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News & Updates

Sakura Taisen Release Date Set!

January 4th, 2001
Learn about the release date and pricing for Sakura Taisen 3, and check out a hundred screen shots of the recently unveiled opening animation! Click here for full story.

First Editor Review Update of the Year

January 2nd, 2001
We've got some editor reviews today to help start off the New Year. Persona 2: Eternal Punishment for PSX by Commodore Wheeler, Breath of Fire IV for PSX by Woojin Lee, Baldur's Gate II for PC by Tortolia, and Final Fantasy IV for Super Famicom by Musashi. Click here for full story.

New Year's Previews

January 1st, 2001
Sony brings forth Dark Cloud, an amazing 3D RPG with a unique land-creation system and a strong storyline. Developed by Level Five, Dark Cloud shows promise with its use of special effects and lighting. Click here for full story.

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