Nintendo DS RPG of the Year - The World Ends With You
The DS has seen some excellent RPG releases this year from Square Enix. It is difficult to say no to venerable classics, such as Final Fantasy 4 and Chrono Trigger, that are so highly esteemed among RPG players. That a near-direct SNES port of Chrono Trigger can stand toe-to-toe with the modern games of today only cements its place as a timeless classic. However, we at RPGFan chose The World Ends With You as our DS RPG of the year because, like some of the classics, it's a forward-thinking game that shows where the genre can go. The World Ends With You is a truly modern RPG influenced by the people, music, fashion, art, and urban legends of Tokyo's Shibuya district. It also features innovative gameplay such as the frantic battle system and the ability to tweak multiple aspects of the difficulty level on the fly. The World Ends With You is the most original and unique RPG Square Enix has released in years and it delightfully breaks the mold of what a Japanese RPG should be.

Runner-up: Chrono Trigger
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