Best Adventure/Visual Novel of 2016: Firewatch
Best Adventure/Visual Novel of 2016

Best Adventure/Visual Novel of 2016: FirewatchFirewatch takes place over the summer of 1989, where our aging protagonist Henry has taken a job as a fire lookout in the wilderness of Wyoming as a means to escape his problems. He expects slow-paced solitude, but he soon finds himself wrapped up in a mystery involving missing teenagers and a threatening presence watching him from the shadows. His only solace is found in his supervisor Delilah, who he converses with via walkie-talkie. But can Delilah be trusted? A short and sweet ride with magnificent voice direction and sound design, it's no surprise that the debut game from Campo Santo is our favorite adventure of the year.

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Steins;Gate 0
Best Adventure/Visual Novel of 2016: Runner-Up

The first Steins;Gate was met with much critical acclaim, even garnering multiple RPGFan Editor's Choice Awards, and with good reason. It embodied the ideal Visual Novel almost perfectly while taking players on a time-traveling adventure with its own unique flavor. Steins;Gate 0 picks up immediately after the first game, though it's interestingly not branched from the original's "true" ending. Players are instead met with a distraught Rintaro Okabe struggling to come to grips with events he perceives as out of his control. Steins;Gate 0 is chock-full of the science/pseudo-science, charm, and weirdness that made Steins;Gate so fun to play. It also stays true to the elements that made the original so fantastic. A memorable cast of characters, solid music, great art, an engaging story, and its unique way of branching that story combine to deliver an experience that rivals its predecessor.

Best Adventure/Visual Novel of 2016:
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Zero Time Dilemma

Steins;Gate 0

Close Call: A meager six votes separated your two winners here, with the third Zero Escape game narrowly taking top honors.

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