Paraside Eve II

LA Swat
By The Blue Hood [ 02-06-01 ]

"Straight flush. I win!" cried a joyful Chris as he scraped up the BP bits. "Now I can finally buy some more Recover2, but I still say that we shouldn't have to pay for that. After all, we have a better chance of survival with the proper equipment."

Steven sat in the corner polishing his gun and said, "There wouldn't be any fun having lots of Recover and Recover2 every time. I took this job for the excitement... and to get to blow a few people away now and then."

"You're right about that," said Chris. "Still, I would rather bring along an extra Recover than to be left for the ambulance. Or worse."

After he said that, the alarm went off and from the speakers the commander in charge said, "All SWAT members suit up and report to the briefing room on the double!"

"Finally, some action," said a bored Steven. "We haven't gone out for a few days now. Only done some target practice and there's no use in that. Maybe we get to rescue some hostages this time. That hasn't happened in a while."

Once again you could hear the speakers blaring, "All SWAT members suit up and report to the briefing room. I repeat, suit up and report to the briefing room. This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill."

Meanwhile, the members had put on their suits and were headed for the armory. "All right, what lame weapons do we get this time? We never get to use any of the nice looking guns," moaned Chris.

The armory officer said, "Nice looking guns? This time you get to use the whole arsenal if you want to. This mission has the highest level available."

"Now that's more like it," said Steven. "I finally get to use this modified MP5 with a flash light attached. What am I saying? That's not one of the big guns," He looked in the direction of the M4A1 with attached sniper scope and laser sight, in case of outdoor fighting. "That's the gun I'm gonna use. Do we get any extra armor for this mission now? If it's the highest level, we should get to use the Tactical Armor, right?"

"Well, it is good armor, but we only have one of them at the moment," replied the officer.

"I'll take it," said Chris. "I get hit more than you do, Steven. I'm the one who gets in the middle of things."

"Sure, you can have it. I doubt any of you other guys need it, right?" asked Steve.

All the other replied, "Sir, no sir!"

"Roger that, Chris, equip it and meet us in the briefing room. Let's go, guys," While Chris equipped the Tactical Armor, all the other swat members made their way to the briefing room. Two minutes later Chris arrived.

"Okay, now that you are all here, lets get started, shall we?" said the commander in charge, whose real name was Andy. "As you know by now, as I notice from your choice of weapons, this is one of those high level missions. We don't have many details, but all the facts we do have points to one thing. A few NMCs made their way to the top of Akropolis Tower and have killed anyone who got in their way. The police have sealed off the tower, but they are not trained for handling this sort of situation. That's where you all come in. You have much better equipment and can almost compare the training you get as to that of US marines. You'd have a much better chance of survival than those police officers would. You are to make your way to the top of the tower, save every hostage you can find, and get rid of the NMCs as soon as possible. Any questions?"

"Do we get any backup in this mission? I mean, we could take care of this one ourselves, but isn't the FBI MIST unit trained for handling NMCs?" said a not-so-confident Chris.

"Yes," Andy replied, "I know they are better trained. They have already been notified about this matter, but we think you can handle this situation just as well. But as a precaution, if you run into some trouble you can't handle, you are to immediate pull out and wait for them to arrive. Do you all understand?"

All the SWAT members replied at once, "Affirmative!"

"Dismissed," said Andy.

After twenty minutes, the SWAT team arrived at the Akropolis Tower. Steven was the highest ranking officer, so he asked who was in charge of the barricade and how many hostages might be left alive inside. The police told him that at least 10 people hadn't escaped. That was as accurate as he could be at the moment.

"Don't worry. We'll find them," said Steven. He turned to the members of the SWAT team and said in his radio, "Get in position and wait for my go!"

As he ordered, all the members took their positions just outside the main entrance. "Go, go, go!" was heard through the radio. The SWAT team made a quick sweep of the lower level and didn't find a single hostage or NMC.

"This is rather strange," Steven radioed to Andy who was stationed outside.

"You all have your orders. Carry them out," replied Andy.

"Okay. You all heard him. Make your way up to the second floor and search it room by room."

"Roger that!" the team replied. It only took them thirty second to get to the second floor by the stairway.

"Johnson, you and your partner will stay here and cover the stair case until we return. If you see anyone or anything, just use the radio and we'll be there as soon as possible. You got that?

They replied with, "Roger that!"

Steven then used the radio and said, "The rest of us will search this floor for any survivors or NMCs." A few moments later Steven got the reply, "Affirmative." After searching every room they met back at the stairs.

"Let's move on to the next floor." Steven then turned to Chris and said, "You got point." Again, he got the reply "Affirmative!" The next floor turned out the same way.

Chris yelled, "Sector clear!" after searcing every area, so finally they made their way to the roof.

"Okay, this is it. If there are any NMCs or survivors, this is the place where we'll find them," said Steven. He then used the radio. "Andy sir! This is Steven. Over."

"This is Andy. Go ahead Steven."

"Sir! We haven't found any NMCs or survivors anywhere. Not even a single corpse... which isn't really a bad thing."

"What's your position? Over."

"Our position is on the roof in the main square."

Suddenly Chris and the two others who had been ordered to check out the cafeteria shouted through the radio, "Enemy spotted!" Moments later, gunfire was heard from their position.

"Need backup", came shortly after.

"Go, go, go!", Steven quickly said in the radio, but all they heard for the next minute was a lot of screams coming from every direction. Steven ordered the others, "Regroup team! Hold this position!" From the opposite side of the cafeteria came ten angry NMCs. "Open fire!" Steven yelled in the radio. "Don't spare any ammo!"

Every member who had a clear shot of the creatures started to fire. At almost the same time, Chris came running from the cafeteria with a few minor wounds. Steven, firing madly at the NMCs, ordered Chris to evacuate.

"I wont leave you behind Steven," Chris replied. Together, they fired at some NMCs who came from the cafeteria.

"I saw Jake get killed," Chris yelled over the noise. "He didn't even have time to retreat. Tom stayed behind so that I could get out. I told him to come with me, but he was swarmed before he had a chance. He was bleeding a little, but I doubt that would kill Tom."

"Pull out!" Steven screamed to his men, just as he was hit by the enemy. Chris managed to chase off the creature and pulled his friend over to the elevator.

"Everyone... retreat..." Steven mumbled as he passed out.

By then, the SWAT members had been nearly destroyed and the NMCs merely went around finishing off anyone who was still alive. Chris watched in horror as he pushed the first floor button on the elevator and the doors closed.

"We need a medic over here!" Chris yelled into the radio. "We are coming down in the main elevator right now. Me and Chris are the only ones who had time to retreat."

"I copy that Chris. The medics are already waiting there for you", replied Andy.

Chris was nearly exhausted as he muttered, "You'd better call in those MIST units you and Steven were talking about. LA SWAT is no more."