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by The Ignition Nostalgia Team - 10/26/09
Eddie Fiona Melody Pad

All About That Melody
Full Name: Melody Farklight
Homeland: Merveille Village, France
Special Skill: Magic
Age: 16
Height: 5’0”
Weight: 90 lb

There's something quite magical about her...
A girl born of a now nearly extinct race of wizards. Because Melody was raised in the wizard’s village all her life, she has no friends of her own age. She has all the qualities of an outstanding wizard but is stubborn, unyielding, and sometimes rather selfish.

Dungeon Skills

Melody’s set of skills are exactly what you’d expect from a wizard like her. Focus attention on the elemental weaknesses of your foes and let them have it with the corresponding skill. Life Drain and Magic Shell are best saved for boss battles against enemies who are neither non-elemental nor who possess strong resistances to magic attacks.

Airship Skills

Melody is a potent combatant when manning the airship’s cannon, but it’s best to use her skills against tougher enemies. Magic Shield and Magic Shower are very helpful skills that don’t require significant upgrades to become useful.

What Melody looks like when she's castin' spells!
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