Nostalgia Exclusive Character Reveals
by The Ignition Nostalgia Team - 10/15/09
Eddie Fiona Melody Pad

What's Fiona's Deal?
Full Name: Fiona
Homeland: Unknown
Special Skill: Miracle
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 99 lb

Mysterious and Spooky!
A girl who is the target of a mysterious secret cabal. She has no memory of her past, and as such does not even know why the Cabal is after her. She is quiet and reserved, but she is also strong-willed and never changes her mind once it is made up. She has the ability to harness the mysterious power of miracles.

Dungeon Skills
Fiona is the party's designated healer and gains access to skills that focus on restoring HP, reviving fallen party members, and boosting stats. Though her attack spells can inflict significant damage on enemies vulnerable to Holy magic, it's best to use her MP to give other characters extra turns.

Airship Skills
Fiona really shines in air-to-air combat thanks to her ability to protect and repair the airship. Additionally, her Guard Shield skill is invaluable when flying at higher altitudes as it can more than halve the damage suffered by the airship!

Here's some screenshots of Fiona rocking out!
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