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CT PSX Packaging and Intro Movie!

November 3rd, 1999
The Chrono Trigger Remake was just recently released in Japan, and we have Packaging and an Intro Movie! Click here for full story.

New Vagrant Story Details

November 3rd, 1999
Square releases new information on Vagrant Story's battle and magic systems. Click here for full story.

The Return of the Saturn?

November 2nd, 1999
Well not exactly, but Shen Mue may incorporate Saturn gameplay somehow. Click here for full story.

11/2/99Amano Interview
11/2/99Growlanser Extras
11/2/99Vagrant Story Trailer
11/2/99New Chrono Cross Plot Info!
11/1/99EverQuest Expands
11/1/99Evolution Delayed!
11/1/99Vagrant Story Pictures
11/1/99Eternal Eye This December
10/31/99Morrowind Interview
10/31/99Packaging Pics!
10/31/99Two Magic Knight Rayearth Reviews
10/29/99Legend of Dragoon Interview!
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11/3/99 Movies Chrono Trigger Remake
11/2/99 Pictures Growlanser
11/2/99 Movies Vagrant Story
11/1/99 Pictures Vagrant Story
10/31/99 Pictures Packaging!
10/31/99 Reviews 2 Magic Knight Rayearth Reviews
10/25/99 Pictures Alundra 2
10/25/99 Movies Dew Prism
10/24/99 Movies Parasite Eve (1 and 2)
10/23/99 Pictures Thousand Arms
10/23/99 Music Alundra OST
10/23/99 Pictures Black Matrix AD
10/22/99 Movies Alundra
10/22/99 Reviews Chrono Cross Demo Review
10/20/99 Pictures Sakura Taisen 3
10/18/99 Movies Chrono Cross Trailer


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