Best Ensemble Cast of 2015: Undertale
Best Ensemble Cast of 2015

Not many games can boast that they have as many unique and wonderful characters as Undertale has. Each monster is a delightful slice of Undertale goodness: take Papyrus the skeleton, a wannabe Royal Guard who couldn't hurt a fly, and who takes you out on a date and cooks spaghetti; or Alphys, the socially-awkward lizard with unrequited feelings of love. Toby Fox has managed to create a trope-aware cast who subvert all expectations and make for a memorable group of friends. Whether you're howling with laughter or fighting back tears, no one will every forget their first encounter with these creatures. Whether you can complete a Genocide run or not after falling in love with them is another question that will crush your heart and test every fibre of your emotions.

Writeup by Alana Hagues

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Best Ensemble Cast of 2015: Runner-Up

Now, you could argue that The Witcher 3 cheated. Yes, the games are based on a series of Polish novels, so CD Projekt RED went into production with literally thousands of pages full of great characters, but what CD Projekt RED did do was translate those characters beautifully into the game and even add their own. Everyone who has played the game will remember The Bloody Baron, Vesemir, Triss, and let us not fail to mention Johnny! The characters of The Witcher are believable for their flaws. Not one of them is perfect, and that is why we love them. The superb dialogue and animation further enhance our appreciation and allow us to feel empathy for them. If Johnny doesn't have a cameo in CD Projekt's next game, I quit.

Writeup by Colin Burns

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Best Ensemble Cast of 2015: Readers' Choice

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC

Only fourteen of your votes separated Witcher 3 and Trails SC.

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