The Best RPGs of All Time
As Selected by the RPGFan Staff

June 10, 2015 – We all have RPGs that are particularly special to us. Perhaps your favourite game is the first you ever played, or maybe it's the first that pulled you in to an exciting world with detailed lore that the genre is known for. Maybe you love a game that was significant to your childhood, helped you through a hard time, ignited your imagination, or was just insanely fun to play. For many of us, our favourite games are titles from days of yore when the genre was in its "golden age," but for others the greatest RPGs are the ones just coming out now.

For this feature, each of our editors put together a short list that features their five favourite RPGs of all time. Many editors picked simply their favourites, while others took a more objective approach to their "greatest" list. Take some time to look through all the choices, as they're sure to bring back happy memories or introduce you to a classic you've never even heard of.

Welcome to the RPGFan Editors' individual picks for the Best RPGs of All Time.

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