Welcome to RPGFan's Games of 2002 feature. In order to come up with an overall list for RPGFan's games of the year, we have taken the top 5 RPGs of each editor and combined them to get an overall ranking. If a game was given 1st place by one editor, that would give this game 5 points, 2nd place gives 4 points and so on. By combining the scores each editor's top 5, we have come up with an overall ranking.

These scores are of course only based on the games that each editor actually had a chance to play, and as such, not every RPG was in the running for every person. So, if you're wondering why any given game of 2002 isn't listed, that's probably why. Or maybe that person just didn't like that, which is equally possible.

That said, check out each editor's top 5 RPGs of the year (plus Non-RPG Top Picks) here, or click the link below to see our Overall Top 10 list.

Editor's Top 5 | Overall Top 10
John McCarroll's Top Picks

1) Phantasy Star Collection (GBA) - I can't come to terms with how awesome this really is. Not only is it three of the best games I've ever played in a single package, it's portable! If it'd included PS4, it would've been the must buy of the decade.

2) Breath of Fire II (GBA) - I loved the old SNES Breath of Fire games. As with PSC, it's a revamped classic and portable, too. A bit deeper than the PS games, but they still pale in comparison to three Sega classics.

3) The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind/Tribunal (PC/Xbox [Morrowind Only]) - Although I've yet to spend more than 10 hours with Morrowind and its expansion, Tribunal, I have to say that it's still a damned good game, as long as you like free-roaming quests. With real-time combat and quests similar to Fallout, it's a must have for any PC RPGFan.

4) Legaia 2: Duel Saga (PS2) - Honestly, this game just came out of nowhere and smacked me straight in the face. With an innovative combat system, Legaia 2 is simply a fun-to-play game.

5) Kingdom Hearts (PS2) - Kingdom Hearts is another game I've not yet had time to fully appreciate. Although I'm not fond of the battle system, the plot and the Disney characters have just drawn me in.

Non-RPG Top Picks
1) Steel Batallion (Xbox)
2) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)
3) 007 Nightfire (Multiplatform)
4) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (Multiplatform)
5) Backyard Football (GCN)

WooJin Lee's Top Picks

1) Suikoden III (PS2) - In my opinion the best RPG released this year. The story and the Trinity system both made for a kick-ass RPG experience.

2) Xenosaga: Episode I (PS2 - Import) - Sure, the game relies a bit too much on movie sequences for my taste, but there's no denying that the story is gripping and the mechas aren't as ridiculous this time around...

3) Super Robot Wars Impact (PS2 - Import) - It may be a remake of Super Robot Wars Compact 2, but it's a full 103 stages of kickass animation and strategy RPG playing. The animations for the Machine Robo units were especially cool.

4) Tales of Destiny 2 (PS2 - Import) - No, not the US version of Tales of Eternia but the real ToD2 that was released recently in Japan. The battle engine is as fun as ever and the story is actually fairly interesting this time. Too bad the encounter rate is still insanely high...

5) Super Robot Wars: Original Generation (GBA - Import) - It's been a long time since Banpresto released a SRW game that focused on the unique cast of characters and worlds that they've made over the various games. It's a nice change from using the same bad guys over and over again...

Non-RPG Top Picks
1) Metroid Prime (GCN)
2) Ever 17 (PS2)
3) No One Lives Forever 2 (PC)
4) Resident Evil 0 (GCN)
5) Galaxy Angel (PC)

Josh Gregory's Top Picks

1) The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind/Tribunal (PC) - The latest entry in the Elder Scrolls series offers up more gameplay than any other game to be released in a long time. The sheer immensity and depth of the game are enough to keep any RPGer busy for at least another year or two.

2) Icewind Dale II (PC) - Black Isle Studios' dungeon crawler sequel contains plenty of good old fashioned D&D combat and treasure hunting to keep any fan of the previous game glued to his or her monitor for weeks.

3) Kingdom Hearts (PS2) - Square's collaboration with Disney took me by surprise, seeing as I expected little more than a generic action RPG out of it. I was all too glad to be proven wrong, however, and KH is one of my favorite console games of the year.

4) Neverwinter Nights (PC) - Bioware's long-awaited masterpiece was finally released this summer, and it was well worth the wait. A gripping single-player campaign, powerful toolset, and limitless multiplayer possibilities make this one well worth the cash.

5) Freedom Force (PC) - Irrational Games, the creators of System Shock 2, have outdone themselves with this one. The suberb superhero-themed setting alone makes it worth getting, but the excellent strategy-based combat system makes it even better.

Non-RPG Top Picks
1) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)
2) Metroid Prime (GCN)
3) WarCraft III (PC)
4) Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2 (PC)
5) Super Mario Sunshine (GCN)

Jen Claudio's Top Picks

1) Suikoden III (PS2) - This last quarter of 2002 has given me quite a good number of games to play, and this one in particular has given me the most joy and overall satisfaction. The Trinity system, which presents different perspectives of an engrossing story, was definitely unique for the Suikoden series. That and a new battle system for normal group battles and war seems to spice things up a bit. My only gripe, though, is that some of my favorite Suikoden 1 and/or 2 characters were missing. *sadness* Hm, oh well, there's a handful of new cool characters to drool over. ;P

2) Kingdom Hearts (PS2) - This brings up a whole new world to my general impression of Disney games. (Er, pun not intended. Really.) Do you think Disney is just for little kiddies? Think again. The story of this title is definitely mature and up to par with that of Final Fantasy plots... Very touching and beautiful. While the camera definitely needs some work, it doesn't necessarily take away from the crazy fun in battle. Gummi ship building is fun, by the way...

3) Neverwinter Nights (PC) - While I was limited in venturing internet-wise, I truly enjoyed the single player campaign. In my opinion, it didn't exactly have the best in story-land (a bit cliche), but I love the customization (of characters) and will continue to play until NWN2 or another equivalent comes along into my hands. ;P

4) Wild ARMs 3 (PS2) - The 3rd installment in Sony's wild west/fantasy RPG. While this title isn't as original as the above games, the shift from the average polygons to cell-shading, later story-development, and some puzzles here and there are what keep this game going pretty well. If you're a Wild Arms fanatic, don't miss out!

Non-RPG Top Picks
1) Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny (PS2)
2) Metroid Fusion (GBA)
3) Virtua Fighter 4 (PS2)
4) DDR MAX (PS2)
5) Robotech: Battlecry [Limited Edition] (PS2)

Mike Salbato's Top Picks

1) Kingdom Hearts (PS2) - Some don't like the battle system, or are put off by the Disney characters. I was once one of the most cynical gamers out there when I first saw this game, but after nearly 70 hours of playtime, I'm glad to see I was wrong. I loved every bit of Kingdom Hearts, from the battles and story, to the extremely well-done visuals. The most fun I've had with a game this year. Well, until the Metroids came out, but as far as RPGs go, this is the...well, king.

2) The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto (GCN - Import) - Barely able to make it into this feature, I got the import of The Wind Waker soon after release and was blown away. The most discussed feature of the game - the graphics - are spectacular when seen in motion. The music is much better than I expected, featuring some great new songs, and some remixed tracks from Ocarina of Time, and even A Link to the Past. A gigantic game, The Wind Waker is much longer than any previous Zelda game. The sole reason this is not #1 (this year) is because of my inability to read Japanese.

3) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past & Four Swords (GBA) - Previously my second favorite game in the Zelda series (second to Ocarina of Time, but now third to The Wind Waker), I like it just as much on the GBA. The main game is about 99% the same as before, which is good. The thing that really pushes this title up on my list slot though, is Four Swords. If you can get 3 other friends to link up and play this with, it's a total blast. It feels a lot like PSO sometimes, playing with your friends... backstabbing and stealing and all. Very cool stuff, and again, with a few people, it's great fun.

4) Breath of Fire II (GBA) - Yes, it still uses the same horrible translation as it did on the SNES, but just about everything else is done so well in Breath of Fire II, it's easily forgivable. While mostly a direct port, the updated battle interface is much nicer than the original. The story and characters are still all the same as before, however one-dimensional they seem at times. While you're often doing 'fetch quests', you have fun along the way anyway, and that's what's important, right?

5) Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (GBA) - Better than Circle of the Moon? No way. Easier than it should be? Sure. Still a fun game? Definitely. While the sound took a noticeable plunge in the quality department, the visuals are improved dramatically over the previous GBA game, and allows for much more varied environments. All in all, my least favorite of the last 3 CV games, but that's hardly a bad thing, as it still manages to be better than most other games out there.

Non-RPG Top Picks
1) Metroid Prime (GCN)
2) Metroid Fusion (GBA)
3) Super Mario Sunshine (GCN)
4) Megaman Zero (GBA)
5) Spy Hunter (GCN)

Mike Bracken's Top Picks

1) Suikoden III (PS2) - I wasn't sure what to expect when the Suikoden series made the jump to 3D, but even my most optimistic hopes couldn't have prepared me for what Konami has given us. Simply put, this is one hell of a game.

2) Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II (GCN) - One of the Dreamcast's greatest games makes the move to the GameCube, and the results are nothing less than impressive. Over a month in, and cheating is at a minimum, the new trade window works wonderfully, and I'm just as addicted as I was to the DC version. Now if someone would bring out a keyboard...

3) Kingdom Hearts (PS2) - I wasn't all that thrilled to hear about a Square and Disney RPG, but there's just no denying how good this game is. It's pretty, it's fun, and it's surprisingly long for an action RPG. Don't let the Disney tie-in put you off, or you'll be missing out on one of the best RPGs this year.

4) Phantasy Star Collection (GBA) - The first three Phantasy Star games, in portable format, in one package? Damn right it's on the list. This is classic RPG goodness for a new generation who probably missed these games on the older consoles. Now if they'll just make a GBA version of the fourth game...

5) King's Field: The Ancient City (PS2) - One of the best RPGs of 2002 that no one has played...King's Field 4 is nicely updated version of the earlier games in the series. From Software has crafted a rich, deep, and supremely atmospheric role-playing experience that should certainly appeal to hardcore RPG fans.

Honorable Mention:
Shenmue II (Xbox) - I think this game would have made my list, had I actually had a chance to play it. Unfortunately, it's sitting in my mountainous stack of games to be played and I can't put it on my list without playing at least some of it.

Non-RPG Top Picks
1) Animal Crossing (GCN)
2) Metroid Prime (GCN)
3) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)
4) Star Fox Adventures (GCN)
5) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (Multiplatform)

Timothy Duong's Top Picks

1) Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis (GBA) - Being a big fan of SRPGs, I tend to be harsh on them, but Atlus pulled it off again. A great story, characters, simple gameplay and a very small learning curve for the SRPG newbie, this game has a lot more depth than it lets on. A worthy addition to any SRPG collection and a great game to get you started in the genre.

2) Neverwinter Nights (PC) - I've been an AD&D player for some time now and when I heard that this was supposed to be the closest PnP to PC conversion, I reluctantly picked up a copy only to be blown away. It truly does justice to the greatness of the PnP world. Add to that the simple to use Campaign Toolset and GM option and you've got a game that will last you for as long as you can click a mouse.

3) Dynasty Tactics (PS2) - Anyone who has enjoyed Koei's work on the PS2 will no doubt enjoy their first step into the SRPG world. With 3 storylines to play through, beautiful graphics, a soundtrack to die for and a combo system that's loads of fun, this is a great start for Koei.

4) Kingdom Hearts (PS2) - Unlike many out there, I looked forward to this game. I've been a Disney fanboy for as long as I can remember and Square has always been able to put out quality games, I didn't see anyway for this game to failÉBut I wasn't in charge of the cameras. If you can look past it and the hordes of people who use the cameras as an excuse not to play, you'll find yourself swinging a key around with a grin on your face.

5) Suikoden III (PS2) - Though I haven't had too much time to play, I can say for sure that this is going to keep me glued to my TV for a long time. This is a great game in a line of great games. Suikoden fans have nothing to worry about. It would have probably ended up higher on the list if I had more than a couple days' playtime with it.

Non-RPG Top Picks
1) WarCraft III (PC)
2) Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII (PS2)
3) Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (Multiplatform)
4) Virtua Fighter 4 (PS2)
5) Shattered Galaxy (PC)

Robert Bogdanowicz's Top Picks

1) Suikoden III (PS2) - I've always been a fan of the Suikoden games, and the third game tops this trilogy off perfectly. The graphics are smooth, the gameplay is familiar, and the plot is intricate and entertaining - all with that Suikoden touch. Hands down, the best role-playing title released in the US this year!

2) Kingdom Hearts (PS2) - The combination of game powerhouse Square and world dominating corporation Disney sounded quite daunting, but the resulting product is nothing short of brilliant. The original and well-orchestrated plot is augmented by colorful graphics, an excellent cast of voice actors, and fun gameplay. Though close to topping Suikoden, it falls short ever so slightly.

3) The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PC) - There's one word to describe this game: HUGE. PC gamers will be toying around in this incredibly deep title for hours and hours, and though it has some dry spells, Morrowind proves its brilliance through a well-executed plot and engrossing gameplay. What's even better are the astounding graphics, which are light-years ahead of anything seen on console games this year!

4) Wild ARMs 3 (PS2) - This one surprised me. The first two games were good, but the third installment definitley steps the series up to a higher level. The cel-shading technique used for the graphics proves interesting, and the plot is also engrossing. It's basically a polsihed version of the previous two titles, rolled together. Well worth the investment!

5) Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (GBA) - Though I really don't count it an RPG, since RPGFan does, I guess I will. Castlevania games are made for one reason: gameplay. This title succeeds admirably, combining excellent graphics with fast-paced Castlevania gameplay. There were a few issues here and there, but nothing to harp on; it's certainly a great title, and a worthy Castlevania sequel!

Non-RPG Top Picks

Brian Cavner's Top Picks

1) The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind/Tribunal (PC) - This is, without a doubt, one of the best games I have had the joy of experiencing to date. It is likely to be one of the games that helps to pull people into the exciting world of PC gaming. Whether looking for an innovative and interesting storyline, beautiful graphics, enchanting music, or just plain fun, Morrowind will be able to please you for hours on end.

2) Suikoden III (PS2) - The Suikodens made up one of my favorite series that were released for the PlayStation. Obviously, my degree of enjoyment with the first two made me expect quite a bit from the third installment. I am happy to admit that it certainly delivered all that I wanted. From the new additions like the Trinity System to the old classic features present in former games, Suikoden III simply has all that I have come to expect from a quality RPG.

3) Neverwinter Nights (PC) - Though only having played tabletop Dungeons and Dragons briefly when I was much younger, it was quite fun to return to a world of lore and fantasy to participate in the adventures once again. Playing either with a computerized Dungeon Master in single player mode or with a live one controlled by a fellow gamer thousands of miles away, Neverwinter Nights provides all the fun and nostalgia expected by seasoned D&D players and does a wonderful job in welcoming newcomers to the world.

4) Divine Divinity (PC) - When tired of the games that present only one solution for each problem or that prevent you from sneaky tactics such as luring a merchant out of his storeroom with the guise that you are simply an adventurer who wishes to learn more about the herbs in the back of the shop, Divine Divinity is the place to turn. It creates a world of fantasy with a level of realism that will appeal to anyone lusting to save the world using unconventional means. This would certainly be a prized addition to any gamer's collection.

5) Wild ARMs 3 (PS2) - While perhaps not the most original and everlasting game released this year, Wild Arms III did have a certain level of appeal that helped to make the game fun. While the game is unlikely to impress a snobby RPG connoisseur, it does deliver to those who simply want to have fun.

Non-RPG Top Picks

Christopher Holzworth's Top Picks

1) Suikoden III (PS2) - Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated sequels ever, Suikoden III managed to capture all the elements that made its predecessor successful and carry it over to the 3-D jump. With a gripping and intricate story and three fabulous means of battling, Suikoden III has landed itself a spot as my #1 RPG of all time.

2) Kingdom Hearts (PS2) - Mmm...a game that actually has amazing GAMEPLAY!? WOW! This "Action-RPG" bests some of the straight action games put out on the PS2. The battle system is seamless and nearly flawless, with an array of abilities to add to the game's enjoyability. Though feared initially, Kingdom Hearts has proven itself to be one of Square's best games to date.

3) Lunar: Legend (GBA) - It doesn't matter how many times and how many different ways they put out Lunar: SSSC, I'll always love it. Old school is always the best, and in the case of Lunar, it reigns supreme. The story of Alex the Dragon Master will never grow old.

4) Breath of Fire II (GBA) - One of the most overlooked RPG series, Breath of Fire is practically considered "timelessly epic". I remember the advertisements for BoFII back in the time of SNES...since then, it has been "surpassed" again and again by "better looking" games for "better" consoles...yet nevertheless BoFII emerges once again for the Game Boy Advance, surely a must-own title.

5) Arc the Lad II (PSX) - Yeah yeah, sure...I should say "Arc the Lad Collection"...but to be honest, I hated the first Arc the Lad and I threw up after ten minutes of Arc the Lad III. The second Arc game, however, turned out to be surprisingly more "adult-oriented" then its predecessor and successor, carrying a more engrossing and interesting plot as well as characters. If you can obtain the game, then go for it...but the price for the whole Arc the Lad Collection with its less-than-impressive Omake box may not be worth it...but if you have the cash, don't hesitate to grab a copy for yourself.

Non-RPG Top Picks
1) Metroid Prime (GCN)
2) Metroid Fusion (GBA)
3) Rygar (PS2)
4) Shinobi (PS2)
5) DDR MAX (PS2)

Eric Farand's Top Picks

1) Suikoden III (PS2) - Love the story, love the recruiting of characters, love seeing my castle get bigger and bigger and making tons of money from trading and lottery instead of constant fighting. All of this combined with the great Trinity system makes this the top pick of the year. Not without its flaws, but still the best of the year.

2) Phantasy Star Collection (GBA) - How can a collection of 3 games from one of my all-time favorite series NOT be on here? As expected, Phantasy Star Collection makes my list at No.2. Timeless classics.

3) Lunar: Legend (GBA) - Repeat paragraph about Phantasy Star Collection here. One of my all-time favorite goes portable. How can it go wrong?

4) Wild ARMs 3 (PS2) - A pretty good RPG with a classic RPG feel to it. Good enough for No.4 this year.

5) Kingdom Hearts (PS2) - A good action RPG with the usual big Square production. Would be higher if I liked action RPGs more but since I'm a traditional RPG fan, this falls down to no.5 for me.

Non-RPG Top Picks
1) NHL 2K3 (Multiplatform)
2) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)
3) Metroid Prime (GCN)
4) Outlaw Golf (Xbox)
5) Toe Jam & Earl 3 (Xbox)

Stephen Harris' Top Picks

1) Suikoden III (PS2) - The Tenkai return for what is arguably the best Suikoden game in the series thus far. While not as glitzy as some of the other RPGs this year, Suikoden III wins hands down with an incredible storyline, engaging characters and phenomenal music. Every RPG fan with a PS2 would do themselves a disservice by passing up on this adventure.

2) Kingdom Hearts (PS2) - The magic of Disney meets Square's technical wizardy for artistic synergy on a new level. This startlingly beautiful action RPG is only limited by a troublesome camera and spotty platforming. Despite the little flaws, the quest of Sora and co. will delight and amaze even the most staunch RPG purist.

3) Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (GBA) - The spiritual successor to one of the finest games ever created, HoD retains much of what made Symphony of the Night a legend: great gameplay, TONS of secrets and an enormous castle to play in. Thankfully, the brighter color palette makes the game much easier to play on the small screen than Circle of the Moon.

4) King's Field: The Ancient City (PS2) - A dark, gothic adventure that's sure to scare away all but the most stubborn RPG fan. As a longtime fan of the series, this PS2 incarnation is a dream for me, but I'm a masochist. Probably one of the most challenging RPGs this year...assuming you don't break the controller first.

5) Phantasy Star Collection (GBA) - What happens when you take one of the best RPGs ever created, toss in the classic that started a legacy and a bonus RPG spanning three generations? You get a whole lotta RPG-on-the-go luvin'. While the graphics may be a little dated for some, this tiny package drops about 90 hours of gameplay into your hot little hands. The absence of PSIV was a dissapointment, but this little cart is a jewel on its own.

Non-RPG Top Picks
1) Robotech: Battlecry (Xbox)
2) Metroid Prime (GCN)
3) Star Fox Adventures (GCN)
4) WarCraft III (PC)
5) Shinobi (PS2)

Justin Hoeger's Top Picks

1) Kingdom Hearts (PS2) - A great game born of an insane idea, Kingdom Hearts is possibly the most unlikely fusion of themes that ever was or ever will be. But somehow it worked, aside from a stupid camera and a bit of an over-reliance on fighting waves of the Heartless. It even made me like Disney again, after all their years of crass commercialism and excessive pandering. Kind of.

2) Freedom Force (PC) - A game whose premise I liked a tad more than its execution, but still one worthy to make The List. I mean, come on - who can resist the ridiculous patriotic posturing of The Minuteman and the quips of the fiery El Diablo? Not I, good people. Not I.

3) Wild ARMs 3 (PS2) - A series that has never really grabbed me by a sensitive part, this one charmed me a lot with its visuals and tone. A cliché story mars it a bit, but hey. Cliché stories abound in RPGs, and I can't ding this one too hard for it.

4) Neverwinter Nights (PC) - The mother of all AD&D-based RPGs (so far), this massive, exhaustively detailed game is definitely a good one. Not as good as most people say, though.

5) Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II (GCN) - Similar to Diablo and its sequel in terms of game mechanics - to wit, a focus on exploration, teamwork, item collection and monster destruction - the GameCube PSO is just as addictive as the Blizzard games. Plus, this version has twice the game of the Dreamcast original.

Non-RPG Top Picks
1) Metroid Prime (GCN)
2) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PS2)
3) WarCraft III (PC)
4) MechAssault (Xbox)
5) Jet Set Radio Future (Xbox)

Eve C's Top Picks

1) Tactics Ogre Gaiden: The Knight of Lodis (GBA) - Every new hour I played this game only made me wonder... why didn't I get it sooner? A poignant story, beautiful character designs, a great battle system, fantastic job classes... The Ogre Battle series shows it deserves its reputations of best S-RPG series out here.

2) Sakura Taisen 4: Koiseyo Otome (DC) - Despite its shortness and its somewhat... cheap premise, the latest installment of the much-liked Sakura Taisen series is still funny and enjoyable to play, and well-executed with its splendid visuals, fully using the DC's potential. Now here's hoping we won't wait 3 years for the next one!

3) The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto (GCN - Import) - Think what you want of its graphics, but the new Zelda is a good one... The characters' expressivity and game animation are simply breathtaking. And it's coming with Ocarina of Time of time and Ura Zelda, for free? What more can you ask? It's not getting a better spot only because of its frustrating parts, and its slightly flawed camera angles.

4) Phantasy Star Collection (GBA) - I cannot emphasize enough how amazing this series is, so if you haven't played it yet, go get it now! My only regrets are that this compilation used the old faulty transcription scripts and didn't include PSIV, but THQ deserves many thanks for just releasing it.

5) The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past & Four Swords (GBA) - Another classic made portable, and this time with a very fun game as an extra (although I still question its lack of AI and one-cartridge multi-player game support). You can never go wrong with a Zelda game, so once you again, if you've never played this one...

Non-RPG Top Picks
1) Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World (GBA)
2) Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland (GBA)
3) Bubble Bobble: Old and New (GBA)
4) Mario Party 4 (GCN)
5) Azumanga Donjara Daioh (PSX)



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