Editor's Top 5 - RPGFan's Games of 2004

Welcome to RPGFan's Games of 2004 feature. Things are happening a bit differently this year than they have in years past. We still have a few editors who have submitted Top 5 lists, but in lieu of a total top 10, we have just three categories: Best Import RPG, Best Console RPG, and best Computer RPG. We know it's a stretch on a year with so many good RPGs, but much of the non-review staff didn't play five RPGs in 2004. That, combined with the consolidation of much of the non-reviews staff contributes to less individual lists this year. So send off hate-mail to your favorite editor who doesn't have a list and let them know they need to play more!

That being said, check out each editor's top 5 RPGs of the year (plus Non-RPG Top Picks) and the Games of the Year list by using the navigation above.

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RPGFan's Games of 2004
Import RPG of the Year
Dragon Quest VIII - The latest installment of the Dragon Quest series has sold over three million copies in Japan, becoming the best selling title on all current generation consoles. All in the first three days. In Japan, Dragon Quest is more than a video game... it's an artifact of cultural significance. The seemingly ubiquitous demand, neverending lines, and nationwide absence from school and work are a small handful of the reasons which motivated the Japanese government to take action. As a result, a law was passed which prevents all installments of the series from being released on weekdays. Quite impressive, wouldn't you say?

For devoted followers of the Dragon Quest series, the past four years have been an eternity... a length of time even more interminable then the game's subtitle, 'Sora to Umi to Daichi to Norowareshi Himegimi' (Sky, Sea, Land, and the Cursed Princess). Square Enix and developer Level 5 have managed to go above and beyond all expectations. Dragon Quest VIII features gorgeous cel-shaded graphics, an entertaining cast of characters, and an enchanting storyline like none other.

Miwatasu kagiri no sekai ga aru... in Dragon Quest VIII, there truly is 'a world as far as you can see.' RPGFan acknowledges and applauds this masterpiece from Square Enix.
Dragon Quest VIII
Computer RPG of the Year
World of Warcraft - Blizzard Entertainment is known for their top-notch games. Even now, thousands of players still play Starcraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo II. Blizzard's latest title, their first foray into the realm of the MMORPG can be described as no less than brilliant. Released on both the PC and the Mac, WoW features gameplay that's easy to jump into for anyone, skilled with MMORPGs or not, a simple, yet insightful UI, and a quest-based gameplay system put it at the top of RPGFan's list of Computer RPGs. World of Warcraft
Console RPG of the Year
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time - tri-Ace's Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was long awaited by US gamers. Delayed twice for over a year, many thought the game would never come. With a battle system to rival many action RPGs and a science fiction/fantasy hybrid story, Star Ocean can be marked as one of the year's best. The game was tailored specifically for hardcore RPG fans and features a deep item creation system that allows players to recruit NPCs to work on recipes. With amazing graphics, quick and fun gameplay, and an entertaining story, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time easily comes in as RPGFan's Console RPG of the year. Star Ocean 3


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