Jade Cocoon 2 Contest Edition
January 30, 2002

Okay, it's late. The contest was over a month ago. I know, hush up. Be thankful you're even getting it now!

...Anyway, many apologies for the delay in this edition, but work, work, and some time with Final Fantasy X are enough to take away most anyone's free time. As you probably know, RPGFan, in cooperation with Ubi Soft, held a Jade Cocoon 2 contest last month. In said contest, entrants had to send in their idea for the 'ultimate monster'. See, Jade Cocoon 2, like Jade Cocoon before it, has you creating and breeding (ew) monsters with which to combat the (wait for it) forces of evil (you know, bad guys). Can you see the relation between our contest and the game? Good. Entrants could either sketch out their creation on paper, or send a written description of their beast in (or both). We chose the five entries with demonstrated the best use of design, execution, and probably most importantly, originality. These people each won a copy of, not surprisingly, Jade Cocoon 2.

While the winners were announced... um, some time ago, the public hasn't seen what the winners actually, well, won with. So tonight we present you with not only the winning contest entries, but also a bunch of others that didn't quite make the cut. And of course there's my charming, witty and sometimes sarcastic (Me sarcastic? The world is ending. See, that was sarcasm right there, cause... oh nevermind.) remarks and commentary.

I'm trying hard to get the next 'real' Mailbag up very soon, as in before the week is out. Schala will likely return full-time soon, but since I have a massive backlog of letters to use, I'll be doing at least two more editions after this one.

Now then, contest entries. Look. Now.

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Winner - Stephanie Brandl's 'Kitsumushi'

Monster Entry: Kitsumushi

My monster, based on combining features of a fox and an insect, is more formidable than it appears. Generally playful and mischievous, the Kitsumushi uses the squid-like chromataphors in its armor plates to change color, sometimes to blend into its surroundings, and sometimes to reflect its mood. From the tip of its muzzle to the tip of its tail, the average adult Kitsumushi stretches to about one meter (or about three feet) in length. It is quite sturdy, possessing an endoskeleton like a mammal and a tough armor plated exoskeleton for defense. By beating its four gossamer wings, it can fly and hover for short periods. When threatened, a Kitsumushi will curl its pincer tipped tail like a scorpion, stretch out its wings, flash bright warning colors, hiss, and occasionally extend its mouth parts to scare off its enemies.

The Kitsumushi is omnivorous and will take advantage of any food source it can find. Kitsumushi mouth parts consist of a set of three fleshy toothed tongues tipped with fangs. These three tongues can be used to grind plant matter and strip flesh from bone. They are located within the muzzle, where a slit underneath the "nose" opens, revealing the tongues.

When domesticated, Kitsumushi are playful and loyal, although they are known for playing tricks for their own amusement. They have a life span of between twenty and eighty years.

Winner 1(a)  Winner 1(b)
Winner 1(c)  Winner 1(d)

Alright, truth be told, this entry blew me away (and a few other staffers I believe). Not only did Stephanie provide a quick, well-written summary on her monster, but she also included -four- different drawings of it. While it appears the three colored ones are the same drawing, leading one to believe at first glance some Photoshop re-coloring was used, a closer look shows she actually colored each one individually (as witnessed by differing highlights and shading). Very very impressive. I hope you're enjoying your game, as you certainly earned it.
Winner - Fayde Silverstorm's 'Xyloken'

This is my entry for the Jade Cocoon 2 create-a-monster contest... I also have a story behind it

The Minion named Xyloken
Roaring through the forests
Howling with rage
The wind howls a warning
To the Cocoon Master that remains
The terrifying beast
Swoops from the heavens
Causing storms and summoning rain
The mighty Cocoon Master,
With capture flute in hand
Calls out his strongest minion
Who awaits his just command.
The mighty Xyloken
And the virtuous beast
Lock in combat oh so deep
With the star-slashed skies
As their only jury.
The shadows seem to close in,
The sunset seems to bleed
As the evil Xyloken
Sets down his wings to feed.
The Cocoon Master watches with fear,
Knowing that
His end is near...

Fayde Silverstorm

Winner 2

First off, I gotta say the story (or poem?) is rather effective at conveying a sense of mood and atmosphere. Try looking at Fayde's drawing and then read the story. That's some good imagery there. As for the creature itself... wow. Great design, color choices (and coloring) make for one fearsome beast. Another entry that was destined to be a winner. Nice work!
Winner - Jessica Struber

Attached is my contest entry. Please notify me if I win.

Winner 3

The only black and white entry we received (besides one of the four from Stephanie, above), Jessica's entry was a favorite amongst the staff. Similar to a Chimera, with traits from various creatures, this one won us over for not only its uniqueness, but also style and artistic splendor.
Winner - Pyra

Winner 4

One of our message board posters, however infrequent she may actually post, sent in this one of a tiger-like creature. Both the interesting design and style (there's those words again!) propelled this one into the winner's circle.
Winner - Steve Robinson's 'Utensil'

Born from QVC, Home Shopping Network, and countless late night infomercials, Utensil combines the best culinary contraptions into the ultimate, multi-faceted killing machine.

Let's say enemies are detected from a distance. Simply load the SaladShooter Plus Electric Slicer/Shredder with whole russet potatoes and fire away. They'll be impressed by the precisely thin spud slices and you'll be able to run away, avoiding further conflict.

If a long range offense is more your style, then wait for them to get a little closer before unleashing the wrath of the Original Juiceman II. Spraying this acidic concoction of grapefruit, carrot, orange, and pineapple juice, while good for the body, is bad for the eyes and it will render your foes blind and disoriented.

Once they're in a vulnerable state, go in close for the kill with the George Foreman Grilling Machine. Sear and sizzle your opponents evenly and in less time with the non-stick double-sided surface. All monster juices drain into the patented drip tray to leave no mess as you guide them to the afterlife.

Got a persistent foe who just won't give up? Try the serrated edge of the Ginsu Bagel & Utility Knife! This stainless steel blade will cut through virtually any creature's vital organs rendering them dead. Best of all, if monster bone and sinew dull the knife, it comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Utensil has an overpowering offense, a debilitating defense, and best of all, he's dishwasher safe. So, if you're like Kahu and desperately need some help fighting against Kalma, get your own Utensil by calling now!

Steve Robinson

Steve, a former editor of RPGFan (you'd know him as StahnMahn, former pictures guru), wrote up this great entry. Humorous equally in its execution and mockery of sorts of all that junk seen on TV. (I digress, maybe not 'junk', but I'm not fond of 30 minute commercials loaded with bad acting - 'Why Joe, this knife can't POSSIBLY cut through this house's stucco and still be sharp enough to carve up my old Volkswagen!' 'Actually my dear Jane, it can! Watch!' *non-existant audience applauds*)

Oh right, the entry. Personally, this is (here comes that word again) one of the most original entries we got, and as you can see, the only written one to be proclaimed a winner. Congrats, Steve. (as a side note, I -did- get your e-mail with your corrections to your entry, but I somehow misplaced it. In any event, I fixed all three of the minor mistakes. :P)

Other Entries - Drawn


Here is my guy. I made him so that he would be perfect in every element. Therefor, he would be perfect. I really liked number one and would really like number 2. I heard a lot of good things about it. Well, back to my monster. He is perfect in every element and has a move from each. I call him Elementor ( how original). I hope you like my art work.

Thanks for inspiring me ( I had nothing to draw),

Entry (1)



Anita M.

Entry (2)



Throughout the ages, what creature has left humans speechless at just the mention of its name? The Dragon!

The dragon is and will forever be the ultimate creature. Its physical strength far exceeds that of any God even the mighty Atlas. However, their strength does not lie only in their physical ability but also in their knowledge of times past, present and future, which can easily be said to rival that of the master of riddles, the Sphinx. Last but not least is their mastery of the elements which they have learned to project through their mouths as a beautiful yet deadly elemental blast that would humble even the greatest of geomancers. Although, the dragon may not be my own original creation who ever said the ultimate creature didn't already exist.

Alex Tanzio

Entry (3)



I have attached my image, which was hand drawn, and then colored in Photoshop.


Entry (4)



Eric Tippett

Entry (5)



Hi. This is a submission for that JadeCocoon2 monstercontest. It's a 3drender I did using 3dstudioMAX, inspired by Diablo.

Oh Pik mine!! ME ME!!! Please me!!
-Henrick Shyu

Entry (6)



Now, when you say; "ultimate monster", I automatically think you mean a boss... why not?.... maybe you have to defeat him, to capture him.. gain him as your own to stop whatever Kahu has to stop. this is a picture I drew a while back, I have it posted on 'www.elfwood.com' , but I thought maybe I could sumbit it, so here I am.. I hope you enjoy!!


Ryan Culver

Entry (7)



The scariest one yet!

Joey Mikler

Entry (8)

To all the other drawn entries and runners-up, you may not have won, but at least you got your entries posted on the site anyway. Besides, you didn't really want Jade Cocoon 2, it's a pretty bad game. :P

Actually, that's very much a joke. I got to take a look at it yesterday and I was pretty impressed with it. Anyway, a bit of commentary is in order I suppose:

1) I think this one is pretty neat myself, the concept and design. The only thing I'm not keen on is the lack of contrast in the scan. Of course, this is only an issue with the scanner used, not the artwork itself.
3) While a good description and drawing, since it is apparently just a generic 'dragon', we had to pass on this one.
6) This one is neat, and makes up 50% of the 3D submissions we got. Unfortunately, the other 3D one was sent to us in 3DStudioMax format, and being an expensive (tack on 'as hell' after that word for a more realistic description... though at least it's not Maya) program, none of us had it, and had no way of opening it. Tough luck, eh? Luckily, this one here was in a more common JPEG format.
8) Ah, Joey Joey... Possibly more original than any of the other entries, one would think it was destined for success. But a double-headed MS Paint-crowned Al Roker do not a good monster make. Sorry pal. :P

Other Entries - Written


I can't draw worth crap so I figured I'd just write a description. The monster would be big, like 30 to 40 feet tall. It would be completely black except for two slits in it's head for eyes. It would look like tendrils of tattered and torn sheets, and it would be almost like some great nothingness. Those unfortunate enough to come across it's path wouldn't know it was on them until it was too late.
- Mark Longfellow



He is a dog-like monster with fangs coming from his bottom jaw above his others. He has no pupils allowing him to see the other monters' weaknesses. His tail has a special tip for each element: Fire-fire, Earth-spike, Water-water aura, Air-tornado. His strength raises every time he kills an enemy, taking half of the enemy's strength and adding it to his, his defence is raised by adding half of his defence, every other ability is raised normally. He would be the final boss in the game and is 7'5" tall, and has a length of 10'4".
- WinkieWinkieJr



The ultimate monster is known as The Legendary Ephernal Dar'k Summoner King!

The Legendary Ephemeral Dar'k Summoner King is the worst possible monster that plagues all PS2 RPG enthusiasts. This monster consists of the best (err worst, since there is no best parts) of the early life cycle releases of the PS2 RPG lineup. Yes, the metamorphosed creature includes equally insulting percentages from the scrap heap including: Summoner, Dark Cloud, Ephemeral Fantasia, Okage-The Shadow King, and Legend of Alon;Dar.

Not many would have expected that the lineage of PSX would de-evolve into the primordial borsch of this heinous creature. Like a Nightmare before Groundhog's Day, this creature provides boredom and sheer drudgery to all it has encountered. The ugly blockiness of its under achieving pixilated palate and it can pop-up when least expected. The repetition of its simplistic attacks will urn one no comfort. Sometimes silent and sometimes disguising its voice like a wannabe phone sex mother of eight, the creature prays upon its innocent victims, who are only trying to find something to occupy their insatiable appetites and revel in the splendor of the Next Generation of Video Gaming Nirvana. I hope that the rumors are true and a hero named Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance will vanquish this cursed creature before the arrival of the anointed FFX.

- Oxybeles



Monster name: Kyhito

4 legged insect creature with five feelers to perform each of the five senses. It hovers slightly above the ground at all times with its 6 wings. The wings come out of small slits in Kyhito's abdomen. They are very multicolred and are used to distract prey so that Kyhito can use its Lightning Strike attack to kill the pitiful animal and thus live another day. It has a stinger on the rear of its body, used to paralyse larger prey. It has a small mouth with which to chew its food in small bites. But it tastes with its feelers, as i said before. Also, don't think that small means weak. Its mouth is extremely powerful, enough to crush someone's skull. The whole monster is metalic green, keeping it cool by reflecting sunlight. But beware: don't admire it too long or you'll be victim to its paralysing sting or its powerful jaws.

By Sam Goodwin

Blah blah blah, comments, etc etc.

1) Well... hm. Sounds like a slightly larger versin of Milon from Final Fantasy IV. Maybe it's me. :P

2) Interesting. Lacking pupils allows one to see others weaknesses? Hot dawg, I'm off to get my pupils removed!

3) While I think the name of this one is way way too long-winded (maybe his friends just call him 'Eph'), the concept is right-on. Not to say that EverGrace, Eternal Ring, and Summoner were bad....they were just....just... Wow, I'm out of time. Next!

4) Sounds like one big June Bug to me. Bet you didn't think we had those in California did you? Well, your plan to fool me into proclaiming you a winner has failed! Foolish mortal!

Now, can I interest you in some Girl Scout Cookies? Two dozen for only $49.99. Come on, you know you want them.

Closing Thoughts

And there you have it. (I think I've said that before...oh well) I'm a bit sparse on closing thoughts today, so I'll leave you with this phrase:

Cheese monkey.

Chronologist (chronologist@rpgfan.com)


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