Star Ocean The Second Story

2001: Another Star Odyssey (Home Again)
By Paul Beaudoin

* Chapter 3: The Plot Thickens *

The front door to the Wise Men's house knocked. When no answer came, it knocked again; still no response. It knocked one more time. No answer came, and so it was leveled with a well-placed jujitsu kick. "Piece of cake," Chisato said as she stepped over the door's remains. Noel shielded his eyes in embarrassment.

Filia entered the hall to see what the commotion was about. "Oh, hey!" she called out. "Come on in! We didn't hear you knocking."

"Listen, sorry about the door," Noel said.

"Don't worry about it," Filia said. "Happens all the time. Anyways, come on in to the living room. Everyone else is there."

The three stepped into the Wise Men's living room, where the rest of the Wise Men were sitting. All except for Indalecio, that is. They made conversation for a few minutes until Indalecio walked into the room, pushing a small cart with an obsolete computer.

"Guys, can I get your attention, please?" Indalecio called out, trying to sound important. "Now, I suppose you're wondering why I called you here today..."

"Get on with it!" Marsilio shouted out.

"Humph," Indalecio sneered. "Very well. Where shall I begin? About three weeks ago I was figuring our taxes, but things weren't working out. I had Cyril," he said, pointing at the prematurely gray sorcerer, "look at some notes I had jotted down. He couldn't decipher them because he was holding them upside down. However, I then took the paper back, looked at it upside down, and had a revelation. Thanks to my superior intellect," Indalecio grinned as he said this, "I realized what I was holding in my hand were the first characters of a computer program that would enable us to resurrect Energy Nede to how it was shortly before it was destroyed! I spent the last few weeks writing this code and typing it into ol' Jimbo here." He patted the computer. "Now all I have to do is run the program, and Energy Nede will be back!"

A hand shot up in the middle of the room. "Yes, Berle?" Indalecio said, recognizing his armor-clad compatriot.

"Are you going to do like Narl did with Expel, and bring it back from the past using a Time-Space shift? Wouldn't that create a massive paradox in the space-time continuum?" Berle asked.

"No," Indalecio said. "This program works sort of like a Copy-Paste action does in computers. What it'll do is make a 'copy' of Energy Nede just before we arrived, and then 'paste' it into our time. Of course, there will be some slight changes. For example, I have made it so that they'll forget whom we are and what we did. Another change is that Noel and Chisato, on this Energy Nede, will 'mysteriously' disappear shortly before we arrive."

Another hand shot up, this one belonging to Noel. "You're not going to crash Expel into it to get there again, are you?"

"Of course not!" Indalecio said. "The last part of the program will transport all of us in this room to Energy Nede, without any adverse side effects to Expel."

One more hand arose, this one belonging to Ruprecht. "You mean that you're going to take Energy Nede from the past, copy it, transport the copy into this time period, and transport all of us there, using a program written on a 286 with 640KB of RAM?"

"286 WITH 640 KB OF RAM DOES NOT COMPUTE!" Shigeo yelled out in his robotic voice.

"It's very resource-efficient," Indalecio explained. "Any further questions? If not, then I'll initiate the program now." Indalecio typed the following on the computer:

C> cd \indaleciostuff\private
C> nederessurect.exe

After doing so, the computer began making loud and somewhat frightening noises as it strained to run the program. Then, through the window, came a flash of light as bright as sunlight, despite it being 9 o'clock at night.

"Step one is completed," Indalecio said. "Now onto step two..." The room filled with an intense, sparkling brightness, as the people in the room were transported to Nede.

"You did remember to turn the oven off, didn't you, Decus?" Filia said as her body disappeared.

"Yeah, I think I...wait, did I?" Decus replied. It was too late to check, however.

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