Our Favorite Features: Part One
An RPGFan 20th Anniversary Feature
June 8, 2018

Introduction by Mike Salbato

We've put together so many features over the years, so we decided an anniversary like this one was a fine time to look back on some of them. There's bound to be things you haven't seen here, or at least a memorable walk through history. We're going to highlight several each week in June, so check out the first part below, and keep coming back as we add more! Be sure to let us know your favorites, and what kind of features you'd like to see us revisit or expand upon in the future.

So You Want to Get Into Ys

One of our most popular features of 2017 was born from Fenner's desire to give fans a primer on Falcom's long-running Ys series. A well-known quantity in Western markets today, Ys was more of a mystery in its early years. In addition, several games in the series would be remade under entirely new names, so newcomers to the series would have no idea that a game called "Ys: Oath in Felghana" is a re-imagined Ys III. Fenner covers this and so much more in his well-researched Ys primer and overview.

Favorite RPG Casts & Characters
by RPGFan Staff

A strong cast can be the cornerstone of any good RPG. Okay, it's often the cornerstone of any story, regardless of medium. There are so many to choose from, so nine RPGFan team members assembled, and each brought a tale of one of their favorite casts. We were fortunate to cover quite a spectrum of games with each person's contributions, ranging from Mass Effect 2 to Tales of Vesperia to Koudelka and more. Several of the writers also took some time to record a companion episode of Retro Encounter, so don't miss that.

RPGFan Music: A Conversation with Yoko Shimomura
RPGFan Music: A Conversation with Yoko Shimomura
by Stephen Meyerink with Shota Nakama

A conversation with famed composer Yoko Shimomura about her Drammatica album, her work on Radiant Historia, and much more. This was conducted in 2013, so it's before we would hear most of her work on Final Fantasy XV, but even before XV, she had a notable catalogue of work.

Further Exploration: RPGFan's Dream Sequels, Prequels & Reboots
by RPGFan Staff

Way back when, in the distant past of 2010, eleven RPGFan team members laid out plans for their visions of sequels, prequels, or reboots to some beloved RPGs. Sometimes, RPG sequels aren't exactly what we expect, and too often, worlds we love are not ones we'll ever get to revisit. Just what would a modern day followup to Vagrant Story be like? Is the world ready for more Legend of Dragoon? These dream sequel ideas and more await you.

RPGs as Therapy: How RPGs Make Us Better
by RPGFan Staff

One of the more unique and introspective features we've ever run, RPGs as Therapy compiles tales and thoughts of five editors, each with a unique focus and perspective. Whether it's insight on how games can help one cope with anger or chronic pain, or provide a calming influence, we hope some of these short articles can be of help. (We're also looking into running a followup to this feature in the future.)

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Dragon Quest XI w/Scott • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance w/Kyle • 3pm PDT/6pm EDT
Dragon Quest XI w/Scott • 7pm PDT/10pm EDT

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Games of the Year 2018: Readers' Choice

Games of the Year 2018: Readers' Choice

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