SaGa Frontier 2

When It All Ends
By Hind Osama [ 08-03-01 ]

Author's Notes: Hi, there. I’m glad all you nice people will read this fanfic. This one is about Saga frontier 2. I found a lot of difficulties finding fanfics about this game, so I have decided to write my own one! Of course it may not be so qualified, but I tired hard. The time of the story is after defeating the egg (That means at the end of the game). The main character is Gustaf. I wrote about his feelings after breaking Gustave’s sword in an attempt to save the world. Read and enjoy.

He clutched the sword tightly and stared at the egg-shaped object lying idly on the ground. Just like an egg. Who could have ever thought that this thing was about to destroy the whole world?

He took a deep breath. A lot had happened. And now here they were. Here he was. Tired, exhausted and worn out. No wonder, for he had just gotten out of a battle. Not just any battle. The final battle. He had to feel grateful that he got out alive, yet he didn’t. For some reason he believed that that was their destiny. That that was the outcome of battle. That they were fated to win and over come this tyranny.

“Gustaf? What are you doing?” the brilliant meditator Roberto asked in fearsome alarm at what his comrade might be planning to do. He did not answer. His fists clutched more tightly to the knob of the steel sword. This sword. The sword forged by Gustave the Steel. So sharp and so frightful. A blade that declares death to anyone who is willing to sacrifice his soul by standing in its way. A blade with no anima. No element to cast spells. Why would it have anima anyway? Wasn’t its master with no anima as well? He paused at the thought. Rocks had anima. Trees had anima, yet this sword didn’t. Then could it be less than a rock? He was about to laugh at the thought and shook his head slightly. An idiotic thought made up by idiots. Nothing but idiots. He wasn’t like them. This young man realized how much a human must value life. How much one had to struggle to keep going. To swim against the current just to achieve his ambition. No matter how harsh life was, no matter how much adversity there was, life still was going on. Life had to go on. That’s why everyone had to work to let it go on. And let everyone live in peace and harmony. That was why he had to do this. For the sake of all who trusted him. All who he loved. He stared at the steel sword. He felt it was the last time he would wield that blade. For some reason a warm aura engulfed him and he felt strange comfort. Such a serene feeling. He lifted the steel blade. “Stop!” Roberto called out, surprised and shocked. He realized that his friend’s attempt would surely be successful, but still...

The sword wielder let out a scream. The sword then swung through the air. He felt it. The great amount of strength within his body. There was a loud disturbing sound of collision, stating that the sword has slashed the egg. Then there was a sound of metal breaking apart. The Almighty blade, Gustave’s sword, had broken into two pieces. He felt cold wind shivering his entire soul, as if he was breaking apart as well. It was an undesirable feeling. A mixture of guilt, duty, confidence, hesitation, and fear. All at once. He couldn’t bear the burden and hoped it would all end soon. All the feelings. All the pain. His eyes kept staring at the object lying in front of him, still as idle as it always was. Not even a scratch.

“Lord Gustave’s sword has failed too,” old tycoon Will moaned in despair. His tone hinted that there was nothing to do. His mind boggled at the result. He was startled by the fact that there was something in this world that was able to stand in the way of this steel-made weapon. He suddenly felt despair as well. He felt failure. How was this sword going to face this monster anyway? How was it going to end this anima-filled devil, while it had no anima itself? Could it be?

Has this sword betrayed me? he thought hopelessly. Now nothing seemed to matter. He had lost his sword and the nightmare had returned. All his efforts along with all the others, all they had done went away in vain. His fist clutched onto the knob of the broken sword. He looked down.

“Look! There’s a crack in the egg!” called out young Ginny Knights as she pointed at the egg in alarm. They all looked at it. He looked too. And before he could say a thing, before he could cheer, rays of gassed light began gushing out of the egg. Cracks spread rapidly through its body. A loud sound of exploding and a bright light engulfed the entire area. It lasted for a couple of moments then it all faded away. Every one opened their eyes and looked towards the place the egg was laying on. Or the place it was supposed to be laying on. He gasped in total surprise.

There was no sign of the egg. There was nothing but nothing on the ground. He looked around. Is it all over? Now a gentle breeze blew. And a smile of relief appeared on all faces. It was all over. We all have awakened from this nightmare, He thought in endless joy. He felt warm and comforted. Tycoon Will began to cry, saying that all the imprisoned animas have been released. They all shall return to nature where they belong. One of these animas was the one of his father, Henry Knights. He and all the others were going to rest in peace. He has fulfilled his father’s wish and thus he has completed his mission as the pursuer of the egg. All the others began to cheer in happiness. They then walked away, with the pride that they have saved the world from the threat of total chaos and destruction. He stood still, watching the others leave. He then gazed at the broken sword. For some reason he still felt guilty. He has been trusted with that blade. He was recognized to be one of Gustave’s descendents. His strength nearly matched that of the forger of the sword, yet he broke it. He felt strange. A serene Aura engulfed his soul and mind. He felt as if someone was talking straight to his mind. He was helpless and overwhelmed and only stood still.

Do not worry, Gustaf... What you have done... The sacrifice you offered for the sake of the world is not something to be ashamed of. You fought in the honor of the forger of this blade and it is sure that you have honored him. That was your last trial, Gustaf. You have proven worthy to be the descendent of Gustave the steel. Now go. There is much for you to witness and experience in life.

He only nodded and realized that he had done the right thing. He looked at the broken blade for one last time before thrusting it into the earth. He then took a deep breath and walked forth. He stopped for the last time just to gaze at the blue sky. It seemed rather beautiful, pure and hope-giving. Gustaf smiled for the first time in a while. He went on his way, seeking a new life after he had realized that he, too, had fulfilled someone’s request.

The End

Author’s note: Well. I think it was good. This is the first time I write such a short story. I hope I gave the details good enough. I happen to like Saga Frontier 2. It is really a good game. I was so touched at the ending because I worked very very hard on defeating the egg. I hope you would enjoy this humble fanfic and if you have comments, questions or if you want to know my ultimate way of defeating the egg feel free to e mail me on
C’ya !