Most Anticipated Games 2013

Most Anticipated Games 2013: Localization Hopefuls
The following titles have either not been announced to release outside of Japan, or have otherwise unclear prospects for release in North America and/or Europe, in 2013 or otherwise.

...but we're definitely hoping that changes, as we would love to see more people get a chance to play them.

Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS)
The mirthful appellation "SMTFan" has been thrown around this site for years, and for good reason-- the vast majority of our staff are medium to heavy Shin Megami Tensei fanatics. The last main series iteration was the PS2's Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne (unless you count the Strange Journey spinoff), so it's been quite a long time since the great grandmammy of all the Devil Sagas and Survivors and Summoners and Personae has taken the stage. Early reports seem to indicate that the game will deliver the slick art style, rocking music, and intense monster raising/turn-based battling that fans have come to love over the years, so here's to hoping (and we think it's pretty likely) that a localization will be announced!

Writeup by Stephen Meyerink

Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk (PS3)
The Atelier series has seen a North American resurgence as of late. We were treated to the entire Arland trilogy over the last few years, and each one improved upon the last in notable ways. Gust's fourth Atelier title on the Playstation 3 moves away from Arland and into the land of Dusk, which seems to have a slightly more somber tone than its predecessors. Heroine Ayesha's decision to become an alchemist, in order to pursue a fleeting vision of her once-thought-dead sister, is an intriguing story hook, and a deepened battle system has us itching for combat. Reception in Japan has been positive, with praise given to the game's art direction and atmosphere. While we have not heard anything since the game was unofficially announced back at Anime Expo last year, a recent ESRB rating all but confirms that the game is headed our way — and soon.

(Editor's Note: Of course the game is officially announced less than 24 hours after we post this feature.)

Writeup by Derek Heemsbergen

Final Fantasy Type-0 (PSP/Vita)
Final Fantasy is a contentious thing these days. Some people still love it, others wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot Buster Sword. In either case, the most recent games in the series have had something of a rocky reception — which makes it all the more puzzling that the well-received (in Japan, at least) Final Fantasy: Type-0 still hasn't seen a domestic release. Many of us over on this side of the sea would love to get a chance to take this one for a spin, but there are certainly some hurdles to overcome. The game features some music licensing and implementation that could cause problems in localization, and the PSP has, for the most part, sung its swan song here in the west. But hey — why not a digital release? That'd help out starved PSP gamers and add another game to the desperately-in-need-of-stuff-this-year Vita library. Please, Square Enix? Please?

Writeup by Stephen Meyerink

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy (3DS)
Bravely Default is exactly what JRPG fans have been begging for more of in recent years. A job system, classic turn-based combat, art by Akihiko Yoshida, a fantastic soundtrack, and a number of quirky other features make this one something that we're sure tons of folks would love to sink their teeth into. The game did well enough in Japan to spur a sequel, already said to be in the very early stages of development, so this could be the start of another big franchise that we definitely don't want to miss out on. Square Enix, slap a Final Fantasy label on it to score some extra sales and release it over here. We couldn't care less what you call it.

Writeup by Stephen Meyerink

Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3/360)
Announced in 2006, this game...

...oh, who are we kidding?

Writeup by Mike Salbato

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