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Panzer Dragoon Saga
Title Author Added Brief Summary
The Story of Drone F07 Shadow Wing 04-09-01 Mainly for Panzer Dragoon fans, as all others will be stuck in the dark...

Parasite Eve 2
Title Author Added Brief Summary
L.A. Swat Blue Hood 02-06-01 Ever wonder what happened to the SWAT team at Akropolis Tower?
Lost and Found Yuna 05-02-01 A short PE2 fic with a few spoilers, centered around Eve...

Phantasy Star I
Title Author Added Brief Summary
Alis In Training Joel Fagin 03-02-02 Here's another nice Phantasy Star fic following Alis through most of her training....
Nero's Other Joel Fagin 03-02-02 An excellent scene introducing some of Phantasy Star's characters in a fashionable way....

Phantasy Star IV
Title Author Added Brief Summary
The Beast Between Worlds Joel Fagin 03-02-02 A relatively short fic following "the Beast's" attempts to take over the world....
Hahn's Adventure Sensei Phoenix 09-11-99 A completed story centering around Hahn spread out through twelve chapters...
In Seed's Memory Macross Green 08-04-05Chaz retreats into his memories and takes note of all which has transpired as he lives the aftermath of End of the Millennium.

Title Author Added Brief Summary

From Rivals to Lovers

Daniell Atwell 03-02-05Romance sparks between two heated rivals in the Pokémon Leaf Green/Fire Red universe.

RPGFan Fan Fiction
Title Author Added Brief Summary
A FIGHTER! Christmas Carol FIGHTER! 03-17-02 Happy belated Christmas, boys and girls! This joyful tune tells a short story about Saint Rudo visiting the staffers of RPGFan....