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Nostalgia Exclusive Character Reveals
by The Ignition Nostalgia Team - 10/26/09
Eddie Fiona Melody Pad

What a little street hoodlum...
Full Name: Pad
Homeland: London, England
Special Skill: Firearms
Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 123 lb

He's got a gun!
Pad lives in the East End of London. Separated from his parents as a baby, he knows nothing of his own family. He is considered a leader by the children of the slums, and has a very caring personality. Since he has lived alone for as long as he can remember, he seems a bit cold and distant. Consequently, he is rather negative when it comes to the topic of dreams or adventures.

Dungeon Skills

As a wielder of firearms, Padís preference for staying out of harmís way should be expected. Though many of his skills can be used to inflict considerable damage on the enemyóparticularly Meteor Shotómany of his skills serve to alter the outcome through other means. Padís Break Shot and Heavy Shot are effective at slowing and weakening the enemy while Steal and Escape Run offer self-explanatory alternatives to combat.

Airship Skills

Pad really comes into his own in the air and his Support Shot skill may be one of the most useful skills of all! Activate this skill to have Pad lend additional support fire after every other party memberís standard attack! Padís other skills come in handy too, especially against enemies lined up with his weaponís primary aiming direction, but Support Shot is hard to top!

Clearly, we need to shoot some dudes.
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