Welcome to RPGFan's Games of 2002 feature. In order to come up with an overall list for RPGFan's games of the year, we have taken the top 5 RPGs of each editor and combined them to get an overall ranking. If a game was given 1st place by one editor, that would give this game 5 points, 2nd place gives 4 points and so on. By combining the scores each editor's top 5, we have come up with an overall ranking.

These scores are of course only based on the games that each editor actually had a chance to play, and as such, not every RPG was in the running for every person. So, if you're wondering why any given game of 2002 isn't listed, that's probably why. Or maybe that person just didn't like that, which is equally possible.

That said, check out our Overall Top 10 RPGs of the year here, or click the link below to see each editor's top picks.

Editor's Top 5 | Overall Top 10
RPGFan's Overall Top 10 RPGs of 2002
10) Lunar: Legend (6 Points) - Yes, it's another remake of the first Lunar game. However, with some new gameplay and even story twists, it's not as predictable as you may think. Vibrant graphics and large sprites keep the anime-ish feel from past games alive, and a superb English translation proves that you don't have to include jokes about Wheaties or the president to make conversations enjoyable. Could a Lunar: Eternal Blue on GBA be far behind? Lunar: Legend
9) The Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto (7 Points) - While technically a game for 2003, a couple (literally 2) of our editors managed to play the import version of Zelda released in December. With a distinct visual look (that looks better in person), gameplay similar to the two Nintendo 64 titles, and a surprisingly good soundtrack... it's hard to go wrong. Look for Zelda to be much higher on this list next year, once everyone has been able to give it a go in English. Xenosaga: Episode I
8) Breath of Fire II (8 Points) - Though mostly the same game as it was on the SNES, Breath of Fire II still proves to be a fun RPG today, especially that it's now portable. An updated battle interface spices things up a bit, though the laughable (at best) translation used prior is sadly still intact. Luckily, Breath of Fire II isn't overly saturated with dialogue, so this doesn't hurt the overall package very much. A classic game that has managed to stand the test of time. Breath of Fire II
6) Wild ARMs 3 (10 Points - tie) - Although Wild ARMs 3 is both one of the more popular RPGs for PS2 as well as one of the most disliked, WA3 is nevertheless a hands-down solid game with stable gameplay and plot. The graphics have taken a major turn since its sprite-based predecessors, now utilizing the ever-popular cel-shading technique. WA3 still retains the puzzle-filled dungeons players have come to love in the series and manages to back itself strong enough against the competition. Wild ARMs 3
6) Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis (10 Points - tie) - Easily the best strategy RPG on the GBA this year, Atlus doesn't let us down with this instalment. With solid graphics, a gameplay that shouts out Ogre Battle greatness and a plot that rivals any SRPG on the market, it's no wonder this little guy made it to the Top 10. This is a must have for any Ogre Battle fan with a GBA, heck, it's a must for any SRPG fan period. Tactics Ogre: KoL
4) Phantasy Star Collection (14 Points - tie) - Spanning three Sega classics, Phantasy Star Collection is the closest thing a US audience has seen for a complete anthology. Although the games are exactly the same as they originally appeared on Sega's consoles, the package is now portable. One of the best collections in years. Phantasy Star Collection
4) Neverwinter Nights (14 Points - tie) - Neverwinter Nights was released earlier this year, much to the delight of RPGers everywhere. With an interesting and fun singleplayer campaign, a powerful and easy to use toolset, and a great interface, NWN is easily one of the best RPGs ever to hit the PC. Neverwinter Nights
3) The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (16 Points) - The latest game in the long-running Elder Scrolls series, Morrowind provides a truly immense gameworld, filled to the brim with interesting quests to perform, monsters to slay, and plenty of loot for your character. This one game could keep you busy for years upon years, especially once the recently released expansion pack Tribunal is factored in. Morrowind
2) Kingdom Hearts (32 Points) - Many might have expected Kingdom Hearts to be #1, and it's true that it got a lot of points, but not enough for #1. Of course, second place is hardly a bad place to be. Kingdom Hearts managed to bring RPG players something they didn't expect - a great game. Many cynics refused to believe an RPG full of Disney characters could not only be good, but not be a childish game. KH manages to present gamers with a story as serious (and often dark) as any of Square's Final Fantasy games, and manages to be not only a fun game, but a challenging one as well. Kingdom Hearts
1) Suikoden III (40 Points) - Honestly, are you even surprised that this made #1? Suikoden III had a lot of hype (mostly from rabid Suikoden fans) to live up to, and ended up being one of the rare titles that managed to do just that, in the eyes of most fans. Featuring another 108 characters, a new battle system, and for the first time in the series, polygonal graphics, Suikoden III proves once again that even a company who doesn't specialize in RPGs like Konami can create something spectacular. Suikoden III


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