Phantasy Star IV: End of the Milennium
In Seed's Memory
By Macross-Green [ 08/04/05 ]

Author's Note: This is an earlier fic of mine, and isnow about 2-3 years old. Basically, it takes placeafter the end of Phantasy Star 4. As such, there area lot of spoilers. Originally, it was meant to be atrilogy- first going through Chaz's POV, and thenRika's, and then finally getting to the meat of thestory. However, due to a lack of game to drawinspiration from, I haven't been able to get past thisfirst chapter. When I do, I'll be sure to post thisagain.


The nightmare was over. I awoke and sat up in the bed,my body damp from perspiration that had worked upduring the conclusion of the bad dream. My blonde hairwas soaked, and pressed against my skin as I gaspedfor breath slowly, forcing my body to calm down.Finally, I sighed and slipped back down into the bed,pulling the covers up and over my face this time, anddrifted back to a dreamless sleep.


The morning came quickly – almost as soon as I hadclosed my eyes, it seemed like. There was a knock atmy door and then it creaked open loudly. With a groan,I turned my head away from the wall and I pushed atthe covers lightly, knowing there was only a singleperson who would dare to bother me in the morning insuch a way. There had been only her for the past fewmonths, ever since the...

The nightmare flooded back as soon as I thought of thename of the dreaded being that had come so close todestroying not only all Parmanians, but the nativeMotavians and Dezolisians as well. The ancient evilthat even the 'Great Light' could not completelydestroy, but simply defeat and seal away. The beingthat grew from hatred, evil, and destruction, andcaused much of each as well. It had taken many forms-legends called it Dark Falz. The most recentincarnations were called Dark Force. And then, afterRune's confession and the information gleaned from theEsper Mansion on Dezolis, the nightmare that haddestroyed Parma and nearly the entire system of Algolwas known to us simply as the 'Profound Darkness'.

The name alone made it the simple opposite of thatwhich was called the 'Great Light'. And opposite itwas a being born into the universe to destroy it! It grows stronger with each passing day,though it would take but another 1000 years before itwould become powerful enough to threaten life again.The nightmare was simply the three forms that I, alongwith my 4 friends who came with me, fought anddefeated, one by one. Wren, the strong and methodical'cyborg' (he was really an advanced robot with apowerful AI system), Rune, the fifth generation'Lutz', who was one of the heroes from the originalfight against 'Dark Falz', Raja, the dirty oldDezolisian priest whose jokes I could never stand, andRika, the red haired, engineered woman from the bowelsof Birth Valley; a genetic construct that the AIcalled 'Seed' had created. Using the sum of ancientknowledge and techniques, as well as informationgained from previous constructs (of which I believeRika said there were two, over a thousand years ago),Seed had created Rika- a Numan who was mostly human,but had qualities that were close to the biomonstersthat plague Motavia even to this day.

The fight lasted seemingly forever. Time in theProfound Darkness' dimension was pointless. The evilenergy had even kept Wren's systems from being able toaccurately pinpoint how long we were traveling withinthe dimension. The only way we had managed to surviveat all was due to six things only. The five rings ofAlgol- the Parma Ring, Dezolis Ring, Motavia Ring,Algo Ring, and the Rykros Ring enabled us all to existwithin the dimension itself. But, after a final,devastating blow provided by a Grand Cross attack-which consisted of my own Crosscut technique andRune's powerful spell, Efess- the dimension began todistort and the Profound Darkness began to convulseand fade away. The sword in my hands, Elsydeon glowedand shattered, and protected us all from its effects.The dimension bled away from existence, or at leastfrom Motavia, and left us all to go to our homesagain.

Only Rika stayed with me, and I couldn't be happierabout it! She knew Alys as I had, had been taught byus both. She had helped me after her... after herdeath (it was hard, but I have accepted the fact thatAlys is gone, even if the Profound Darkness was aswell). Her outlook on life, anything and everything,has always refreshed me. Often, I remember her returnto Motavia from jumping out from the Landale's hatch,to my immense joy and relief. Rune had just saidgoodbye to me (indeed, I was actually sorry to see thesarcastic man go. I never thought I would untilthen!), and then the shadow overhead caused me to lookup. "Chaz!" I heard Rika yell, even over the awesomeroar of the engines of the spaceship as it hoveredabove. "Rika!" I yelled back to her, even as she gavethe inside of the ship a backwards glance and then,with a leap, launched herself from the door and spreadherself out, arms and legs wide as she fell to theground.

I immediately ran beneath her and spread my arms,catching the young woman easily though the impact didnearly knock us both to the ground. My knees bent, asI absorbed the impact with my still armored bodyagainst hers. She was crying, and I was in tears too.Then, as the Landale lifted away and into the sky, weboth waved to Wren, Demi, Kyra, and yes, even that oldrascal Raja. I turned after a second or two, with Rikaat my side, to see Rune, but he was already gone. Wenever did see him again, and I do wish him well in hisquest to better himself for the sake of his nextgeneration.


"Chaz? It's time to get up, you know! We took thatmission at the Hunter's Guild yesterday, and we haveto be at Zema to deal with it, remember?" Rika said,and grinned. I couldn't help but to grin as I lookedto the red-haired numan girl, who was wearing justwhat she had been when first we had met. The blackarmor covering (indeed, we ran through many kinds ofarmor in our journeys, which we wore beneath our armorcovers. The coverings made it impossible for any ofour opponents to guess just how effective our armorreally was) covered a Guardian Mail, I knew. My ownwas off to the side, beneath my armor covering. With anod, and a yawn that I quickly stifled, I threw thecovers off of me and got out of bed and began to getdressed, even as Rika opened the window and pulled theblinds up, bathing us both in the hot light and heatfrom outside. "I have breakfast cooking, and it'll beready soon!" she says cheerfully, and then leaves myroom as I get dressed, closing the door behind her.

The thought of her cooking made me groan. In the pastfew months, it has been established by myself, Gryz,and Hahn, who both have visited us, that cooking wasNOT a skill that comes naturally to her. Gryz, infact, had to leave before he got sick, and Hahn had touse his Anti technique several times, quietly, duringthe course of the meal. I, however, have gotten usedto pouring antidotes into my drink at dinnertime whenshe isn't looking. "Great... I thought I was supposedto make breakfast today!" I mutter, as I finishadjusting the armor and the covering for it over thehunter guild's red uniform that I am now wearing. Ahwell. Guess I better check on the antidote supplybefore getting to the kitchen!


The time when I was a kid (who am I kidding? I stillam!) seemed like such a long time ago... Almost like Iwas simply taken from being a teenager one moment andthen set into the status of a man- a hero- the next.Alys, as she died, had told me that I had become aman. I never felt like one, and I still don't knowwhat makes me think I am one. Sure, I haveaccomplished something that had not been done in over1000 years- I, with my friends and companions, haddefeated the 'Profound Darkness'. But I never deservedthe credit for it. I still don't. My friends eachplayed a part in it, and we never bragged about beingthe ones who defeated the thing and restored order tothe entire system. Elsydeon is gone- in its place Icarry a Guardian Sword- next best thing, I suppose.Wren had found it in the Landale about a month ago andgave it to me as a replacement. A good one, muchbetter than the Laser Sword I had been relying upon asa weapon before then.

Why was I chosen to be a hero? Rune had decided tohave me meet Elsydeon after we obtained the five ringsof Rykros- the rings that enabled us to exist in theProfound Darkness's dimension. There, I met AlisLandale (funny... I wonder if the spaceship was namedafter her, and if it was on purpose or not? Not tomention that her name and Alys' names are so similar),who was the original protector, about 2000 years ago.Then there were others, too many to count, including ablue haired Parmanian and a being that looked kind oflike Rika. Alys was there as well- the first Protectorto die from the power of the Profound Darkness, apower given to an underling named Zio. I understoodthen just how important it was to continue on, for thesake of everyone, living and deceased, to defeat themenace at hand! But, though through the actions of thepast, and the present, I suppose I am consideredsomething of a hero, I feel nothing of the sort. I ama Parmanian, true. I helped to banish the ProfoundDarkness, and when the time comes and I perish, mysoul will wing to the restored blade of Elsydeon backon Rykros and my thoughts will become one with thethoughts, the memories really, of all those otherprotectors who fought to save Algo. And one day, athousand years from now if we are lucky, anothergroupd of protectors will arrive on that stray planetof ours, to learn and defeat the Darkness once again.

But, what about me? I have many years, or so I hope,between now and then. I am a man, this I know in myheart, and my actions have proven it to be true.But... how does one convince himself of this? I stillhave no answer. But, I can limit how often I askmyself about it, at least. I have distractions, thingsthat are not quite as important now, to accomplish. Ihad helped to rebuild Mile after it became a town ofdeath- it is still a ghost town, but the buildings arethere, for any who wish to try and carve a living outof it. Those who died were buried in the quicksandoutside their hometown, and may their memory neverfail, a monument was erected to provide futuregenerations with a glimpse into the past of the ghosttown, a past that was all too recent. The fight withthe giant Sandworm there is still in my thoughts attimes, though it did not last too long- after all, itwas only a worm and there had been five of us fightingit. At least Alys had not chastized me for a slowswing afterwards! Rika, Hahn, Alys, Gryz and I allfought the enraged beast and defeated it at the behestof its owner. The owner, unfortunately, died as aresult of the Profound Darkness's landing on Motavia,just outside Mile, between that dead town and Piata.


With a sigh, I left the storage room with twoantidotes in hand, which I quickly tucked into apocket. How Rika survived her own cooking withoutneeding an antidote for herself was beyond anyone'sguess, though we (meaning Hahn, Gryz, and I) supposedit was the Biomonster part of her that made herinvulnerable. Still, she tried, and we encouragedthat. In fact...

I heard a loud cry from out in the kitchen and then asmall explosion took place, drowning out the cry. Irushed from along the hallway and into the kitchen,only to slip on my feet and fall back onto my butt onthe remains of what looked to be eggs (sandworm eggsusually tasted quite good at times, but not all thetime). Not to mention, the shells of eggs. "Rika? Areyou alright?" I ask loudly, shaking my head at thefilth surrounding us both. Rika was actually behindthe counter, with the splintered handle of what lookedto be the remains of either a spatula or large fork inher hands. Her armor and entire body was covered bythe pasty-yellow color of eggs, and some dripped fromher long ears onto the shoulder pads of her coverarmor.

"Um... yeah... I don't think we'll be going to Zematoday, Chaz..."

All I could do was sigh. Today was going to be anotherbusy one!


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