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John P. Hussey's Awards

(Disclaimer to JP's top 5: I don't own an XBOX 360 and have not played any of the releases on that console)

5) Etrian Odyssey II (DS) - Without a doubt, I am probably the only editor who will have this one in its top 5 and I even gave the game an Editor's Choice award for its innovation and brilliance. It is a game that should be picked up by any old school gamer and for anyone who wants to see what a tough game is all about.

4) Chrono Trigger (DS) - The only reason Chrono Trigger slides behind FFIV DS is that it truly is almost a direct port of the SNES original (not that this is necessarily a bad thing). With that said, for a full $40, you would figure the guys over at Square Enix could have given us a little more than a bonus dungeon and arena monster mode. For any of those RPG fans anywhere who have failed to play this 1995 classic, go buy it today. I found it just as enjoyable this year as I did way back then.

3) Fallout 3 (PS3) - Unlike most, I actually think this game is a little less dynamic than Oblivion. While containing a much better storyline, some of the radioactive atmosphere begins to really wear on the player after hours of scouting out DC. Even with my complaints aside, it is easy to see why some think it is one of the greatest RPGs ever made.

2) Final Fantasy IV (DS) - Am I biased? Perhaps. Am I crazy? Yes, but it shouldn't have taken you my placement of FFIV DS as the #2 game of the year for you to realize it. While some people may complain that it is another SE rehash, I believe it to be the definitive version of one of the greatest games ever made. If you've never played the game, than I envy you.

1) Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) - As I mentioned in my review of the game, Valkyria Chronicles is the best game I have played since Dragon Quest VIII. It is fresh; it is innovative; and it made me appreciate SEGA as a video game company for the first time since Shining Force. If you don't have a PS3--go borrow it from someone and enjoy playing the game of the year!


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