Star Ocean The Second Story

2001: Another Star Odyssey (Home Again)
By Paul Beaudoin

* Chapter 9: Further Investigation *

"I'd say that was a pretty good show," Claude said, as they walked out of the tavern.

"What?" Rena shouted, still feeling the ill effects of the concert.

"I said...nevermind." Claude looked over towards Noel and Chisato to ask them about the concert, but they were engaged in a discussion of their own. Maybe it was because of the drinks he had had, but it looked as if Noel was blushing.

"By the way," Claude said again, "I have something extremely important to tell all of you..."

"What?" Rena shouted again.

"Nevermind. I'll tell you later," Claude sighed.


* * *

"I found out something rather disturbing tonight at the concert..." Claude said, when they were back at their hotel room.

"What?" Rena said. "Why didn't you tell us when we were all together?"

"I tried," Claude said. "Noel and Chisato were busy talking, and you were just plain deaf at the moment."


"Well..." Claude said, "you remember that one man we bumped into just after we arrived here?"

"That one with the scar on his face?" Rena asked. "What about him?"

"He wants to invoke the Crest of Annihilation..."

"Wha...how'd you find this out?" Rena asked nervously.

"He was at the concert. When I ducked out for air, he walked outside and muttered something about the Crest being finished soon," Claude said. "I did find out his name, however. Orin Facet. I was thinking that we could ask Narl for more information."

* * *

The next morning, Claude and Rena made their way back to Narl's office, braving the elements, massive flights of stairs, and annoying secretaries with one-track minds.

"Excuse me, Mayor," Rena said. "Do you happen to have any information on an 'Orin Facet'?"

"Hmm...Orin Facet..." Narl said. "Let me check," He rifled through a large filing cabinet in the back, and soon pulled out a small manila folder. "Here you go."

"Thank you," Claude said, as he took the folder from Narl. He took out the sheets of paper and studied them. "Yes...this should be everything. Mind if we keep this with us?"

"Sure," Narl said. "I have several copies of everything."

"Thanks," Claude said, as he and Rena walked out.

"So..." Rena said.

"Well, it says here that he lives just north of Armlock," Claude said. "Maybe we should check there..."

* * *

Claude and Rena traveled north from Armlock until they came across a small, but well furnished house, about two miles from the city. By the time they arrived, it was already dark.

"Think this is the place?" Rena asked.

"Hold on," Claude said. As he walked up to the house and peeked inside one of the windows, a shadowy figure walked into the room and turned on the light. Claude quickly ducked down, but not before seeing who the figure was.

"It's him..." Claude mouthed to Rena.

"What? Speak up," she said back.

"It's him. This is the right place!" he whispered.

"I can hardly hear what you're saying!"

"I said this is the place!" Claude said loudly. He then covered his mouth, realizing his mistake.

Orin's ears perked at a noise outside his window. He looked outside to see what it was, but finding nothing, resumed his business.

"Come over here," Claude mouthed, while gesturing. "And for Tria's sake, be quiet!" Rena complied, and soon they were both sitting underneath the windowsill, straining for any clues.

"Heh heh heh..." Orin chuckled. "Only a couple weeks more until the Crest is completed, then comes Phase Two." An ominous chord emanated through his house.

"Hey, rockers, how ya doin' tonight?" a loud and fairly obnoxious voice said. "This is Tank Sherman, and that was Buying a One Way Ticket to Hell With Your Lives by a hot new indie group, Lantis. Been getting a lot of requests lately for that one. I went to their show last Saturday, and they rocked the house down! I see great things for this band in the future. We'll be back with the best of Nede's rock music after this short break." The radio then cut to a commercial extolling a local auto-body repair shop.

"You were right," Rena said. "We gotta tell the others..."

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