Rhythm Encounter MOTY 2016

No Music of the Year celebration would be complete at RPGFan without a trio of Rhythm Encounter episodes. As always, our shows are segmented with a different lineup of guests: The First Movement features the music selections of RPGFan editors, some of whom you'll recognize from previous shows. The Second Movement brings some of our favorite friends of the show back once again to discuss even more music, and these folks always bring interesting stuff along! Finally, our regular hosts close out the trio with their own selections.

All told, there is several hours of listening ahead of you, so you'd better get started!

Want to share your own favorite music, or have questions/comments about our Music of the Year proceedings (or music in general)? Email us: music@rpgfan.com

Have you heard...

Adventures of Mana OST

Once again experience the music of Seiken Densetsu!

First Movement
Rhythm Encounter MOTY 2016 Edition

What's that in the sky? It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's Music of the Year 2016 on Rhythm Encounter! This year we've trimmed the fat a little to make each of our three MOTY podcasts a little easier to digest. Our first episode kicks things off with a few of our dedicated staff members sharing their favorite musical selections from 2016. Take a listen and you may just be able to remember the year fondly after all!

Featuring: Caitlin Argyros, Peter Triezenberg, Robert Fenner

0:02:24 - Give Me!! / Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
0:05:35 - Epiphany Fields / Oxenfree
0:19:42 - Furuya / The Silver Case
0:21:00 - Forever Flame / Dark Souls III (Miracle of Sound)
0:36:28 - Simple Gratitude / I am Setsuna
0:38:36 - Hellfire / Final Fantasy XV

Listener Picks
1:07:33 - Corridor of Reveries / The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II
1:10:17 - New World Order / Granblue Fantasy
1:14:46 - The End of the Road Should Be Here (English) / Fire Emblem Fates

Bonus Background Tracks
0:00:34 - Gateless / Transistor
0:12:47 - Beautiful Dead / Danganronpa
0:28:03 - Strange School / Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
0:34:30 - The Mandragora / The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine
0:49:43 - Yonah / Pluck Ver. 2 / NieR Gestalt & Replicant
0:59:25 - Wildness and Toughness / Radiant Historia
1:04:30 - Caprice (Explore 7) / The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Have you heard...

The Orchestral SaGa -Legend of Music-

Don't miss out on this absolutely stunning orchestral arrangement of SaGa music!

Second Movement
Rhythm Encounter MOTY 2016 Edition

If you're looking for more Music of the Year goodness, look no further than our second exceptional movement on Rhythm Encounter. On this episode, two longtime friends of the show, Michael Cunningham from RPGamer and Don Kotowski from Video Game Music Online, join us to share their favorite music from 2016.

Featuring: Caitlin Argyros, Michael "Mac" Cunningham, and Don Kotowski

0:02:44 - World of Sunshine / World of Final Fantasy
0:05:56 - Soul of Cinder / Dark Souls III
0:23:25 - ARDYN II / Final Fantasy XV
0:26:11 - Interminable Dilemma / Zero Time Dilemma
0:43:05 - Wintry Arrival / The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II
0:46:11 - Battlefield — Activation (FM Ver.) / Etrian Odyssey V

Listener Picks
1:05:18 - In the Deep Woods / Stardew Valley
1:07:23 - Dance of the Moonlight Jellies / Stardew Valley
1:09:11 - Fall (The Smell of Mushroom) / Stardew Valley

Bonus Background Tracks
0:00:30 - Bar Time (Relaxing) / Atelier Sophie
0:21:10 - Home / Deus Ex: Human Revolution
0:41:40 - Sator, Phosphorescent Land / Xenoblade Chronicles
0:56:19 - Distant Star (Leknaat's Theme) / Suikoden II
1:04:24 - Lake Bresha / Final Fantasy XIII

Have you heard...

Grand Kingdom OST

Does Grand Kingdom have a grand soundtrack? YES!

Final Movement
Rhythm Encounter MOTY 2016 Edition

The final movement of Rhythm Encounter's Music of the Year 2016 extravaganza is upon us. In true MOTY tradition, that means this episode is where we, your hosts, get to share with you some of our favorite music from the past year. We've got music from big names like Final Fantasy and Pokémon to indie titles like VA-11 HALL-A, and we even have some choice arrangements to delight you with as well. So sit back and enjoy one last hurrah as Music of the Year 2016 on Rhythm Encounter comes to a close.

Featuring: Caitlin Argyros, Mike Salbato, Marcos Gaspar

0:03:00 - Melancholia / Final Fantasy XV
0:05:44 - Alight (Storm) / Fire Emblem Fates
0:11:20 - Melodia de la Montaña / Chronicles of Time
0:30:36 - Noctis / Final Fantasy XV
0:35:14 - Phantasmal Blaze / The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II
0:40:00 - Gladion's Theme / Pokémon Sun & Moon
1:04:51 - Your Love is a Drug / VA-11 HALL-A
1:07:47 - The Sound of Leaves Rubbing My Back / Atelier Firis
1:09:48 - Oblivion (Never Let It Go Version) / Final Fantasy XIV: Duality
1:31:35 - ??? / Host's Choice

Bonus Background Tracks
0:18:07 - Melancholia / Xenoblade X OST
0:54:17 - The Unsung War / Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War OST
1:03:49 - A Gaze That Invited Disaster / VA-11 HALL-A
1:26:54 - Borderless (Piano) / Final Fantasy XIV: Duality