(Tortolia) Take my jugs

June 26th, 2002

I've gotten back into Everquest, thanks to the joys of a free CD key that a buddy of mine had. You'd think that'd be enough for a column, but I'm actually still enjoying it. The Everquest ranting will probably commence in a future column.

I had also been planning on posting a letter from new contributing editor John McCarroll in reference to MUDs, but I'll save that - this was just too good.

See, one of the many MMORPGs coming out is called "A Tale in the Desert". It's the only MMOG I know of that's coming up that doesn't involve any combat at all - basically, the purpose of the game is to work cooperatively with others to build a perfect society. It's a MMOG for those who like to socialize and work together without worrying about things like character death.

When I got an email inviting me to play in a press session of ATiTD, I decided to give it a shot. Since it runs well in a window, I was narrating my adventures to some of my IRC buddies, a jaded and cynical group of MMOG gamers if there ever was one. Soon enough, they joined in as well, and we attempted to build a virtual society.

We had enough trouble making bricks.

With only brief modifications to the log, here's the transcript of our adventures in Ancient Egypt.

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There's something amusing about an evil druid with a group of pet spiders, isn't there?
The games begin.

[17:54] (Tortolia) Alrighty
[17:54] * Tortolia loads up ATITD
[17:56] (Tortolia) Hmm
[17:57] (Tortolia) Should I attempt to play ATITD correctly, or should I attempt to grief?
[17:57] (Taear) Grief. It has the word 'Tit' in it.
[17:57] (Conskill) The acronym is pronounced "A titty."
[17:58] (Taear) There's a guy in morrowind named 'Mantitti'
[17:58] (Tortolia) hee hee
[18:02] (Tortolia) I'm trying to customize my TIT character for optimal griefing
[18:02] (Tortolia) I need a theme here
[18:02] (Conskill) Tort: Scientologist Evangelist.
[18:02] (Tortolia) Hmm
[18:03] (Tortolia) Did Xenu build the pyramids?
[18:03] (CrashCat) i am afraid to ask
[18:03] (Naiv|EQ) wtf is TIT?
[18:03] (Tortolia) a tale in the desert
[18:03] (Naiv|EQ) wtf?
[18:03] (Conskill) Tort: Xenu was evil. But Clears made the Pyramids.
[18:03] (CrashCat) when xenu built the pyramids he beat up kubla khan
[18:03] (Naiv|EQ) is that the game with no combat, just fedex quests?
[18:03] (Tortolia) I'm about to find out
[18:03] (Conskill) Naiv: Fedex quests where you have to TRUST OTHERS.
[18:03] (Tortolia) They're running a little media playsession from 2:30 PM to 10 tonight
[18:03] (Tortolia) So I've got 4 hours to grief
[18:03] (TheSlog) hmm
[18:04] (CrashCat) atitd has a much more exciting abbreviation than the actual game
[18:04] * CrashCat pks tortolia's flax.
[18:04] (Lietgardis) I think Soul likes it.
[18:04] (Tortolia) Here we go
[18:04] (Tortolia) My bulky guy is wearing hot pink
[18:04] (Tortolia) Kinda like an atrox but without being able to see his package
[18:05] (Tortolia) Great
[18:05] (Tortolia) This game offers no character models with pants - everyone's in a skirt or dress
[18:05] (Tortolia) All we need is some fur and p2p will be in heaven
[18:06] (CrashCat) even p2p lacks the attention span for ATITD
[18:06] (CrashCat) it's an f'in ponderous game
[18:06] (Tortolia) Hmm
[18:06] (Tortolia) OK
[18:06] (Tortolia) This game can't be all bad
[18:06] (Tortolia) There's a "cardiac" emote
[18:06] (Tortolia) I think I'm going to go have a heart attack
[18:08] (Conskill) You mean the funnest thing to do in ATITD is DIE?
[18:08] (Tortolia) No
[18:08] (Tortolia) You don't die
[18:08] (Tortolia) You just look like you're either having a heart attack or trying to grab your own breasts
[18:08] (Tortolia) I wonder if there's a screenshot command
[18:09] (Naiv|EQ) you can't die.
[18:09] (CrashCat) /selfbreastgrope
[18:09] (CrashCat) just the emote everyone needs
[18:09] (Conskill) Will the expansion have /masterbate ?
[18:09] (Naiv|EQ) ...you're joking.
[18:09] (Tortolia) You don't type them in
[18:09] (Tortolia) You click on yourself and select them from a menu
[18:10] (Tortolia) ANd I don't see a masturbate emote, sorry
[18:10] (Conskill) Damn.
[18:10] (CrashCat) target player, click 'handy'
[18:10] (Conskill) Groping but no action.
[18:10] (CrashCat) goddamn i hate my DNS
[18:10] (Tortolia) There's an emote entitled "gesture" that looks like you're trying to reach for someone's peen
[18:11] (CrashCat) tug of peen?
[18:11] (Tortolia) Ooh
[18:11] (Tortolia) formal duels
[18:11] (Tortolia) Maybe I can throw my thousand units of sand at someone
[18:11] (CrashCat) gropes at twenty paces
[18:11] (Tortolia) Wait
[18:11] (Tortolia) I need money
[18:11] (Tortolia) Hmm
[18:11] (Conskill) And then grope them?
[18:12] (CrashCat) no, you have to duel with your leet flax crafting skills
[18:12] (Tortolia) Who will buy sand in the middle of Egypt?
[18:12] (CrashCat) nobody, drop it
[18:12] (CrashCat) it's all about flax
[18:12] (CrashCat) or so it is rumored. hee hee
[18:12] (Tortolia) I prayed for leadership home
[18:12] (Tortolia) There's what appears to be a campfire going in one direction
[18:12] (Tortolia) Apparently that will take me home
[18:13] (Conskill) Are you sure you can't grope someone?
[18:13] (Tortolia) I haven't seen anyone TO grope.
[18:13] (Conskill) No NPCs to practice on?
[18:13] (Tortolia) I dunno
[18:13] (Tortolia) I took the chariot somewhere
[18:13] (Tortolia) Where there was sand
[18:13] (Tortolia) Now I'm taking a chariot to the market
[18:13] (Tortolia) So I can sell my sand
[18:13] (Tortolia) I need some A-bombs, I could have a monopoly on glass
[18:14] (CrashCat) sorry but before you can build the abomb you have to build flax into five thousand kinds of cloth and then work up to shirts and eventually into small arms and then bombs
[18:14] (Tortolia) Oh.
[18:14] (Tortolia) So it's like EQ crafting.
[18:14] (CrashCat) yeah
[18:15] * CrashCat plays a rimshot
[18:15] (CrashCat) wait, i got that wrong
[18:15] * CrashCat plays the laugh track
[18:15] (Tortolia) Can I ebay my TITD arms salesman?
[18:15] (CrashCat) i don't know, considering you'll run out of time and the beta session will end before you get the first type of cloth figured out
[18:15] (Tortolia) Ooh, a forge
[18:15] (anarch) TITD?
[18:15] (Tortolia) Maybe I can make leet grass/sand armor
[18:16] (CrashCat) tit dee!
[18:16] (CrashCat) a tit dee! it's a game about boobage!
[18:16] (Tortolia) And guys wearing neon pink and green dresses
[18:16] (Tortolia) Hmm, I need wood for the forge
And then there were 2

[18:16] *** Somebob has joined #(channel)
[18:16] (CrashCat) and DooM-era graphics
[18:16] (Tortolia) Nah
[18:16] (Tortolia) It just looks like Shadowbane
[18:17] (Tortolia) ...
[18:17] (Tortolia) "This Student's Forge belongs to Anarchy Online Egypt."
[18:19] (Tortolia) What the fuck am I supposed to use sand on?
[18:19] (CrashCat) Beaches.
[18:19] (CrashCat) Sandworms.
[18:20] (CrashCat) My router.
[18:20] (Tortolia) I'm going to architecture school!
[18:20] (CrashCat) bring your shovel.
[18:22] (Tortolia) OK
[18:22] (Tortolia) So there's a shitload of publicly owned stuff
[18:22] (Tortolia) Er, privately owend
[18:23] (Tortolia) I need stuff i can use
[18:23] (Tortolia) This is not very inspiring.
[18:23] (Somebob) what, exactly, are you attempting to play?
[18:23] (Tortolia) ATITD
[18:23] (Somebob) oh, THAT. The press beta thingy.
[18:23] (Tortolia) Yes
[18:23] (Tortolia) Come play
[18:23] (Tortolia) I'm not seeing anyone else in the game
[18:24] (Somebob) Probably because it sucks. But let's see if I've downloaded it yet or not
[18:24] (Tortolia) I dropped my sand and got mud
[18:24] (Tortolia) Whee
[18:24] (Somebob) Hooray!
[18:25] (Conskill) TOrt: How big's the DL?
[18:25] (Somebob) well, it runs in windowed mode
[18:25] (Tortolia) 43 megs
[18:26] (Tortolia) Yay, I repaired a wood plane
[18:26] (Tortolia) I have no wood
[18:26] (Somebob) Heh. it's bitching at me about my AGP bus.
[18:26] (Tortolia) Same
[18:27] (Somebob) I got grass!
[18:27] (Tortolia) Ooh
[18:27] (Tortolia) Grief
[18:27] (Tortolia) I can move this woodplane
[18:27] (Tortolia) I wonder if I can move it into the ocean
[18:27] (Somebob) where art thou?
[18:27] (Somebob) Oh there
[18:27] (Tortolia) I'm at architecture school
[18:27] (Tortolia) Wow
[18:28] (Tortolia) Moving a woodplane apparently restructures the landscape better than a backhoe
[18:28] (Somebob) Indeed.
[18:28] (Tortolia) Where's city hall? I want to propose a law
[18:28] (Somebob) I want to vote it into effect.
[18:28] (Somebob) what's the run key)?
[18:29] (Tortolia) Click on yourself and it's under the emote menu
[18:29] (Somebob) How intuitive.
[18:29] (Tortolia) I'm fond of the cardiac emote
[18:29] (Somebob) I'm r33t now
[18:29] (Tortolia) I gave Sbob my grass
[18:30] (Tortolia) Well, for what it's worth, it's better than Camelot crafting
[18:30] (Somebob) Yeah
[18:30] (Tortolia) Bob, change your appearance to be more distinctive
[18:30] (Somebob) okay!
[18:30] (Tortolia) WTF?
[18:30] (Tortolia) A scarab beetle icon appeared
[18:30] (Tortolia) I clicked on it
[18:30] (Somebob) You rox0r
[18:31] (Tortolia) APparently there's a bug I'm supposed to report
[18:31] (Tortolia) Because it opened the bug report form
[18:32] (Tortolia) Ooh, I can learn stuff
[18:32] (Somebob) me too!
[18:32] (Tortolia) It looks like one of those mail order diploma ads you see on TV
[18:32] (Tortolia) Sadly, I can't learn VCR repair
[18:32] (Somebob) I need to get clay now )_(
[18:32] (Tortolia) woot
[18:32] (Tortolia) I can make stone blades
[18:32] (Somebob) bastard
[18:32] (Somebob) what ingredient?
[18:33] (Tortolia) I wonder if cardiac can be used to commit seppuku with a stone blade
[18:33] (Naiv|EQ) can you kill stuff with them?
[18:33] (Tortolia) You need 2 slate for it
[18:33] (Naiv|EQ) is there ANY COMBAT AT ALL?
[18:33] (Somebob) No.
[18:33] (Tortolia) Wait
[18:33] (Somebob) where's the river/ocean? I need clay )(
[18:33] (Tortolia) OK
[18:33] (Tortolia) if I make a stone blade I can learn carpentry
[18:34] (Somebob) I'm gonna follow you
[18:34] (Tortolia) Wait, when did I get a jug?
[18:34] (Somebob) At the place
[18:34] (Tortolia) Yay, I have water
[18:35] (Somebob) I have grass and mud
[18:35] (Somebob) now what?
[18:35] (Tortolia) Damned if I know
[18:35] (Somebob) oh, I let it dry I think
[18:35] (Tortolia) Don't tell me there's downtime
[18:35] (Somebob) The grass needs to dry to turn into straw.
[18:35] (Somebob) So presumably mud = clay
[18:36] (Somebob) Found slate
[18:38] (Somebob) damnit. almost figured out how to make clay
[18:39] (Tortolia) I have a stone blade
[18:39] (Tortolia) Yay
[18:39] (Somebob) Damnit
[18:39] (Somebob) where was your slate
[18:39] (Tortolia) By the river
[18:39] (Somebob) I found a mine
[18:40] (Tortolia) I want to build something of my own
[18:40] (Tortolia) So that nooblers can't use it
[18:40] (Tortolia) Like 99% of the other shit around here
[18:40] (CrashCat) hehe
[18:40] (Somebob) yeah
[18:40] (Somebob) I have 3 slate!
[18:40] (TheSlog) does this game cost money?
[18:40] (CrashCat) acrylia slate?
[18:40] (Tortolia) It's in beta
[18:40] (CrashCat) spontaneous sporadic scheduled beta
[18:40] (Tortolia) I have learned carpentry!
[18:41] (Tortolia) Now what?
[18:41] (Conskill) Linkage?
[18:41] (Somebob) find me clay
[18:41] (Tortolia) Ooh ooh
[18:41] (Somebob) http://www.egenesis.com/nt-download.html
[18:41] (Tortolia) I can make a wood plane
[18:41] (Conskill) Wonder if you can mix cement.
[18:41] (Tortolia) I have no fucking idea what to do with a wood plane
[18:41] (Tortolia) Or a chest
[18:41] (Tortolia) or a carpentry shop
[18:41] (Somebob) Yay downtime
[18:41] (Tortolia) What should I build?
[18:41] (CrashCat) i would attempt to join you but i bet the session would end before this 56k downloads the game, or at least before i go to bed
[18:41] (Somebob) Something I can use
[18:41] (Tortolia) I'm going to make a carpentry shop
[18:42] (Tortolia) It says I'm already building it
[18:42] (CrashCat) i mean, it wouldn't download before i went to bed. gah i'm tired and making no sense
[18:42] (Tortolia) I'm not
[18:42] (Somebob) still no clay
[18:43] (Tortolia) This game seems to think I'm building something
[18:43] (Tortolia) I'm not
[18:43] (Somebob) You're wrong, then
[18:43] (Somebob) how do I combine two items? I think Dirt + Mud may = Clay
[18:43] (Tortolia) You probably need some tool
[18:43] (Somebob) to MAKE clay??
[18:43] (Conskill) ...
[18:43] (Tortolia) Yes
[18:43] (Somebob) fuck.
[18:43] (Tortolia) Damned if I know, this doesn't make sense to me either.
[18:44] (Somebob) I'm going to be a CARPENTER
[18:44] (Somebob) I have FIVE SLATE
[18:44] (Conskill) Clay: Mud + random matter + stomping.
[18:44] (Tortolia) I'm a carpenter, asshat
[18:44] (Tortolia) Be something else
[18:44] (Naiv|EQ) is this game as terrifying as it sounds?
[18:44] (Somebob) YES
[18:44] (Conskill) You don't need a tool to create clay, you WERE BORN WITH THE TOOLS TO CREATE CLAY.
[18:44] (Somebob) dood, I need a tool to make clay )(
[18:44] (Tortolia) hahahaa
[18:44] (Conskill) Hell, it doesn't take that much more effort to create concrete.
[18:44] (Tortolia) OK
[18:44] (CrashCat) nail your slates together to carpenter a slate chair? i don't get it
[18:44] (Tortolia) I'm going to build a carpentry shop
[18:44] (Tortolia) By this statue of the gods
[18:45] (CrashCat) no you aren't, you can't even build a frying pan
[18:45] (CrashCat) face it
[18:45] (Tortolia) Hmm
[18:45] (Conskill) You can't even build clay.
[18:45] (Tortolia) I need an iron blade
[18:45] (Tortolia) 4 slate
[18:45] (Somebob) I want a map.
[18:45] (Tortolia) and 48 bricks
[18:45] (Somebob) I have an iron blade.
[18:45] (Somebob) err
[18:45] (Tortolia) I need bricks
[18:45] (Somebob) the ingreds
[18:45] (CrashCat) well you're fuct, you can't even build a stone blade yet
[18:45] (Tortolia) No
[18:45] (Tortolia) I made a stone blade
[18:45] (Somebob) wrong crash
[18:45] (Tortolia) That's how I learned carpentry
[18:45] (Somebob) yeah. I need mud
[18:45] (Tortolia) i'm going somewhere else
[18:46] (Tortolia) I'm going to worship school!
[18:46] (CrashCat) you made a blade out of stone and learned carpentry?
[18:46] (Somebob) well, I can make mud
[18:46] (Tortolia) Maybe the gods will make shit for me
[18:46] (CrashCat) Where did I miss the connection between stone and wood here
[18:46] (Conskill) Divine shit?
[18:46] (Somebob) I just picked up 961 mud
[18:46] (Tortolia) You have to carve wood to dos hit
[18:46] (CrashCat) make mud pies
[18:46] (Somebob) fuck, someone found the place you can make laws at
[18:46] (Tortolia) Shiot
[18:46] (Somebob) I crashed
[18:46] (Tortolia) haha
[18:47] (Conskill) Oooh, you can make laws?
[18:47] (Tortolia) Some asshat just proposed 5 in about 10 seconds
[18:47] (Tortolia) wait
[18:47] (Tortolia) 6
[18:47] (Somebob) Bwahaha
[18:47] (Tortolia) Hmm
[18:47] (Tortolia) I can't learn cooking
[18:47] (Somebob) where are you now tort? I'm still at the lake/river/thing
[18:47] (Tortolia) I need flaxseeds
[18:47] (CrashCat) mmmm laws
[18:47] (Tortolia) I went to worship school
[18:47] (Conskill) Lawbringer Muadjim declares: The offical greeting of ATITD shall be the penis grope.
[18:47] (Tortolia) Which is apparently run by Betty Crocker
[18:47] (CrashCat) I propose a law that all people must carry 666 mud at all times or be raped
[18:48] (TheSlog) this sounds kinda ghey
[18:48] (Somebob) it is VERY ghey
[18:48] (Somebob) I'm trying to figure out where I am
[18:48] (Somebob) and failing
[18:49] (Tortolia) I'm looking for slate
[18:49] (Somebob) Tortolia: Edge of the river, and that little peninsula
[18:50] (Somebob) 9 slate I have!
[18:50] (Tortolia) I have 12
[18:50] (Tortolia) bitch
[18:50] (Somebob) Fuck.
[18:50] (Somebob) what about BRICKS??
[18:50] (Tortolia) Damned if I know
[18:50] (Somebob) I think it takes mud and straw and wood to make those.
[18:50] (Tortolia) Oh christ
[18:50] (Tortolia) I need 48 bricks to make a carpentry shop
[18:50] (Somebob) well, I can carry 916 mud
[18:51] (Tortolia) You can cary 1000 total
[18:51] (Somebob) so it's not that hard to make bricks!
[18:51] (Somebob) assuming it does work in that common sense way
[18:51] (Conskill) Hrm. A TITTY's concept is actually kinda interesting.
[18:51] (Conskill) Can't wait to see the Griefer Legions destroy it.
[18:51] (Tortolia) I'm digging in the sand
[18:51] (Somebob) fuck, where's the architecture building?
[18:51] (Tortolia) I want to find the power up and win the game
[18:51] (Somebob) sand?
[18:51] (Kranrev) What the hell are you playing?
[18:51] (Conskill) Kran: A TITTY.
[18:51] (CrashCat) SILOS NEEDED!
[18:51] (Tortolia) I went to the old battleground
[18:52] (Somebob) I SEE!
[18:52] (CrashCat) a boob in the dessert
[18:52] (Somebob) You take MUD and SAND and you get CLAY!
[18:52] (Somebob) how you combine them I dunn
[18:52] (TheSlog) big boobs in the desert
[18:52] (Tortolia) Hmm
[18:52] (Kranrev) 'A TITTY'?
[18:52] (Tortolia) haha
[18:52] (CrashCat) no, you get gritty mud
[18:52] (Tortolia) I wonder if I can build a chest
[18:52] (CrashCat) A TIT DEE
[18:52] (Tortolia) Then we can store our mud
[18:52] (Conskill) A chest full of mud.
[18:52] (Conskill) Only on a MMOG, folks.
[18:53] (Tortolia) Noone seems to notice that I'm a big black guy in a pink shirt and green skirt.
[18:53] (Tortolia) Good fucking god
[18:53] (Tortolia) I need 800 bricks for a huge chest
[18:53] (Conskill) Tort: Well, Pharoh kept slaves...
[18:53] (Tortolia) Only 24 boards for a small one
[18:53] (Conskill) ...very poorly dressed slaves.
[18:53] (Tortolia) I need wood
[18:54] (Somebob) Wood comes from trees
[18:54] (Conskill) A WINNER IS YOU.
[18:54] (Tortolia) Well, generally speaking it does
[18:54] (Tortolia) Momus is oddly appropriate for htis game
[18:54] (Tortolia) this
[18:54] (Somebob) yeah
Deforestation, not defenestration

[18:54] (Somebob) Ahh!
[18:54] (Somebob) click on the stump of a tree
[18:54] (Somebob) and it'll say it's out of wood
[18:54] (Tortolia) This tree gives at least six wood
[18:54] (Tortolia) I got 6 wood
[18:54] (Tortolia) woot
[18:55] (TheSlog) rape the country side
[18:55] (Kranrev) 'A TITTY' linkage?
[18:55] (Tortolia) I'm hugging trees to get wood
[18:56] (Somebob) I tried
[18:56] (Somebob) I only got like 5 wood
[18:56] (Tortolia) I've got 21 wood
[18:56] (Somebob) dunno
[18:56] (Tortolia) I'm running to trees on the horizon to destroy them
[18:56] (Tortolia) I need a SoW
[18:56] (Kranrev) I found it myself, useless asshats
[18:56] (CrashCat) you're welcome sweetcheeks
[18:57] (Tortolia) This will make a great column
[18:57] (Tortolia) I think I'll just post the log
[18:57] (Somebob) Yeah
[18:57] (Tortolia) Sweet
[18:57] (Tortolia) I have thorns
[18:57] (Somebob) AHAHAH I CAN BUILD THINGS!
[18:57] (Tortolia) Wow
[18:57] (Somebob) fuck
[18:57] (CrashCat) pk someone's flax
[18:57] (CrashCat) i dare you
[18:57] (Somebob) Need to find the public wood thing
[18:58] (Tortolia) Whoa
[18:58] (Conskill) Steal someone's Leadership goal.
[18:58] (Tortolia) a public kiln
[18:58] (Tortolia) Oh, wait
[18:58] (Tortolia) I need bricks to fix it
[18:58] (Tortolia) fuck that
[18:58] (Somebob) I have a scarab icon
[18:58] (Tortolia) That's the bug report thing
[18:58] (CrashCat) ur bugged!
[18:59] (Tortolia) OK
[18:59] (Tortolia) drying racks look like peens sticking out of the landscape
[18:59] (Somebob) SWEET
[18:59] (Somebob) I can build those
[18:59] (Tortolia) BUILD A DESERT PEEN
[18:59] (Tortolia) FOR PRIAPUS
[18:59] (CrashCat) a priapus in the desert
[18:59] (CrashCat) great
[19:00] (Tortolia) If we can figure out what they're for, I have thorns
[19:00] (Tortolia) sbob, /loc of the desert peen, kthx
[19:00] (Somebob) woah, I got a chariot
[19:00] (Tortolia) Yes
[19:00] (Somebob) haven't built it yet
[19:00] (Tortolia) That's how you uber travel
[19:00] (Tortolia) Travel to architecture school
[19:00] (Somebob) it doesn't disappear tho
[19:01] (Somebob) I have a stone blade
[19:01] (Somebob) I'm going to plane my wood into boards
[19:01] (Tortolia) Same
[19:02] (Tortolia) The abandoned flax act passed
[19:02] (Somebob) I broke ur thingy
[19:02] (Tortolia) I'm not sure how this affects me as a taxpayer
[19:02] (Somebob) Nor am I
[19:02] (Tortolia) My skill at stone blade making is improving
[19:02] (Somebob) repaired the plane
[19:03] (Tortolia) I made 3 boards
[19:03] (Tortolia) And it broke again
[19:03] (Tortolia) Good thing I have lots of slate
[19:03] (Somebob) getting slate
[19:03] (Somebob) I had lots
[19:04] (Somebob) man, momus is SO appropos
Masonry Time!

[19:05] (Tortolia) Crap
[19:05] (Tortolia) Out of slate
[19:05] (Somebob) I found a brick rack
[19:05] (Somebob) Need 2 mud 2 straw 1 sand per brick
[19:05] (Somebob) haha
[19:05] (Somebob) let's rock
[19:05] (Tortolia) I have mud
[19:05] (Somebob) You get mud and sand I get straw
[19:05] (Tortolia) Lots of mud
[19:05] (Tortolia) OK
[19:06] (Tortolia) I'll get sand
[19:06] (Tortolia) for great justice
[19:06] (Tortolia) How do these chariots work, anyway? There's nothing pulling them.
[19:07] (Somebob) shh, don't spoil the mystery
[19:07] (Somebob) I'm drying some grass
[19:07] (Tortolia) I've got 468 sand and 475 mud
[19:07] (Tortolia) I'm not sure how much that signifies
[19:07] (Naiv|EQ) you're fucking kidding.
[19:07] (Somebob) Now all I need is this damn grass
[19:07] (Somebob) Naiv|EQ: no
[19:07] (Naiv|EQ) so this is a game based around mining in UO?
[19:07] (Somebob) yes
[19:07] (Tortolia) yes
[19:07] (Tortolia) And lumberjacking
[19:07] (Tortolia) And berry picking
[19:07] (Tortolia) Though I got thorns, not berries.
[19:08] (Tortolia) My skill at making stone blades needs to improve, though
[19:08] (Tortolia) Maybe that's how I make iron blades
[19:08] (Somebob) I need to get my stupid grass dried
[19:08] (Naiv|EQ) are tradeskills in this game...like, fun minigames?
[19:08] (Naiv|EQ) or are they like UO and EQ and AC?
[19:08] (Somebob) that's all there IS
[19:08] (Somebob) and it's not fun yet
[19:08] (Tortolia) I have 5 grass if you need more
[19:08] (Somebob) no, need straw
[19:09] (Tortolia) How are you drying straw?
[19:09] (Somebob) drop it, and wait ^_^
[19:10] (Tortolia) I see.
[19:10] (Somebob) I made a brick
[19:10] (Somebob) err
[19:10] (Somebob) they're drying
[19:10] (Somebob) I'm gonna go gather slate
[19:10] (Tortolia) I'm drying grass
[19:10] (Tortolia) You know, this is bad
[19:10] (Tortolia) We're actually being productive
[19:10] (Tortolia) We need to grief
[19:11] (Tortolia) haha
[19:11] (Somebob) 's a prelude.
[19:11] (Tortolia) I stole your bricks n00b
[19:11] (Tortolia) oh god
[19:11] (Tortolia) haha
[19:11] (Somebob) Your turn.
[19:12] (Tortolia) This guy thinks sbob's accusing him of stealing the bricks
[19:12] (Naiv|EQ) hahaha
[19:12] (Tortolia) Aww
[19:12] (Tortolia) He left
[19:13] (Somebob) that worked rather better than I'd hoped
[19:13] (Somebob) drop some shit, I have bricks for you
[19:13] (Naiv|UT2k3) what can you build out of bricks?
[19:13] (Naiv|UT2k3) can you brick someone into a wall?
[19:13] (Somebob) cooking more bricks now
[19:13] (Somebob) I hope so.
[19:13] (Naiv|UT2k3) yjsy
[19:14] (Tortolia) There's some sand and mud for you
[19:14] (Naiv|UT2k3) that'd be so cool
[19:14] (Naiv|UT2k3) I need to play this game
[19:14] (Naiv|UT2k3) my life is incomplete without teamwork
[19:14] (Somebob) take brick
[19:14] (Somebob) Hrm. How do I make my stuff NOT public stealable? if you can't, then that's FUN!
[19:14] (Tortolia) Hmm
[19:14] (Tortolia) I wonder what firebricks are for
[19:14] (Somebob) making more brick
[19:14] (Naiv|UT2k3) if you can't, then wow.
[19:14] (Tortolia) I made bricks
[19:15] (Somebob) so did I.
[19:15] (Tortolia) It disturbs me to think that I'm doing this instead of making something of my life
[19:15] (Somebob) ..Well, yeah
[19:15] (Naiv|UT2k3) bob, does the game make you yearn for opiates?
[19:15] (Conskill) Tort: Think of all the bricks you could've made IRL.
[19:15] (Somebob) there. a brick rack for you
[19:15] (Somebob) Naiv|UT2k3: yes.
[19:15] (Naiv|UT2k3) ^^
[19:16] (Tortolia) I have 30 bricks
[19:16] (Somebob) There. Now tort and I are BOTH making bricks
[19:16] (Tortolia) What was I going to build again?
[19:16] (Naiv|UT2k3) BUILD A WALL
[19:16] (Naiv|UT2k3) BUILD A WALL
[19:16] (Naiv|UT2k3) BUILD A WALL
[19:16] (Naiv|UT2k3) BUILD A WALL
[19:16] (Naiv|UT2k3) BUILD A WALL
[19:16] (Naiv|UT2k3) BUILD A WALL
[19:16] (Naiv|UT2k3) BUILD A WALL
[19:16] (Somebob) a small... workshop?
[19:16] (Tortolia) I'm going back to school
[19:16] (Tortolia) Man
[19:16] (Tortolia) How are we supposed to make an iron blade?
[19:17] (Somebob) I'm hugging trees
[19:17] (Somebob) EASY
[19:17] (Somebob) use a MI NE
[19:17] (Tortolia) Hmm
[19:17] (Somebob) fuck, I crashed again
[19:17] (Tortolia) My skill at making stone blades is getting better only when I break my slate.
[19:18] (Tortolia) haha
[19:18] (Tortolia) I can set policy for this mine
[19:18] (Tortolia) Should we require workers to turn in any gems they find?
[19:18] (Tortolia) That seems suitably grieftastic
[19:18] (Somebob) They can change it tho :(
[19:18] (Tortolia) Aww
[19:18] (Tortolia) Maybe they won't notice
[19:19] (Somebob) I'm gathering WOOD mazafaka!
[19:19] (Tortolia) I want to see what happens when my stone blade skill imrpoves
[19:20] (Somebob) me too
[19:20] (Somebob) I'm at 6
[19:20] (Tortolia) Same
[19:20] (Naiv|UT2k3) can you own mines?
[19:20] (Tortolia) Yes
[19:20] (Tortolia) If you make it
[19:20] (Tortolia) Hmm
[19:20] (rain) What game arey ou fuckers talking about?
[19:21] (Tortolia) Maybe I should make a mine
[19:21] (Somebob) I got /loc!
[19:21] (Naiv|UT2k3) rain, ATITD
[19:22] (Tortolia) My skill is now 7 of 7
[19:22] (Somebob) I got firebricks.
[19:22] (Tortolia) And I have no idea what this does for me
[19:22] (Somebob) try ninjaing bricks
[19:22] (Somebob) it works for me
[19:23] (Somebob) find where someone makes bricks, and steal
[19:23] (Somebob) m gonna fire bricks
[19:24] (Tortolia) I want iron
[19:24] (Tortolia) Well
[19:24] (Tortolia) I'm finding gems
[19:24] (Tortolia) No iron
[19:25] (Somebob) that's cause it's a DIRT mine
[19:25] (Tortolia) With gems.
[19:25] (Somebob) yes
[19:25] (Tortolia) I'm going back to school.
[19:26] (Tortolia) Hmm
[19:26] (Tortolia) With 48 boards I can learn rock saw construction
[19:26] (PyroRaven) wtf you gimps playin?
[19:26] (Somebob) I have that many I think
[19:26] (Somebob) nm, 18 boards here
[19:26] (Tortolia) Ooh
[19:26] (Tortolia) I learned kiln construction
[19:26] (Somebob) yah
[19:26] (Somebob) I know it too
[19:26] (Somebob) I'm gonna hug the trees
More join the hate

[19:27] *** Tortolia changes topic to 'It's ATITD. Stop asking. http://www.egenesis.com/nt-download.html - until 10:30 EST'
[19:28] (Tortolia) Hmm
[19:28] (Tortolia) How many firebricks you have? 48 for a true kiln
[19:29] (Somebob) I have 3 firebricks
[19:29] (Somebob) I dunno where silt comes from
[19:29] (Naiv|UT2k3) DLing it
[19:29] (Naiv|UT2k3) then I will roxxor the clay
[19:29] (Naiv|UT2k3) can you guys twink me?
[19:29] (Tortolia) Kiln to krush
[19:29] (Somebob) Find me clay and I can do something
[19:30] (Tortolia) I have 41 boards
[19:30] (Tortolia) I'm going to make a chest
[19:30] (Somebob) woo
[19:30] (Naiv|UT2k3) how do you get items?
[19:30] (Somebob) hey, rocks. maybe rocks give clay
[19:31] (Dracleath) What the hell is this, a trade skill MMORPG?
[19:31] (Somebob) it can't be explained.
[19:32] (Somebob) ^_^
[19:32] (Dracleath) Open beta?
[19:32] (Tortolia) For 3 more hours, yes
[19:32] (Somebob) Kinda.
[19:32] (Naiv|UT2k3) is there an easy way to get to where you are?
[19:32] (Tortolia) Yes
[19:33] (Naiv|UT2k3) under a minute more to download
[19:33] (Dracleath) Ok, downloaded it
[19:35] (Tortolia) How do you make brick racks?
[19:35] (Somebob) Um.
[19:35] (Somebob) I just kinda learned it :\
[19:35] (Tortolia) OK.
[19:35] (Dracleath) Do you have to wait for confirmation or do you just dl and play?
[19:35] (Tortolia) YOu just run it
[19:35] (Somebob) DL and play
[19:35] (Tortolia) We need wood for this forge, I think
[19:35] (Naiv|UT2k3) wtf?
[19:35] (Dracleath) Hmm, says it has trouble downloading fmod
[19:35] (Naiv|UT2k3) my agp bus is incorrectly configured?
[19:36] (Tortolia) Ignore it
[19:36] (Naiv|UT2k3) UT2k3 says otherwise.
[19:36] (Somebob) Tortolia: I already tried it, it didn't do nothing
[19:36] (Dracleath) Ok, fixed itself
[19:36] (Somebob) I'm baking uber bricks now
[19:36] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) logged in
[19:37] (Tortolia) We need to figure out how to make a mine
[19:37] (Somebob) Hrm, yeah
[19:38] (Tortolia) We need to set up our own little hateful community
[19:39] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) where shall I travel in my charriot?
[19:39] (Dracleath) Ok, I'm in
[19:39] (Tortolia) Our home base is by the architecture school
[19:39] (Tortolia) Go there and we're by the mine that's visible from where you get left off
[19:40] (Tortolia) I'm checking other mines for iron
[19:40] (Tortolia) Well, here's a limestone one
[19:40] (Somebob) Fuck.
[19:40] (Somebob) Find me a clay mine?
[19:40] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) how do I run?
[19:41] (Tortolia) I'll check the market area
[19:41] (Somebob) slate is hard to fynd
[19:42] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) garrr
[19:42] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) tell meyou can run?
[19:42] (Tortolia) It's one of the emotes
[19:42] (Somebob) yeah
[19:42] (Somebob) click self, choose emotes.
[19:43] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) running isn't emotional
[19:43] (Somebob) it is now.
[19:43] (Somebob) it's PAINFUL
[19:43] (Tortolia) I can't find clay
[19:43] (Tortolia) Or irion
[19:44] (Somebob) grr
[19:44] (Tortolia) Still looking
[19:44] (Tortolia) I also want to find city hall
[19:45] (Tortolia) Whoa
[19:45] (Tortolia) Sbob
[19:45] (Tortolia) I found clay
[19:45] (Tortolia) Bring water
[19:45] (Somebob) where?@!
[19:45] (Tortolia) Head towards the arch school and go down the road to the right
[19:45] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) what do I do with gras?
[19:45] (Tortolia) You need to soften the earth with water first
[19:45] (Tortolia) Naiv, drop it and it turns into straw
[19:46] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) and what do I do with a jug?
[19:46] (Tortolia) Get water
[19:46] (Somebob) ahh, leeet. how far down the road
[19:46] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) how?
[19:46] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) like, what do I click?
[19:46] (Somebob) go to the water
[19:46] (Tortolia) Go by the water
[19:46] (Somebob) then click the get water button
[19:46] (Tortolia) And an icon will appear
[19:46] (Tortolia) Blast, iron mine is full
[19:46] (Tortolia) Not far, it's the clay-looking patch of ground
[19:47] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) wow
[19:47] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) I have 513 mud.
[19:47] (Tortolia) I took 55 ore
[19:47] (Tortolia) w00t
[19:47] (Tortolia) Now to make iron blades
[19:47] (Somebob) found sand.
[19:47] (Dracleath) I'm standing in the water and can't seem to get any
[19:47] (Dracleath) I have 10 sand or so
[19:47] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) I can't carry anymore mud.
[19:47] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) )_(
[19:47] (Tortolia) You can only carry 1000 units total
[19:48] (Somebob) i Must've taken the wrong road. to the RIGHt while facing arch school?
[19:48] (Tortolia) Yes
[19:48] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) how do I drop?
[19:48] (Tortolia) There's a patch of clay next to the mine directly in front of you
[19:48] (Tortolia) Click on yourself, naiv
[19:48] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) fuck this interface is hate
[19:49] (Somebob) vry
[19:49] (Tortolia) Time to try to forge iron blades
[19:50] (Somebob) goddamnit, you just went up to a mine and stole the iron or what?
[19:50] (Tortolia) There's a public mine along that road
[19:50] (Tortolia) Did you get the clay?
[19:50] (Somebob) not yet
[19:50] (Somebob) Getting watart
[19:52] (Somebob) got 3 clay
[19:52] (Somebob) need more jugs
[19:52] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) damnit damnit
[19:52] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) I HATE THIS GAME
[19:52] (Tortolia) I wonder if we can learn pottery for leet clay gathering
[19:53] (Tortolia) I dunno, this is strangely amusing
[19:53] (Somebob) I learned pottery
[19:53] (Dracleath) Found a lot of sand over here
[19:53] (Somebob) Yeh, strangely amusing
[19:53] (Tortolia) hehe, there's sand everywhere
[19:53] (Tortolia) I need an open forge
[19:53] (CrashCat) naiv is playing it now? oh dear
[19:53] (Tortolia) Naiv and Drac, yeah
[19:53] (CrashCat) i wish i had broadband, you fucks
[19:54] (Dracleath) So do you have to have a bucket to get water or something?
[19:54] (Tortolia) Yes
[19:54] (Tortolia) Go to the architecture school, they'll give you one
[19:54] (CrashCat) must be a wacky school
[19:54] (CrashCat) you go to school and get a bucket. bizarre
[19:54] (Tortolia) w00t
[19:54] (Tortolia) I just ninja looted bricks and 3 brick racks
[19:55] (Somebob) those are mine, heh
[19:55] (CrashCat) i pk ur brix!
[19:55] (Tortolia) Over by the clay?
[19:55] (Somebob) Yeh
[19:55] (Somebob) well
[19:55] (Tortolia) Dammit
[19:55] (Somebob) maybe.
[19:55] (Tortolia) That takes the fun out.
[19:55] (Somebob) Take em anyway
[19:55] (Somebob) I _THINK_ mine were near clay, but I forget
[19:55] (Tortolia) I'm going to collect clay
[19:55] (Somebob) it's slow
[19:55] (Tortolia) Though I should try to find a forge
[19:55] (Somebob) you can only get one jug
[19:55] (Dracleath) Is there a way to get a map?
[19:56] (Somebob) how did you learn to make iron nifes tort?
[19:56] (Tortolia) I don't know if I did
[19:56] (Tortolia) But I figure I've gotta try
[19:56] (Tortolia) I want my carpentry shop
[19:56] (Somebob) I learned how to make the wossname saw
[19:56] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) how do I make a knife with slate?
[19:56] (CrashCat) it's a good thing you guys are easily amused.
[19:56] (Tortolia) Yes
[19:56] (Somebob) I can make a GRAIN MORTAR!
[19:56] (Tortolia) Life is better that way, Crash
[19:56] (Tortolia) A WHAT?
[19:56] (Somebob) Grain mortar.
[19:57] (Tortolia) Can we take over the world with wheat bombs?
[19:57] (Somebob) I hope so.
[19:57] (CrashCat) haha
[19:57] (Tortolia) Man
[19:57] (CrashCat) i don't think it's that kind of mortar
[19:57] (Tortolia) Blast
[19:57] (CrashCat) just a guess
[19:57] (Tortolia) *ka-CHUNK*
Jugs for all!

[19:58] (Tortolia) Sweet
[19:58] (Tortolia) A public pottery wheel
[19:58] (Tortolia) For uber water jugs
[19:58] (Somebob) yeah
[19:59] (Somebob) Tortolia: Gimme uber pottery jug?
[19:59] (Dracleath) I think I'm totally lost
[19:59] (Tortolia) Drac, summon a chariot and go back to arch school
[19:59] (Dracleath) Oh, ok, cool
[19:59] (PyroRaven) ug not that game
[20:00] (Somebob) I have a grain mortar at long last
[20:00] (Tortolia) I found silt
[20:00] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) HOW DO I MAKE A KNIFE
[20:00] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) I NEED IT
[20:00] (Somebob) where's public pottery wheel?
[20:00] (Tortolia) Naiv
[20:00] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) TO SLIT MY WRISTS
[20:00] (Somebob) rofl
[20:00] (Tortolia) haha
[20:00] (Tortolia) It's one of the skills you learn
[20:00] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) I tried using straw
[20:00] (Somebob) you only need a STONE knife
[20:00] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) but I didn't understand it.
[20:00] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) )_(
[20:00] (Tortolia) Sbob, just take the road past where the clay was and follow it to the silt
[20:00] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) then how do I make a stone knife?
[20:00] (CrashCat) hahah
[20:00] (CrashCat) you don't like tit in the desert?
[20:00] (Tortolia) It's a project
[20:00] (Tortolia) Er, special
[20:01] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) ok, I'm going to ask you this once more before I go die
[20:01] (Somebob) where's the uba pottery wheelie?
[20:02] (Somebob) I'm finding silt on the ground
[20:02] (Somebob) ahh
[20:02] (CrashCat) insert tab a into slot b
[20:02] (Tortolia) You use clay to make jugs
[20:02] (Dracleath) Ok, I just learned brick rack construction
[20:02] (Tortolia) I'm making one as we speak
[20:02] (Somebob) it's busy )(
[20:02] (Somebob) oh
[20:02] (Somebob) bastard
[20:03] (Tortolia) Take my jugs
[20:03] (Tortolia) Get clay
[20:03] (Tortolia) I'm off to look for a forge
[20:03] (Somebob) Fine )(
[20:03] (CrashCat) grope the jugs.
[20:03] (Tortolia) You wanted the clay in the first place
[20:03] *** Staberinde changes topic to '(Tortolia) Take my jugs | It's ATITD. Stop asking. http://www.egenesis.com/nt-download.html - until 10:30 EST'
[20:03] (CrashCat) bahhaa
[20:03] (CrashCat) i knew it
[20:03] * Tortolia uses the cardiac emote
[20:03] (Staberinde) Shadowbane: Play 2 crush! | ATITD: Take my jugs. Please!
[20:03] (Somebob) oh I found FLINT WOOT!
[20:03] (CrashCat) flint.
[20:03] (Tortolia) I have flint
[20:03] (Tortolia) Got some while mining
[20:04] (CrashCat) rubble rubble
[20:04] (Tortolia) We need a guild hall
[20:04] (CrashCat) you can't even build a carpenter shop and you want a guild hall
[20:05] (Tortolia) All I need is an iron blade
[20:05] (CrashCat) to slit your wrists
[20:05] (Tortolia) No, I have flint for that
[20:05] (CrashCat) oh wait that joke was done already
[20:06] (Tortolia) I need 2 more bricks
[20:06] (Tortolia) To build a kiln
[20:06] (Somebob) I built a kiln
[20:06] (Somebob) but I need wood
[20:06] (Somebob) to fire
[20:06] (Tortolia) Where?
[20:06] (Tortolia) I have wood
[20:06] (Somebob) southeast of the place where jugs are made
[20:06] (Tortolia) Hmm
[20:06] (Tortolia) We should centralize our stuff
[20:07] (Tortolia) You can move it
[20:07] (Somebob) I can?
[20:07] (Tortolia) Yup
[20:07] (Tortolia) It's one of the options
[20:07] (Tortolia) There's a big clearing by the river near where we start, we should put stuff there
[20:07] (Somebob) hrm.
[20:09] (Somebob) I can get plenty clay
[20:09] (Somebob) need to hug trees
[20:09] (Tortolia) I have wood
[20:09] (Somebob) to fire bricks
[20:09] (Tortolia) Where is it?
[20:09] (Somebob) sec, crashing
[20:09] (Tortolia) Blast
[20:09] (Tortolia) You crashed me with you
[20:09] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) AHHHHH
[20:09] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) SO
[20:09] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) HATEFUL
[20:09] (Naiv|A_TIT_D) AHHH
[20:09] (Somebob) entire game crashed
[20:09] *** Naiv|A_TIT_D is now known as Naiv|SUICIDE
[20:09] (Naiv|SUICIDE) yup
[20:10] (Tortolia) Hmm
[20:10] (CrashCat) so stop playing it
[20:10] (Dracleath) How do I get boards to make a brick rack? Wood on a stone saw?
[20:10] (Tortolia) Wood on a wood planer
[20:10] (Tortolia) There's one by where we were hanging out originally
[20:10] (Tortolia) Just get slate to make stone blades to use on it
[20:11] (Dracleath) How do you make stone blades?
[20:11] (CrashCat) i still don't grasp what making stone knives has to do with carpentry
[20:11] (Tortolia) Simple
[20:11] (CrashCat) er blades even
[20:11] (Tortolia) The stone knives are used to trim the wood into boards
[20:12] (Naiv|SUICIDE) man
[20:12] (Naiv|SUICIDE) you don't know what a good game UO and EQ and AC and even DAOC are
[20:12] (Tortolia) I can't get back in
[20:12] (Naiv|SUICIDE) until you play something like that.
[20:12] (Tortolia) Oh, wait
[20:12] (Tortolia) Alright
[20:12] (Tortolia) My quest for iron continues
[20:13] (Naiv|SUICIDE) iron
[20:13] (Naiv|SUICIDE) woah
[20:13] (Tortolia) I mean
[20:13] (Naiv|SUICIDE) little advanced there buddy
[20:13] (Tortolia) I have iron
[20:13] (Tortolia) I just need to make a blade
[20:13] (Naiv|SUICIDE) get a forge
[20:13] (CrashCat) screw it.
[20:13] (Naiv|SUICIDE) forges are made of clay
[20:13] (Naiv|SUICIDE) so you can build one out of clay
[20:13] (Tortolia) Sbob, build me a forge
[20:13] (Naiv|SUICIDE) and then use it to melt iron
[20:13] (CrashCat) i'd rather spend my evenings cutting irc quotes than play that
[20:13] (Naiv|SUICIDE) and use the molten iron with your stone piece to get an iron ingot
[20:14] (Tortolia) HTF do you know this?
[20:14] (Naiv|SUICIDE) and then use the ingots to build a better forge
[20:14] (Naiv|SUICIDE) and you can use that forge to make steel.
[20:14] (Naiv|SUICIDE) I'm pulling this
[20:14] (Naiv|SUICIDE) OUT OF MY ASS
[20:14] (Somebob) Of course.
[20:15] (Somebob) sounds reasonable, though
[20:15] (Tortolia) Hmm
[20:15] (Tortolia) Shouldn't have used all my clay
[20:15] (Dracleath) Damn it, it stole my clay when it crashed
[20:15] (Tortolia) I want to learn pottery
[20:15] (Naiv|SUICIDE) except that it's thoroughly impossible to make a forge out of clay IRL.
[20:15] (Tortolia) Wait
[20:15] (Tortolia) Now I have no jugs either
[20:15] (Tortolia) Oh, screw it
[20:15] (Somebob) dood ur fuct
[20:15] (Tortolia) Make me a jug or give me clay
[20:16] (Somebob) I have only 1 clay
[20:16] (Somebob) and I lost my ninjabrick
[20:17] (Tortolia) But now you have l33tor jugs
[20:17] (Somebob) troo
[20:17] (Somebob) 3 clay now
[20:18] (Dracleath) Why do I have a bug report thing up?
[20:18] (Tortolia) Everyone does
[20:19] (Dracleath) So slate and a stone knife makes a stone blade, right?
[20:19] (Somebob) no.
[20:19] (Tortolia) No
[20:19] (Tortolia) Get two slate
[20:19] (Somebob) Slate + slate = Stone knife
[20:19] (Tortolia) Select special
[20:19] (Tortolia) You can make kives
[20:19] (rain) should i download this?
[20:19] (Tortolia) knives, even
[20:19] (Somebob) no, ran
[20:19] (Somebob) err, rain
[20:19] (Somebob) it's a very horrible terrible disgrace of a ""game""
[20:20] (Tortolia) Yet it's amusing nontheless
[20:20] (CrashCat) it's more like SimPeon
[20:20] (Dracleath) I keep breaking my slate
[20:20] (Tortolia) Yup
[20:20] (CrashCat) Let us experience what it is like to virtually craft every item made by man by hand from its most fundamental parts!
[20:20] (Tortolia) Keep doing it
[20:21] (Tortolia) I still don't know what these thorns are for
[20:22] (Somebob) where did you get thorns/
[20:22] (Tortolia) Bushes
[20:22] (Tortolia) When I was on a wood searching odyssey
[20:22] (Somebob) hum
[20:22] (Dracleath) Ok, got a blade and made enough boards to build a brick rack. Where you all want it?
[20:22] (Tortolia) I think we should put our stuff by the architecture school
[20:22] (Tortolia) But then again
[20:22] (Tortolia) We've been ninjalooting brick racks
[20:23] (Tortolia) Hell, I've got 4 of 'em if you want
[20:23] (Dracleath) Yeah, I just want to build my own.
[20:23] (Tortolia) Well
[20:23] (Tortolia) You can pick them up
[20:23] (Dracleath) Gives a sense of accomplishment and whatnot
[20:23] (Tortolia) So just make the bricks wherever then pick up your rack
[20:23] (CrashCat) and put your jugs in the rack?
[20:25] (Naiv|SUICIDE) jugzzzz
[20:26] (Somebob) time to see how firing works
[20:26] (Staberinde) YOU'RE FIRED.
[20:26] (Staberinde) works pretty well.
[20:26] (Naiv|SUICIDE) ...
[20:27] (CrashCat) grope the jugs and submit a bug report if it won't let you
[20:27] (CrashCat) ahh! don't fire me
[20:27] (CrashCat) damn.
[20:27] (Tortolia) Sbob, where's your kiln?
[20:27] (CrashCat) wait, i was never getting paid
[20:27] (Somebob) near the river
[20:27] (CrashCat) stop, you're kiln me.
[20:27] (Tortolia) Enough puns
[20:28] (CrashCat) there can never be enough puns about a game like that
[20:28] (Somebob) grrrr. The kiln won't accept my firebricks + wood.
[20:28] (Somebob) W.T.F.
[20:28] (Tortolia) heh
[20:28] (Tortolia) lemme try
[20:28] (Tortolia) if I can find it
[20:28] (CrashCat) wood, please
[20:28] (Somebob) did they honestly expect this open trial would give people a more positive review of the game?
[20:29] (Naiv|SUICIDE) yes
[20:29] (Naiv|SUICIDE) that's hte funny part
[20:29] (CrashCat) heh
[20:29] (Tortolia) I can't find your kiln
[20:29] (Somebob) not looking hard enough
[20:29] (Tortolia) By the pottery wheel?
[20:29] (CrashCat) it's fun in that 'slightly better than fallen age' kind of way
[20:32] (Tortolia) We have a chest
[20:32] (Dracleath) Where do you get silt?
[20:32] (Tortolia) Riverbed
[20:33] (Tortolia) OK
[20:33] (Tortolia) I think Sbob and I are done
[20:33] (Tortolia) Enough happy brick action for the night
[20:33] (Somebob) ..Yea. that game hurt.
[20:33] (Tortolia) Well
[20:34] (Staberinde) Get NWN. Play 2 crush with nymph boobies.
[20:34] (Tortolia) I need alcohol after that
[20:34] (Tortolia) My beer should be cold by now
News Briefs
Mythic has announced their next project, and it's not another Camelot expansion.
"Space Jews / Jews from outer space" - Momus, "Space Jews"

Now it's the Space Romans.

What a difference a month makes. So much for Camelot being their focus as a company , right?

Camelot succeeded because it took some of the things that EQ did badly and did them somewhat better. Ironically enough, Verant has since fixed many of these same problems in their game, and Everquest is a better game than Camelot is, even today.

I don't see Imperator coming anywhere close to Star Wars Galaxies. It doesn't have the brand name, it's going to be way down the line, and I'm very skeptical these days of Mythic delivering a very solid product.

Your mileage may vary.

The first patch for Neverwinter Nights is out.
Still haven't gotten to NWN yet, though I understand it's had a bit of a rocky launch. I wasn't in a huge rush to buy it simply because I knew the good multiplayer content would take a while to come out. Now I'm more glad.
Closing Thoughts

No more ninja-looting bricks for me. I'm going back to camp more critters in Everquest.

- Cameron (tortolia@rpgfan.com)


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