E3 2004 Impressions

Tim Duong's Impressions
Top 5 RPGs:
1) Jade Empire (Xbox)
Being the big Bioware fanboy that I am, and the supporter of all things Canadian, Jade Empire didn't fail to amaze me when I got to see and play it. The first time I saw the game, I was a little shy to play it. Did I want to smug the perfection that I had running through my mind about the gameplay? Did I want to spoil myself silly? But after passing the Microsoft area a few times, I broke down and just stole one of the PR people for about a good half hour. I'm in love...with the game. PR girl was kinda cute though...*hides*

2) Final Fantasy XII (PS2)
First time I saw this game, I was with Stephen. I brushed it off a few times, rushing to see less celebrated titles and waiting for the hordes of Final Fantasy fanboy/girls to get over their relentless assault on the many demos set up. When I finally took the time to watch it be played, I immediately looked over to Stephen and we both nodded in agreement. Yep, it feels like an MMORPG. The battle anyway. Graphics are...done by Square Enix...need I say more?

3) Fable (Xbox)
I've been waiting a LONG time to see this game in action and boy...does it have action. Though we were only shown a small portion of gameplay and only one arch-type of character, I feel that this game may yet mirror it's creator's vision. If not an awesome game, it will at the very least push the genre up a notch or two.

4) Uncharted Waters Online (PC)
Again, my fanboyism come flying out. Koei...I <3 thee! Uncharted Waters for the Super Nintendo is arguably my favorite game of all time. Throw my love for MMORPGs into the mix and I'm in for a world of trouble. Not much is truly known about this game, but the title alone gives merit to its place on my list.

5) Knights of the Old Republic 2 (Xbox)
Though I view it as an expansion and not a true sequel in any way, the first KotOR was a great game, and an expension is hardly unwanted. More force abilities, 3 advance classes and more Star Wars goodness...I'll be in line for it all. I have a lot of beef with the title, but none of it really has anything to do with the game itself, so to the bottom of my top 5 it goes.
Top 4 Non-RPGs:
1) Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS2)
Seriously..do I really need to type anything here? No? I really didn't think so.

2) Silent Hill 4 (PS2)
At first, I was very much not interested in the whole Silent Hill series. Another mindless zombie slaughter fest I thought...well, I should know better. I've found myself playing the old games, trying to catch up to the series before this one is released and I must say, impressed I am.

3) Otogi 2 (Xbox)
I get to break down even more things and destroy even more enemies? Hello, I'm so there. Not to mention the game looks even prettier than the first...now how did they manage to pull that one?

4) Devil May Cry 3 (PS2)
I watched Mike S. play this thing. Dante looks pimp...too pimp, but I'll get over that. What I love about this is the way they seem to have taken the best of both previous installments and spawned this wonderfully crafted game. Leave it to Capcom to suck the big one and come back with a bang.
Favorite Show Experiences:
1) Meeting most of the staff for the first time. We have quite the bunch here...quite the interesting bunch.

2) Getting my E3 Press Badge and feeling special. Feeling as though I was important! Feeling as though I could go up to any of the PR and such and get their attention.

3) Watching Stephen log onto FFXI to check his Auction House.

4) Talking about FFXI to half of the crew every 20 minutes or so. Not to mention having 4 of the PermaPT in one room...that was awesome. Oh and cracking FFXI jokes in person...wow.

5) Staring at John for about 20 seconds and not clueing in that the man in the bright orange shirt may very well be Teh John himself.
Least Favorite Show Experiences:
1) No site for E3...yeah...not fun.

2) Waking up at 8am...who in their right mind wakes up at 8AM?! *looks around and hides*

3) Realizing that half the people there were "Press" and that I was not special, nor were I important. But the cute PR girls smiled and I chatted with a lot of them ^-^

4) Being flooded by the enormous amounst of MMORPGs that will eventually kill the market. Who ISN'T making one these days?

5) Watching Phantasy Star Universe and leaving not knowing what the hell it is. A traditional Phantasy Star the way it should be? Or Phantasy Star Online Red Flare Unlimited Universe Episode 4: Table Top Tennis.
Best Swag:
1) Press Kits...any and all of them. Press Kits make Timmy feel special.

2) T-Shirts...any and all of them. T-Shirts make Timmy feel special.

3) Inu Yasha plushie. Though not really swag. I did get it at E3...and I did give it to my girl...and I did get mad brownie points for it...so its swag to me.

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