Kingdom Hearts

From Rivals to Lovers
By Danielle Atwell [ 03-02-05 ]

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon or anyone who created/works on Pokemon. But I do wish I did sometimes. But then the world would not be safe. - Also, please don't sue me. I'm poor, very, very poor. I only have a dime.

It was finally here, the event everyone had been waiting for, the Pokemon league! Kikyo had been training for years for this moment, and now she was finally here. She sighed as she sat outside the Pokemon center, gazing up at the moon that shone down on her. She released her Charizard, the first Pokemon she'd gotten which Professor Oak had given her.

The Pokemon howled out and flopped down next to Kikyo, she laughed and hugged the fire-type Pokemon.

"It's amazing, isn't it Red?" She said, looking up at her Pokemon. "It was exactly three years ago tonight that you are I were spending our first night out on our journey..."

"Char..." The Pokemon nodded.

"It seems so long ago, you remember your first battle with Touya's Squirtle in Professor Oak's lab?" Kikyo asked, smiling. "You were so great!"

"Charizard.." The Pokemon blushed. Kikyo giggled.

"A lot of things have changed since then...haven't they?" Kikyo said, looking down. "You remember what Touya was like back then, right? Bossy, arrogant, a jerk, you just wanted to kick him in the butt half the time.."

"Char.." The Pokemon nodded agreeing.

"But something happened..." Kikyo said, pulling her legs up to her chest. "Red, promise you won't breath a word of what I'm about to tell you?"

"Charizard," The Pokemon promised.

"I think I've started to fall in love with Touya..." Kikyo said, laughing a bit, only it was a sad laugh, "I don't know how it happened... it just did I guess, but he's my biggest rival, we've been rivals since we were born! Oh Charizard, what should I do?"

"Char..." The Pokemon said - shrugging a bit - then rubbing Kikyo's back as she buried her face in her arms.

After a moment, Kikyo sighed and stood up. She looked at her Charizard and smiled.

"Well, come on, Red," She said, taking out it's Pokeball. "Let's go to bed, we've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow..."

Kikyo returned the Pokemon to it's Pokeball and headed into the Pokemon center, she waved goodnight to Nurse Joy and Chancey, then headed up to her room. Walking in, she kicked off her shoes and took off her trainer clothes, replacing them with her pajamas, then went and brushed her teeth and was off to bed.

The Next Day

The last battle in the Pokemon League was taking place. Kikyo and the Pokemon Champion, who was none other than Touya were battling fiercely against each other. Kikyo had made a promise to herself to not let her feelings for Touya get in her way during the battle. She had stayed strong but now it was down to their last two Pokemon, which happened to have been their first Pokemon.

Touya released his Blastoise and Kikyo her Charizard. The two Pokemon howled out their names then turned to Kikyo and Touya for advice.

"Red, I know you're good friends with Blastoise, but you're going to have to forget about that for now." Kikyo said to her fire Pokemon. "Right now, he is not your friend, he is your enemy. He's your rival just like Touya's mine, so go out there and give it the best you got!"

On the other side of the field, Touya was talking to his Blastoise.

"Okay Blast, you and Red were friends from the very beginning but now you two right now have to be fierce enemies. Have no mercy on Red because he'll have no mercy on you," Touya looked across the field at Kikyo. "You're rivals just like Kikyo and I..."

The water-type Pokemon nodded as the announcer declared that the match had begun. Kikyo made the first move, her Charizard sent out with a flying attack that knocked Touya's Blastoise down. The water-type Pokemon groaned and got up, shaking off the attack. Touya made the next move, his Blastoise spraying the fire-type Pokemon with a powerful water-type attack. Kikyo cried out as her Charizard fell to the ground, panting.

"Oh, hang in there Red!" Kikyo cried, her hair blowing in all directions as the Pokemon used it's wings to pick itself up. "Go back and attack with flamethrower!"

The fire-type Pokemon then took in a deep breath and blew out intense flames, burning the water type Pokemon.

"Amazing!" The announcer said to the crowd. "That is one power flamethrower against a water type!"

"Blast, how you holding out?" Touya asked the water-type as it got up. The Pokemon stood there bravely and Touya smiled at it. "Let's finish this battle, Blast! Attack Red with Hydro Pump!"

The Pokemon obeyed, looking at it's rival -- it's friend before launching that powerful water attack, knocking out Charizard right then and there. Kikyo cried out as her Pokemon fell to the ground, Touya looking down as the crowd exploded in screams and cheers. With his eyes down cast, he murmured words only he could hear.

"I'm sorry...Kikyo."

He looked up as Kikyo came over, her deep, warm brown eyes splashed with tears. She smiled sadly at him.

"You did great, Touya.." Kikyo murmured. "You did great too, Kikyo." Touya said. Then, despite what anyone else thought, Touya pulled Kikyo close, hugging her tightly.

Kikyo nearly sobbed out at that, hugging Touya back. They both stood there holding each other, until at last the TV reporters came over. Touya grabbed Kikyo's wrist as she was about to leave and pulled her close, brushing her hair away from her ear.

"Meet me behind the Pokemon Center tonight, around twelve," he whispered.

She nodded, smiling a bit and then agreed to stay for a few pictures for the press, once that was done, Kikyo ran out of the area. She ran all the way to the Pokemon Center and left her Pokemon with Nurse Joy and Chancey who both had watched the battle on TV, they told her she did a great job and that they'd take good care of her Pokemon. She thanked them and then went up to her room to rest until twelve.

Twelve o'clock, Midnight.

Kikyo had woken at five minutes until twelve and was now sitting next to the lake where she'd been just the other night with Red, talking about the good old days. She smiled a bit and leaned back on her hands, staring out at the lake as it sparkled with the stars and moonlight. Suddenly, as she heard footsteps coming towards her, she looked up and saw Touya there, smiling softly at her.

"I'm glad you came.." he said, walking over to her.

"Did you think I wouldn't?" Kikyo asked softly, looking up at him.

"Truthfully, yes... I thought you'd just blow me off because you thought I was just going to gloat about winning," he replied.

"Well, I did think that, but then I remembered the lake being here, so I figured if you started that I could just throw you in." Kikyo said with a smile.

Touya laughed and shook his head. "You always were a wild girl, you know that? You haven't changed a bit." He said, sitting down next to Kikyo. "You'd take on anyone fearlessly, battling the legendary Pokemon confidantly. You even laughed in the faces of the Elite Four."

"Well, what can I say, I had you as a rival... I had to toughen myself up," Kikyo replied, still smiling.

"Hmm... I'll take that as a compliment." Touya laughed.

The two trainers sat there for what seemed like a decade in silence before Kikyo decided to be bolder than she felt and scooted closer to Touya, resting her head on his shoulder. Touya's hand came up and stroked Kikyo's cheek softly as they stared out at the lake. Kikyo wanted this moment to last forever. So, she'd lost the Pokemon League... She didn't care as long as she could sit there with Touya like that.

"Kikyo?" Touya called softly.

"Hmm?" Kikyo replied, looking up at him.

Touya stared at Kikyo before cupping her face in his hands and pulling her in close. Their lips met in a tender kiss and Kikyo's heart nearly stopped. Was this really happening to her? She closed her eyes after a few seconds and slowly started kissing Touya back. Slipping her arms around his waist, she pulled him close to her. They sat like that for what seemed like forever until they had to pull away for air. Touya then gazed at Kikyo and smiled, wiping away a tear that had rolled down her cheek.

"I love you, Kikyo... I... I just never had the guts to tell you! That's why I'd always put you down and make fun of you." Touya murmured.

"Oh Touya," Kikyo said, more tears rolling down her cheeks. "I love you too, I never wanted to tell you because I thought you'd think I was crazy,"

"I wouldn't have thought you were crazy. In fact, I'd often wished you had the same feelings for me and that you'd tell me..." Touya said, laughing a bit.

"It's kinda weird..." Kikyo said, laughing too, "We've went from rivals to lovers."

Touya smiled, pulled Kikyo close and kissed her again, this time more deeply. The two trainers then sat close to each other in a warm embrace, until finally Kikyo grinned evilly and grabbed Touya, shoving him into the lake. He yelped and gasped when he came up for air.

"What'd you do that for?!" He asked, shaking his head as he got out of the lake, his bright red hair looking more unruly than ever.

"I wanted to start our relationship off with a splash!" Kikyo said, shrugging innocently.

"Oh yeah? Well then come here you!" Touya said, grabbing and throwing her in the lake as well.

"Touya Oak!!" Kikyo yelped, laughing as she spit water out of her mouth.

"Banzai!!" Touya yelled as he ran and jumped into the lake, splashing water on Kikyo.

The two drenched teenagers laughed as Touya swam over to Kikyo and pulled her close to him, kissing her nose while brushing back her soaking wet hair. Meanwhile, Nurse Joy and Chancey had heard the commotion and had came out to see what was going on. They were standing in the shadows, smiling at the two trainers.

"It's about time those two got together," Nurse Joy said to Chancey.

"Chancey," The pink Pokemon said, nodding.

"A classic love story, they went from rivals to lovers..." Nurse Joy smiled, then turned and went back in the Pokemon Center with Chancey.


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