A FIGHTER! Christmas Carol
By FIGHTER [ 3-17-02 ]

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all the through da 'Fan
Not a staff member was working
Not even Grey-san.

The reviews and the news were posted with care.
In hopes ol' Saint Rudo would soon look there.

The updates where finished! that being said....
The sites competition would soon see red.

All members settling down for the long winter's nap
"Time for bed," said Wheeler... as he hung up his cap.

But out by the servers there rose such a clatter!
Parn sprang out of bed to see what was the matter!

Feena, Ogami, and Jayde appeared in a flash!
Sensei screamed out in worry, "Are they after our cash!?

What the Hell was that noise? Sumire wanted to know!
The idea of an intruder was beginning to grow....

But what truly was it? The idea was a-naggin'....
It was a tiny airship! Pulled by four dragons!
The ship was getting closer! What were they to do?
Then Chrono piped up! "It must be St. Rudo!"

As the airship came to them they started to cheer!
What titles would St. Rudo bring them this year?

Faster then chocobos, his dragons they came!
He got out a bullhorn and he called them by name!

Now Bahamut! Now Quark! Now Ruby! Now Nall!
It was was so loud Slime curled into a ball!

The site's in good shape! I liked what I saw!
Now fly away dragons! Fly away all!

"He's going for the roof!" said Tortolia, as he gazed at the sky!
Schala was so happy she started to cry.
So up to the house-top the dragons they flew...
With an airship full of RPGs!--oh, and St. Rudo, too.

Quickly Gast looked up and saw
Old St. Rudo, with a beard glued to his jaw.
"Right down the chimy?" murmered Tenchi. "Is he mentally sound!?"
But down went the jolly gamer with a leap and a bound!

They all dashed inside, to see what was left under the tree!
What were the games the staff would get for free?

"To you, dear Tenchi: I think you're a pest,
So you get Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest!
And Schala, you like time travel games, do y'a?
How about a nice dose of Ephemeral Phantasia?

"And Sensei, my lad, you've been such a good boy,
That I've brought a truly exquisite toy!
It has been declared, both near and far,
As a momentous game; Secret of the Stars!

"And Slime, you're disgusting, and deserve nothing more
Than a game that is 'retro', as you so adore.
I've thought of something that suits a blue little poo--
A copy of Star Tropics! Number 1 and 2!"

The editors stewed at the miserable sight
Of these pitiful gifts, and on Christmas night!
But Parn wasn't angry! He was ecstatic!
He had recieved Xenogears! Still wraped in plastic!

The other editors gasped out in their shock.
How come he got the goods, and we got the crock?
So they leaped on the knight and they beat him quite dead
Then they tied up poor Rudo and hijacked his sled.

So if you look to the sky and see a streak of light,
Go back to your home and shiver with fright!
The RPGFan staff is riding that sleigh
And they'll steal all your goodies on Christmas day....

... Unless you donate, of course! don't fret!
That little button is just to your left.

Merry Christmas RPGFan!



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