Lunar Silver Star Story gets even more extras!

This is a test update that was pulled from the archives about a half month ago.
This is going to be a pretty in-depth Lunar update, so hold tight. First off, there have been a couple of new tidbits about Lunar Silver Star Story that have shed some light on certain things. First off, it seems like North American players are going to get lucky with the WD English translation. There are a few minor additions to the English product as listed below (quoted from Vic on Usenet):

"1. Certain anime scenes are more extensive.
2. Up to 15 (yes FIFTEEN) save slots instead of just 3.
3. Analog support.
4. Extensive Dual Shock Support."

And speaking of quotes from Vic, he has also shed some light on when the game might be released, as well as stating how far along in the production stages WD is:

"But the wait is REALLY almost over. Over half the animation is in English. The remainder will go in over the next 2 weeks. 100% of the English text is in, we're on draft 3. The final draft should be done and tested by the end of the month, allowing us to hit late March or early april."

Another new tidbit is that the English Lunar SSS will now make use of ALL the original Lunar TSS cast. Unlike what was previously planned, Ashley Angel will now be playing Alex again. Speaking of sound, I've gotten a lot of E-Mails about the extra soundtrack that is coming with Lunar SSS, and whether or not it would feature any Lunar TSS tracks. So I figured, why not ask the man himself and posted on WDs own message board asking about it. Vic responded with this:

"About half are original game tracks reworked and the rest are new game tracks. At this time, there are 20 tracks, including the Piano theme from the original."

Sounds good to me. Also, a note about preordering Lunar SSS. It seems the game is a hot item (Not much of a surprise, but that's a GOOD thing!), and if you want your copy, you had better preorder quickly. Good preorder places would include Software Etc, Electronics Boutique and Babbages. You can even check out the really cool promo displays of Lunar at some stores!

The last bit of Lunar info really has nothing to do with Lunar SSS, but it is worthy of update regardless. It is called "The Lemina Bug". I haven't read much about it yet, but from my understanding it is a game glitch for the Sega CD version of Lunar EB that allows you to get previously unobtainable weapons and items (and no, noone has found the Dark Scimitar yet). More information can be found at either Evil C's Dark Scimitar page or The Hatless Dezorian's page. Hopefully Victor Ireland doesn't mind me borrowing alot of his quotes, considering they are so useful. If you need more Lunar SSS information, you can always go to the Working Designs website. We have some English screenshots in our pics section as well.

Date Updated:
February 15th, 1999

Time Updated:
3:54 PM EST



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