E3 2015: Moon Hunters Hands-On Preview
06.29.15 | Find the moon, become a legend.

E3 2015: Dragon Quest Heroes Hands-On Preview
06.28.15 | I've written "DQ" so many times that I've worked up a craving for a Blizzard.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Tops Digital Downloads In Japan
06.29.15 | Try to find news that is more unsurprising than this. I dare you.

Tokyo Xanadu Character Updates
06.29.15 | JRPGs are not complete without an idol group.

E3 2015: Wasteland 2: Director's Cut Hands-On Preview
06.29.15 | It's like Fallout! No really!

Second Yo-Kai Watch Busters Trailer Arrives
06.29.15 | Cats vs Dogs?

Steins;Gate 0 Hitting Japan This November
06.29.15 | El Psy Congroo.

E3 2015: King's Quest: A Knight to Remember Preview
06.28.15 | Puntastic.

Fresh Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Footage Shows New Characters in Action
06.27.15 | Something something localization wish.

World of Final Fantasy "Inspired" by Older Final Fantasy Games
06.27.15 | The game's developer talks about the battle system and more.

E3 2015: Whispering Willows Hands-On Preview
06.27.15 | Those are some pretty graphics.

E3 2015: Pillars of Eternity: The White March Part 1 Impressions
06.27.15 | Who'd say no to more Pillars of Eternity?

New Final Fantasy Adventure in the Works
06.27.15 | The first entry in the Mana series may be getting a new follow-up.

E3 2015: Death's Gambit Hands-On Preview
06.26.15 | Dark Souls meets Shadow of the Colossus?

RPGFan Music: Participate in Final Fantasy XI's Rhapsody Finale Choir
06.26.15 | The capstone content reaches its finale in November. Let your voice be heard!

Fire Emblem Fates has Online Play Now, Third Scenario in July
06.26.15 | Control your fate.

Dragon Quest VI Now Available on Mobile Devices
06.26.15 | Explore the Realms of Revelation on your phone.

Disgaea 5 Release Date Announced
06.26.15 | Get ready to throw some Prinnies in early October.

E3 2015: The Legend of Legacy Hands-On Preview
06.25.15 | Brought to you by a team with some rather famous names.

E3 2015: The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Hands-On Preview
06.25.15 | Hi-yah!

E3 2015: How WildStar Is Transitioning to Free-to-Play
06.25.15 | And it's headed to China!

Romance and Children Will Return in Fire Emblem Fates
06.25.15 | NOW KISS!

Second Trailer for Persona 5 Leaked
06.25.15 | The Velvet Room is a prison? That's pretty metal.

Random Encounter - Episode 96
06.24.15 | The Dark Souls of... oh forget it.

E3 2015: Blade & Soul Hands-On Preview
06.24.15 | Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.

E3 2015: Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls Hands-On Preview
06.24.15 | Danganronpa 1 1/2.

Editorial: Final Fantasy VII Remake - Our Thoughts, Hopes, and Dreams
06.24.15 | We are looking forward to it.

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