Origins Game Fair 2016 Coverage
07.01.16 | Fun with board games!

Zero Time Dilemma Limited Edition Faces Delays
07.01.16 | But it's not all bad news!

Latest Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailers Highlight New Pokemon
07.01.16 | Catching them all intensifies.

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Gets New Screenshots, Side Stories, and More
07.01.16 | That "more" being... furniture?

New Tales of Berseria Media Includes DLC Costumes
07.01.16 | Does putting Velvet in a bikini mean she's wearing more clothing?

Check Out New Screenshots for World of Final Fantasy
07.01.16 | "Oh, it's cute!" "No, it's a very intimidating monster." "Kawaii desu!"

Special Active Time Report Shows Final Fantasy XV Preorder Bonuses and DLC
07.01.16 | Put Cindy's impressive... personality all over your car.

Zero Time Dilemma Celebrates Trilogy's Completion With Launch Trailer
07.01.16 | Finally, closure.

I Am Setsuna's Pre-Order Bonuses Announced
07.01.16 | God, that artwork is beautiful.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Now Available Worldwide
07.01.16 | Another Final Fantasy mobile game? Yes, please!

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade Adds Kefka Palazzo
07.01.16 | Ready to annihilate his opponents.

RPGFan Music: Adventures of Mana OST Review
06.30.16 | Let's keep the hype train going!

Retro Encounter Bonus Round: Persona 4
06.29.16 | Things get grizzly as we discuss a beary good game.

Super Mario RPG Coming to North American Wii U Virtual Console Tomorrow
06.29.16 | Mario's first foray into role-playing that doesn't involve Tanooki suits. I mean, what?

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Games Available on Wii U Virtual Console
06.28.16 | Who could say no to more Pokemon?

Dragon Quest Heroes II PS Vita Demo Out Now in Japan
06.28.16 | The three day delay is over.

Atelier Firis Releases September 29th in Japan
06.28.16 | Its going to be a crazy month for JRPGs.

More Info on Tales of Berseria Characters and Systems
06.28.16 | Yarr.

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Release Day Hands-On Preview
06.28.16 | It's not quite a review... but it's close!

Adventures of Mana Sneaks Onto PlayStation Vita in the West
06.28.16 | Surprise, *expletive deleted*!

Final Fantasy XIV 4.0 To Be Revealed This October
06.28.16 | Paging Scott and Mike!

More Pokemon Sun and Moon News Set for July 1st
06.28.16 | I just want to vacation in Alola already.

Check Out Falcom's Enhanced Edition for Tokyo Xanadu
06.28.16 | More story, new playable character, and more.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Accolades Trailer Released
06.27.16 | Letting you know what's good.

New Plot Points Detailed for Valkyria: Azure Revolution
06.27.16 | We must go deeper.

RPGFan on Twitch: Zero Time Dilemma
06.27.16 | Every night from tomorrow until it's finished!

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Retro Encounter Bonus Round: Persona 4
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