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Citan_Uzuki's Impressions
Wow, I never thought I would ever have had so much fun working. E3 2001 marks my first year attending the all too famous E3 expo in Los Angeles. I really had no clue what to expect...except that it would be big. Even though I was forewarned with the "big" comments, I was still overwhelmed with the amount of people, games and size of the convention center. Overall, though, I had a blast and can't wait for next year!

Nintendo's booth blew me away! The people, the games, the size, I was sucked in and didn't want to leave. However, I was disappointed in the lack of RPGs (but hey the system isn't out yet, and it already looks awesome!). I only got the chance to play Super Smash Bros. Melee, but boy was I impressed! I can't wait to see the RPGs on this system! (Can we all say Zelda? ;P)

I was very upset and disappointed at Sega's booth, mainly because of the fact that we were not allowed inside, being appointment-only. Though, with the media we got from the press site, I can't wait to play Phantasy Star Online Version 2!

One system that caught me by surprise was the Game Boy Color. Of course this didn't happen till we managed to snag an interview with Natsume. Lufia: The Legend Returns looks like it could be the best RPG (and game for that matter) on the GBC. The graphics are beyond outstanding! This is one game I can't wait for! As for Dragon Warrior III, what can I say? The game is VASTLY improved over the original NES version, and they've added even more to the game. I'm sold on it already!

The Game Boy Advance was also very impressive. Capcom is giving the GBA a fair share of RPGs this year, with Breath of Fire and Mega Man Battle Network. Both of which look to be very promising and I can safely say that I will be getting both of them. And as if that wasn't enough, seeing Breath of Fire 2 listed as a game to be released in the US on the GBA was just too much for me to handle (Capcom, you rock!). I was disappointed that neither Golden Sun or Magical Vacation were there, but considering they technically haven't been announced for release in the US, I can see why they weren't shown. Advance Wars, Super Mario Kart Advance and the new Zelda games all make we wish I imported the GBA. I'm not sure how I'll do it, though, but I am waiting till June 12th. :P

On the Sony side of things, Final Fantasy X wasn't too impressive. Though, I won't judge it till I actually play it. Final Fantasy Chronicles was awesome to see out on display. It was nice to see Final Fantasy IV, and with no load time or slowdown I might add! Hoshigami, though, was what I was looking forward to seeing the most. I am very happy that Atlus is dealing with localization, and seeing what they have done with it so far pleases me to no end. Trying to keep my Strategy RPG fanboyish-ness under wraps during our interview with Atlus, I learned a lot about what was being done with the game and even got myself a hip Hoshigami t-shirt! Dark Cloud didn't really catch my eye, but Tales of Destiny 2 did. Being the PSX RPG fanboy that I am, I will buy ToD2, no questions asked! The game that caught my attention the most, though, was Dragon Warrior VII. I'll just say that I'm playing the import now...and I love it. ;P

Xbox, I will not judge, nor say anything about. Mainly because I was too busy doing interviews, etc and didn't have the time, nor want to waste my time looking at a system I'm not interested in.

On the non-RPG side of E3, Metal Gear Solid 2 was the only non-RPG game I actually stopped and admired. After watching the new footage of the game, I want it more now then ever. I also had to fill my craving for Dance Dance Revolution at the show, but after watching the pros dancing; I've decided that I'll stick with the arcades! ;P

In the end, I have to say that I had a great time. Meeting most of the staffers here at RPGFan was great, and I have say that I really enjoy working with them, even though I have my moments. ;P The GameCube and PlayStation 2, like I thought, stole the show, and I can't wait to get my hands on all the games I played at E3!

And now onto my list of best and worst of show:

Favorite RPGs:
  1. Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth (PSX)
  2. Dragon Warrior VII (PSX)
  3. Lufia: The Legend Returns (GBC)
  4. Tales of Destiny 2 (PSX)
  5. Final Fantasy Chronicles (PSX)
Favorite Others:
  1. Super Smash Bros. Melee (GCN)
  2. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (PS2)
  3. Mario Kart Advance (GBA)
Best of Show:
  1. Nintendo's booth.
  2. Interviewing RPG companies.
  3. Watching the Metal Gear Solid 2 teaser.
  4. Seeing so many RPGs!
  5. Avoiding Microsoft's booth. ;P
  6. All the free stuff I got!
Worst of Show:
  1. DEFINITELY, the Britney Spears game.
  2. Sony not allowing any video taping/pictures of its booth.
  3. Not being able to get into Sega's booth.
  4. The over-priced food and drinks!
  5. Not having enough time to see everything.

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