Best Combat of 2014: Dragon Age: Inquisition

Best Combat of 2014: Awarded to the game with the best battle system, be it real-time, turn-based, or strategy.

Winner: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Writeup by Robert Steinman
Inquisition's combat is all what you make of it. Sure, you can play it like an action game and focus on one specific set of attacks, but the higher difficulty levels require precision, timing and tactics in order to walk away from the fray with your life intact. Maybe you should set fire to that particularly nasty foot soldier so you can properly take him down quickly with your twin-daggers rogue, but your mage in the back line needs to find some cover from the archers on the hill. It's incredibly satisfying to walk away from combat without taking any damage, proving that your masterful tactics paid off in the end. Inquisition's battles are intricate and deep; exactly what we look for in an RPG combat system.

Runner-up: Divinity: Original Sin
Runner-up: Divinity: Original Sin
Writeup by Dave Yeager
Divinity: Original Sin's combat system has so many elements that interact with each other that the combat feels as much like a chemistry set as it does a video game. No game this year offered carefully curated encounters with this many ways to win them. We typically measure the effective of a good combat system by depth and, to a lesser extent, breadth: it is a rare thing indeed to fire up a game and gaze into a well of possibilities this deep and this wide.

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