Best Visuals of 2014: Child of Light

Best Visuals of 2014: Awarded to the game with the best graphics, either because of their artistic or technical merit.

Winner: Child of Light
Writeup by John McCarroll
Ubisoft's Child of Light doesn't push the most polygons, nor does it feature photorealism in the highest degree. Instead, the whimsical graphics come via the UbiArt engine, which powered games like Rayman Origins. The watercolor-esque characters combined with landscapes that could come straight out of top-tier fantasy art are equally amazing, but the best part is just how well everything fits together.

After all, beauty might not be universal, but the ability for everything to fit together seamlessly can be respected by all.

Runner-up: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Runner-up: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Writeup by Robert Steinman
Inquisition is damn pretty, taking full advantage of the Frostbite engine and all it has to offer. Gigantic trees crisscross the skyline, the evening rain gives a bright sheen to the horrors of the Fallow Mire, and the scorching desert actually feels hot at times. The art of Thedas sets the tone of this world, evoking the strangeness of the Fade, the Dwarven thaigs under constant attack by the Darkspawn, and the ultimate sacrifice of Andraste. Inquisition's stunning environments boast a great deal of variety and handcrafted care, making this a fantastic game that keeps you firmly locked in its fantasy setting.

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