Victor Ireland E3 '98 Interview

Victor Ireland E3 '98 Interview
by Rudo and Webber
This is the second part of the interview Rudo and Webber had at E3 with Victor Ireland of Working Designs. Part two mainly covers the upcoming PlayStation RPG Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete, and squashing rumors.

Webber: How is Lunar coming?
Vic: Text is first draft like 90%, we'll be starting the second draft......

The second draft we are going to crib about half of the stuff [text] from the Sega CD version, because there is a lot of stuff from the Sega CD version I liked a lot. The way it played, of course it changes because the story changes a little, but there are some things certain townspeople said, certain scenarios, that I really liked a lot the way they went. So about half the text will be cribbed out of the Sega CD version. Some will be updated, because there are some sort of time sensitive jokes. My favorite one is the Shannon Doherty thing; Shannon Doherty is a way has-been, so we have to take that out.

We should have disks in English for first round testing in about six weeks!

Rudo: Will it be possible to put back some of the original music [from Lunar:TSS]?
Vic: We've got three themes from the original one, which were redone and expanded. We took the original music and we stretched it out, like the Grindery theme is redone. It's the original theme plus more in the middle.

Our plan is to replace three themes at this point, like the opening town has to be the original music, with the flute and the triangle. It has to be the original music!

Rudo: Is it possible to take this song and put it in another village?
Vic: We are not ditching any music completely! We are moving the stuff thatís there, and adding it back, the original ones in the original places.

Rudo: Because both songs from Burg were good!
Vic: Which one do you take?

I like the first one, I'm partial to it. The original sounds to me a lot more innocent. The new one is good, but it doesn't sound so innocent. The older one with the flutes and triangles sounds very innocent and child-like.

Webber: Next, who will be doing the voice acting for Lunar?
Vic: Everybody is the same, except for Alex, because he grew up. Alex got a deep voice. Hal Delahousse moved; he's Quark, but we are pretty sure we can get him back. He is the quintessential dragon, his voice is awesome as the dragon, a little bit hard to understand, but he sounds like a dragon. They should have used him for Dragonheart, he sounds like a dragon should sound.

Rudo: What about the characters who didn't have voices in the original?
Vic: All those are going to be cast.

Rudo: Jessica in the original didn't have any voice.
Vic: Ramus didn't either. Actually I haven't cast Ramus, but my thought is to use the voice that I used for Glug in Popful Mail. Remember the little dwarf-minor guy, had kind of like a stuffy-nose sound to him, little fat sound? That is the sort of the voice I want to put on Ramus.

Webber: Okay, you haven't announced your Winter RPG yet?
Vic: Still can't!

Webber: Any time frame when you think you will be able to make the announcement?
Vic: When the contracts are done; thatís an ongoing process. Thatís the bad thing about the way this company operates, is we don't get our deals done and hold on to them for three months before we announce them. As soon as they are done, we announce it. Typically a really bad time is E3, because we have nothing new to announce, and then three weeks later it comes through.

Now to squash some rumors!

Webber: People have asked you before if you were considering Slayers 2.
Vic: No, I havenít said anything on the internet because I think it's hilarious to watch the speculation.

Webber: And Ys 4?
Vic: To my understanding, because I talked to Falcom about that, they are doing Ys Eternal for the PC, but Ys 4 supposedly isn't in active development for PlayStation. It's been talked about, but they are not actually doing it, thatís what they [Falcom] told me at least. I think they'd tell. Hopefully they'd tell me if they were really doing it, because I said "I'd really like to license it, can you tell me whatís going on?" Ys Eternal is just a rehash of one and two [Ys 1 & Ys 2]. I was kind of disappointed, because I thought it was Ys 4 or Ys 1-4, but it's just a rehash of one and two with not that many improvements.
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