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Star Ocean The Second Story

2001: Another Star Odyssey (Home Again)
By Paul Beaudoin

* Chapter 5: The Plot is Seasoned to Perfection, and is Set Out to Cool For Approximately Five Minutes *

The thirteen Nedians materialized on Nede, in a region in southern Giveaway. Actually, they materialized several feet above a region in southern Giveaway. As they plummeted to Nede's surface, Cyril commented, "Swift one."

They landed, mostly unharmed, in a large snow bank. Indalecio was the first one to get up and brush himself off. "Well, everyone," he said. "We're here!"

"Y-y-y-y-yeah," Decus said, shivering. "B-b-b-but can we g-g-get indoors? I-i-i-it's friggin' c-c-c-cold out here!"

With a helpful height boost from Shigeo, Noel surveyed the landscape. "Giveaway's right over there," he said, pointing northward. "We can use the teleporter there to get to Central City."

"We're off!" Indalecio stated, as he marched proudly northward.

"Does he seem a bit too cheerful for you?" Nicolus whispered to Jibril.

* * *

Claude and Rena walked into the North City library. "How can I help you?" the computer operator asked.

"We just need to look up some information," Claude said.

"I see. If you need any help, just ask," the operator stated.

The two browsed through the North City topic listing. "Hey, Rena, notice anything different?"

"The listing seems shorter than normal," Rena said.

"Exactly. The listings for the Wise Men and the Secret Information are missing..."

"Wait, what's this?" Rena said, pointing to an entry near the bottom of the screen. "Recent disappearances? Maybe we should check it out..."

Claude opened the topic listing, revealing two subtopics: "Noel Chandler" and "Chisato Madison". He opened the subtopic on Noel, causing the following information to appear on the screen.

Name: Noel Chandler
Age: 24
Height: 5' 8" / 1.73 m
Weight: 163 lb. / 74 kg
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Unknown (he has never been seen with his eyes open)
Occupation: Zoologist, currently the head of the Nede Animal Reserve
Last seen: At his house in Giveaway, on May 23. If you have any information on his whereabouts, call...

"Curious...all too curious..." Claude said, surveying the information. Just then, Chisato walked into the library.

"Claude? Rena?" she exclaimed in surprise. "How'd you guys get here?"

"Chisato?" Rena said, mirroring her emotion. "Do you know what happened?"

"Long story," she said. "Let's go back to my house and talk."

* * *

"So what's the deal with Nede all of a sudden?" Claude asked, as they entered the house above the North City tool shop.

"The Wise Men resurrected it," Chisato said.

"Wait..." Rena said, trying to comprehend the situation. "You mean that they found a way to bring it back from the past?" She set the twins down on the bed, who were still sleeping happily.

"Not exactly," Chisato said. "What they did was make a copy, of sorts, of Nede, and transported it to this time period. They changed a few things so that we'd all be able to live here peacefully. They erased all records of themselves, and made it so that we'd disappear shortly before our arrival here, as to avoid the chance that we meet ourselves."

"That explains the library information, then," Rena said.

"Wait, wait, wait," Claude said. "You mean to tell me that the Wise Men actually copied Nede from the past, changed it to their liking, and then transported the copy here?"

"Yeah, that about sums it up. They also transported us here, without that whole messy 'crash a planet into another planet' scenario. But the question remains, how did you wind up here?"

"Well, we were traveling through space where Nede used to be. Suddenly, there was a bright flash, and before we knew it we were headed straight into Central City's City Hall."

"Weird..." Chisato said. "Well, I guess you're here until we can figure out how to get you out of here. Make yourself at home."

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