and considered it briefly in her desperate flurry for escape. She had a terrible feeling it would take too long to reach her and by then the scary men in lab coats, or worse the big boogy men, would have her. Eve ran further approaching a big mechanical looking door.

For a second Eve hesitated. Something wasn't right.


"Open the door...!!! Be a good girl and OPEN THIS DOOR!!"

Eve found herself grabbing the big door's handle and thrusting it open. It was a mistake. The minute Eve stepped inside she nearly lost it. Her whole body began to tremble in violent quakes. Her entire being felt like waves of heat from fire were washing over it again and again, and it felt as if little fuzzies were running all over her body. Everything tingled. It was also a crushing sort of power. Eve felt the urge to fall to her knees so the crushing force wouldn't be so bad. In front of her was a huge abominable THING. It had no real face but it seemed to call out to her. In a thousand voices it called.

"...join us..."

"Come to us..."

"...be one..."

Eve trembled further. This thing was just gross. She even dared to say it was scarier than the boogymen running around.

"...be with us... "

"You are us..."

Eve couldn't take it anymore. She barely heard the faint bang on the other side of the door. Eve backed up. At this point the feeling had become unbareable. Her heart beat felt like it was a hundred beats per minute.

"I'd rather deal with the boogymen and lab coat men," she thought. Eve heard another faint bang. Finally she felt she could take it no more. Tears swelled in Eve's eyes. She was very scared and very alone. What WAS this thing in front of her and why was all this happening to her? She didn't understand any of it but she knew in her soul things were NOT right.

"I want that pretty lady here... I KNOW she'd help me..." Eve thought hopelessly. Another surge of power hit her and Eve stumbled back.

Finally she screamed.


Eve opened her eyes, painfully slow. Everything seemed blurry and her whole body felt achy. Her limbs were stiff and sore and her head pounded furiously.

A man with dark hazel hair and wild brown eyes approached her. He was middle aged and very scary looking. A few grey hairs mixed with his brown ones. His gaze was mean and icy. Eve studied him, shrinking back from his creepy appearance. He walked towards her in slow steady strides, like that of a predator approaching it's prey. Finally he stopped in front of her.

"You were a very bad girl... running away at a time like this" he scolded. His voice was deep.

Eve found she was strapped to a chair in a dark room. A few lights surrounded her. They came from what appeared to be screens. Machines with little keyboards and a few buttons.

"...Whatever will I do with you? Hmm? "

The man leaned closer to Eve. Eve trembled in her restraints. He smelled funny. Sorta stale. But there was a sickly sweet stench to him as well. Eve noted that there was just something about him that wasn't quite right.

"Well?" he demanded as he crossed his arms in an impatient gesture.

Eve closed her eyes tightly wishing against all odds that everything would just fade away.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry...." Eve cried in her head. She tried to form the words but she was scared. Her voice remained stuck in her throat as if glued there. The man eyed her and began circling her chair. He then smiled a cold, cruel smile with glee. "Well I have an idea Eve... I'll make you a deal..."

Eve had no choice but to listen. Her young blue eyes followed him timidly.

"How about if you agree to help us... I'll let this little misunderstanding go and you won't be punished..." he then stopped circling her and stepped in front of her. Eve looked up at him and her eyes then nervously darted to the ground. The idea of this man "punishing her" scared the heebee-jeebees out of her. Eve nodded her head timidly, her blond, touseled hair bobbing with her nods.

"That's a good girl Eve..." His smile faded to that of a gentler one. Eve felt a little more calm as he asked her a couple of no brainer questions like "Were you scared?"

The cold, mean persona he had once held minutes ago seemed to have vanished. Eve had even managed to crack a smile. Maybe this man wasn't what she thought. Maybe he'd even be nice to her and explain some stuff...

Finally she watched as he turned away towards a cabinet. Eve watched him curiously as he opened the doors. He took something out then turned slowly.

The look on his face was terrifying.

The gentle look had been replaced by something else. Another expression.

It was one of sheer, evil glee, of power.

"You're going to help us now Eve..." he said with a short, odd giggle. In his hands his held a black helmet with a visor and red lights along the front panel. It didn't look at all inviting. Eve swallowed and struggled in her restraints. She refused to put that creepy thing on her head. She struggled furiously even more as the evil man approached her.

"Now hold still... This won't hurt a bit... " he said still giggling as his one hand held her face. Eve felt the panic feeling rise again. Would it save her again? She felt it well up to an incredible mass and suddenly-

The helmet covered her face and the panic was no more. She was no longer in control.


Eve couldn't remember much of anything as two hands gingerly pulled the darkness from her eyes. Eve blinked once, twice, then once more for good measure. A dim grey light surrounded her. She was back in her room once more. Her bed was there, her blocks scattered (Which she had long since given up on playing with) and even her bear, Mr. Hugs, sat off at the far end of the room. Eve then looked foward and her mouth opened in an O of suprise.

Two gentle blue eyes studied her, but not in a cold way as the other eyes had. These eyes were gentle and loving. The lips formed a soft, motherly smile. It was the pretty lady from her dream. Eve didn't really care who she was, but all she DID know that she suddenly felt something she hadn't felt in a long time.


Eve cried out, tears welling up in eyes which were rimmed with red. Eve swung her arms around the pretty lady and buried her face against her chest, hugging her tightly. Eve felt she'd never let go.

"It's okay... calm down... it's okay now..." the woman whispered in a soft soothing voice and Eve really believed her. Eve felt hot tears stream down her face. She finally felt that maybe there WAS some hope at the end of her dark tunnel.

"Aya..." another voice called, a male voice.

Eve didn't even bother to look over. All that mattered was that she was found. She was safe now and she knew somehow this lady would help her. This lady would save her.

Eve snuggled closer and smiled through her tears. "Thank you... Aya" she thought calmly.


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