Square Enix 2006 Press Conference - Fabula Nova Crystallis
Square Enix 2006 Press Conference - Fabula Nova Crystallis
by John McCarroll - 05/08/06
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Final Fantasy XIII (PS3)
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Square announced its first PlayStation 3 title at the show - Final Fantasy XIII. Development for the game had originally started in 2004 and ran for a year, until the team took a break to create the Final Fantasy VII Tech Demo for the PS3. That game was Final Fantasy XIII for the PS2. Development was restarted from the ground up for the current iteration of Final Fantasy XIII. The first Final Fantasy to be based in a futuristic world, FFXIII was one thing above all others: beautiful. While games like The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and WarHawk may show off a system's graphical prowess in pure polygons, Final Fantasy XIII shows what happens when that graphical prowess runs head on into a huge case of artistic genius.

Everything from the UI to the battles look amazing, and the game's female lead is a first in the series, except for possibly Final Fantasy VI, for which I still attest that Umaro is the lead character.

Final Fantasy XIII has no set release date.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3)
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On top of Final Fantasy XIII, Square Enix announced two more titles in its Fabula Nova Crystallis project. Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be a groundbreaking turn for the Final Fantasy series, featuring an 'extreme action' bent. We expect that the trend of titles like Dirge of Cerberus may have paved the way for Versus. Developed by the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children teams, Versus was only shown in FMV form, but expect some amazing results for the title.

Final Fantasy Agito XIII (Mobile)
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The third announced portion of the Fabula Nova Crystallis project is another next-generation title, though this one is for next-generation cellular handsets. Final Fantasy Agito 13 will take place within the Akademica, a school of some kind. No gameplay or FMV footage of Agito was shown, but expect more information out of Square Enix soon.

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