Best Action RPG of 2014: Dark Souls II

Best Action RPG of 2014: Awarded to the best overall RPG with real-time combat.

Winner: Dark Souls II
Writeup by Robert Steinman
It's a testament to the design sensibilities at From Software that, even when playing it mildly safe with the latest installment, Dark Souls II stands out as our Action RPG of the year. The franchise's measured and precise combat made a pretty stellar return last March, tasking players with overcoming a dark and fantastical world teeming with danger and malice. Players were quick to find new strategies and tactics made possible by additional weapon and spell options, and the environments require a great deal of exploration to fully suss out each and every secret. But perhaps the real advancement came with the return of dedicated servers that will, hopefully, keep players coming back to Drangleic for years to come. Dark Souls II demands your attention and commitment in a way few games can possibly match, and you'd do well to take the plunge and accept the fate of a cursed undead.

Runner-up: Diablo III (PS4)
Runner-up: Diablo III (PS4)
Writeup by John Tucker
Whether you love or hate the PC version of Diablo III, there's no question that it feels right at home on consoles. The thoughtfully revamped control scheme and menus, the gameplay that was streamlined over the original PC version to keep things moving... There are those among us who would argue that the current PC version is the best way to play, but even they agree that if you're searching for a next-gen action RPG, this is the one to get.

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