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New Vagrant Story Details

As Vagrant Story, one of Square's latest projects looms ever closer to release, new details slowly begin to emerge. The most recent is the new battle system incorporated into the game. This system is referred to as the Target Dom. The Target Dom enables your character to strike different parts of a foe's body. Depending on your choice of area to attack, experience and damage levels will vary. Similarly to Fallout, attacking certain enemies in a weak spot will cause critical damage.

Vagrant Story has an offshoot magic system based around something known as the craft. At the start of the game Ashley will have the break craft, chain craft, and defense craft. defense craft lets Ashley absorb damage as HP, or at least lower the amount of damage sustained. Whereas break craft is totally offensive and is used to summon magic for an attack. Chain craft allows Ashley to alter his attributes, such as attack power, or add negative attributes to an enemy during an attack, such as poison. The use of these crafts may require well timed button presses during the right moments in order for the extra effects to happen. Over time new craft abilities will be learned.

Ashley will learn spells from books obtained throughout the game. However he is sometimes limited to what can be cast depending on his current level. On occasion there will also be a spell that requires the use of a special item to work at all, making some spells inaccessible at first.

Lastly, Vagrant Story will feature three weapon types. Swords, guns, and short swords. Each of the three weapon types have different advantages and disadvantages. Guns for example will require a longer start up time than a sword and have a higher chance of missing. But the possibility for a critical attack is increased, as well as the added plus of having distance from the foe should he counter attack. Weapons and armor that are collected will actually gain levels along with Ashley. If a weapon is used often enough against specific enemies, they will eventually gain aspects to them that will raise their power against those particular foes.

With character designs by Yoshida Akihiko, Vagrant Story follows the tale of Ashley Riot, a graduate from the VKP academy. Unfortunately Ashley has been accused of murder, and is now considered a dangerous criminal. Now thrust into having to solve the murder in Duke Barudoruba's mansion, Ashley will have to do everything in his power to bring the killer to justice.

Vagrant Story is a heavily plot driven game with a multitude of characters. Despite being a very short adventure, Vagrant Story will probably be one of the better games this holiday season. It is already one of the more intriguing titles Square has released so far.

Source: The Magic Box

Date Updated:
November 3rd, 1999

Time Updated:
3:43 PM


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