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RPGFan's Games of the Year 2015
By the RPGFan Staff

All things considered, 2015 turned out to be a pretty interesting year for RPG gaming. It was a year of epic adventures and old friends, reunions held beneath new horizons. We had several long-awaited continuations of favorite series, but also some smaller titles that caught us (pleasantly) by surprise. We just wouldn't be RPGFan if we didn't give some of these games awards... but you may find yourself as surprised by some of our picks as we were. Of course, just because a game didn't win one of our most prestigious awards, that doesn't mean it won't be represented as somebody's runner-up or a personal favorite. Our staff is bigger than ever, and with it comes a greater diversity of experiences had and titles played. So grab a snack and beverage of your choice, pull up a seat, and reminisce with us on what 2015 offered gamers... and join us in awaiting the coming year.