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John McCarroll's Awards

5) Demon's Souls (PS3) - I really don't want to write any more about Demon's Souls, so this one's going to be short. Demon's Souls is unique, it's difficult, it's got this weird online mode that's archaic and new all at the same time. It's the PS3's best RPG out of Japan. Play it.

4) Phantasy Star Portable (PSP) - This one seems like kind of an oddball, but I really enjoyed Phantasy Star Portable. It was far from perfect, and the lack of online really hurt it, but all of the collecting at the end of the day just really grabbed me, and it was fantastic for bite-sized gameplay chunks. At the end of the day, I liked its more complete areas over Phantasy Star 0, despite the DS iteration's online play. It's not for everyone, but I really enjoyed it.

3) Torchlight (PC) - Hopefully my review of this game will be up before these awards, since I really do like it so much. It's not the flashiest game, it's not the prettiest game, and it's not the deepest game. Damnit, though, Torchlight is fun. That's all we can really ask for out of a video game is for it to be fun. It's a great Diablo clone with some unique things going for it including a super-low price point. There's no excuse not to play this one, it will run on just about every system and it's a ton of fun.

2) Dragon Age: Origins (PC) - It was a toss-up between this and Borderlands for my #1, and I have to say that Dragon Age: Origins is the best traditional RPG I've played in a long, long time. It's got fantastic characters, great dialogue, a strategic battle system, and a ton of quests. For me, though, it wasn't quite as addicting as Borderlands, and that relegates it to number two on my list. That's like saying it's the Final Fantasy VI to Chrono Trigger - both are still some of the best games of their time, bar none. Play Dragon Age: Origins if you haven't already.

1) Borderlands (PC) - Borderlands eats up genres and spits them all out together, which very well may be the future of games. It's got the shooter part going, it's got the RPG part going, but it doesn't neatly slot itself into either genre, making it a great pick up for fans of either. Fans of Diablo-style loot hunts will find millions of different guns to collect, lots of quests to complete, and a metric buttload of enemies to kill. Shooter fans will find tight controls reminiscent of Call of Duty and, well, a metric buttload of enemies to kill, too. It's super addictive and great fun - and there's download content, too!


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