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March 29, 2005

Good afternoon, Internet. I hope you're all enjoying playing Oblivion, because I'm not. Literally. As in, my humble computer did everything but laugh at me when I tried to run it. :P It's a shame, because the minimum specs Bethesda has listed are quite misleading. Even though it plainly says the GeForce FX series of video cards are supported, that just isn't true. After taking a quick glance around the internet, it's clear I'm not the only one having this problem. Needless to say, I was (and am) quite disappointed. But life goes on.

Speaking of life, I'm still devoting entirely too much of it to World of Warcraft. Man, I'm having far more fun with my mage than I did all those months ago with my gnome warlock. If I had rolled a mage that time, I have no doubt I'd be raiding with it right now. :P

Let's do some letter-like stuff, baby.

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Let's see, do I go with "positive thinking gamer" or "cranky and jaded old gamer"? :P

Man am I the only one excited about the rpg possibities that are going to open up with next gen. I mean worlds bigger than ever dreamed of are know going to be made possible and with the revolution controller we could now see a new sense of interface and intereaction with the rpg world. What do you think about next gen?

Well, I doubt you're the only one. :P

With the release of Oblivion, the first real RPG of the new console generation, it's pretty easy to see that the future has the potential to be bright. While I have yet to witness it firsthand save for the opening room that runs at two frames a minute on my machine, I trust the word of a couple of pessimists I know who have praised it non-stop. While Morrowind certainly did a fine job of immersing you in a unique world, Oblivion apparently trumps even that high benchmark.

So yeah, for the most part, I'm looking forward to the new generation. However, I am less than enthused about the Revolution's (GO's?) control. I'm more than happy pushing buttons; the day I have to flail around a control in order to use a sword or something will be the day I quit gaming. Since information about that thing is still pretty minimal, I won't say any more than that.

Kid Icarus? Don't hold your breath for that one. :P

Well as to what the future holds, it is always best to wear shades, if not blinders. Once again the hype reigns supreme!!! I think those of us holding out for a Zelda title will learn the heartache of disappointment, as it is majorly overhauled and ported over to the revolution sometime late 2007. Before being scraped like the gamecube, so if i already have the games will they not charge me to download them? I got a ton of nes/snes/gameboy/n-64/ gamecube games stored away in the attic, like the last decent mario game i played. The one thing that keeps my dreaming nature alive is the glimmer of seeing another Kid Icarus game(possibly for Revolution), Metroid.

Playstation 3 delayed, hush i say, as we all know, those of us who played the demo of ffXII that came with dragon warrior can't wait for that gem, even though it seems that i had better learn japanese before i am likely to see anything in the united states, And I told my friend with the bootleg of Advent Children nahh, I'll watch it when it gets released here, maybe santa for xmas, but he'll still be busy trying to get enough xbox360's with hard drives made, and writting the code to let you play the xbox games.

But on to a serious question did i misread an article posted here. It said that Xenosaga 3 was to be the last installment, is it implied that it will be the last one on ps2, because i seem to recall that they set their sights on 6 game story arc. I'm getting ready to suffer through the first two again, and since i got the gameboyadvance last xmas i thought i'd torture myself with the tingle tuner of the windwaker.

the smurf on colecovision
and the dweeb who sat through the mindless scrolling of the first Riddle of the Sphinx on Atari, try to even find a reference to that let alone someone who had played it for more than a hour.

First off, Twilight Princess isn't being "majorly overhauled and ported" to anything. It's still a Gamecube game first and foremost; the only addition will be some sort of use of the Revolution's special controls. If that's the reason why they're delaying the damn thing so much, I have to wonder if Miyamoto hasn't sampled too many of Mario's magic mushrooms.

I don't think anyone was all that surprised that the PS3 was delayed. And I'm certainly glad they took the initiative to redesign the boomerang. I hope it's something more efficient. Personally, I think they'd be foolish to abandon the overall design of the Dual Shock. I firmly believe that they are the overall best controllers out there. But...you do know that FFXII is for the PS2, right? Because your wording leads me to believe otherwise. Unless all those people I know are lying about playing the import. :P

You read correctly; Xenosaga's through after the next game. That's what happens when your games sell poorly. At least all those people crying for a Xenogears remake should be quiet now...should be. :P

And now, the only game I'm REALLY looking forward to.

Any words/clues/hints if the new Devil Summoner game will be released outside of japan? If not, is it likely it will be sometime?

Oh God, I hope so. I really hope so. Nothing I've seen lately has piqued my interest quite like Devil Summoner: Kuzunoha Raidou (yeah, I learned how to spell it :P) has. If memory serves, the game was only released in Japan on March 2, so there's still plenty of time before I start fretting at the lack of an impending U.S. release notice.

I think the odds of it being released are quite good, if not certain. The Shin Megami Tensei related games of late have been, and I can't imagine why this would be any different. Now, Persona 3 might be a little trickier, due to the main character's...unique way of summoning his inner demons. Go find a trailer somewhere; mere words aren't enough to convey it. :P

Closing Thoughts

Yay, another update in the can. Time to go grind tailoring in World of Warcraft. While I'm off making fifty linen bags, why don't you guys let me know what you think of Oblivion? Just don't rub it in too badly, please. :P

~ Daniel Stringer (mailbag@rpgfan.com)


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