Best Adventure/Visual Novel of 2015: Until Dawn
Until Dawn
Best Adventure/Visual Novel of 2015

Supermassive Games have shown us how interactive and immersive story telling should be done with Until Dawn. It's saturated in typical horror tropes and cheesy 80's teenage characters, but that's what I love about it. The game throws you straight into a slasher movie and immerses you in the atmosphere; you're no longer the one at the cinema watching these teens meet their fate with a bag of popcorn — you're partially responsible. The choices you make determine who survives and who dies, all while affecting relationships and the chilling atmosphere you're situated in, and its these choices that bring out the best in Until Dawn. This game is a must for fans of horror films or even those who just want to scare a friend or two.

Writeup by Alana Hagues

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Life is Strange
Best Adventure/Visual Novel of 2015: Runner-Up

Life is Strange is more than just that game you heard about with overly-written teenager dialogue crafted in some game dev laboratory. It's a game about real friendship between two female characters. It's about making genuinely tough choices, both realistic ones and the kind that can only exist in video games. There's no karma meter to cheapen these choices. Life is Strange is about the charm of solving adventure game puzzles to get past a barricade of high school Mean Girls, about "I like skater boys. They just don't like me." It's a story where the main character's name is Max Caulfield, for crying out loud. It's not really a humble game, nor is the dialogue blemish free, but getting caught up in the game's shortcomings is a pitfall. Like any realistic teenagers, the characters of Life is Strange are unlikable or feel flat at first, but there's some real depth to them that is revealed over time. The game shines most during the quiet moments of the narrative — the slice of life snapshots of Max's life as a teenage girl, when players can forget that she's a protagonist and just bask in how normal she is.

Writeup by Nilson Carroll

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Best Adventure/Visual Novel of 2015:
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Life is Strange

Tales from the Borderlands

Close Call: Tales from the Borderlands edged out Until Dawn by only three votes to claim runner-up.

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