Best Sound of 2014: Bravely Default

Best Sound of 2014: Awarded to the game with the best overall audio. This includes voice work, sound effects, and music.

Winner: Bravely Default
Writeup by Michael Sollosi
What a gift Americans and Canadians finally received in the music of Bravely Default! Revo and Linked Horizon's energetic rock orchestra delivers a soundtrack that brings character to the world of Luxendarc and runs the emotional gamut. Bravely Default's town themes are distinct and pleasant, its dungeon tunes fit each setting beautifully, and its battle themes are exciting and dramatic. What more can you ask of an RPG soundtrack? Bravely Default is an RPG from the 2010s with some game design ideas rooted in the late 1980s, but its music stands equal with Square Enix's all-time classics from any decade of video game music. We don't have the benefit of hindsight yet, but Bravely Default's audio feels timeless.

Runner-up: Transistor
Runner-up: Transistor
Writeup by Josh Curry
Oftentimes, soundtracks are afterthoughts during the development of a game. However, in Supergiant Games' Transistor, the music is intrinsically tied to the story, which is why Supergiant urges players to finish the game before listening to the soundtrack. The music is a bluesy-jazz mixed with a modern electronic twist that is both unique and joyfully entertaining. There were plenty of times during my playthrough that I would stop and just either listen to the music or hold a button to have the main character hum. Ultimately, it is Red (Ashley Barrett) that steals the show; she has a hauntingly beautiful voice that will resonate with you long after you have stopped playing Transistor.

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