Big Steaming Pile of Love
February 15, 2002

Ah, Valentine's Day. A day full of love, yet I have received a lot of letters showing an entirely different emotion. I got no fewer than seven (or 7 for those who prefer numerals) letters in response to the latest in the game music debate since Wednesday's update. I'd have posted them today, but as you can imagine, they aren't all full of love and happiness, and being it's still Valentine's Day as I write this, it hardly seems appropriate. Besides, that gives everyone the weekend to think of even MORE flames. Whoo. Though actually, go easy on flaming. I won't be posting letters unless they actually make some valid point on the issue (i.e.: no letters simply calling the anti-game music guy a 'poo-poo head', et al).

So, letting all that take a backseat for a few days, we have a cornucopia (which is A goat's horn overflowing with fruit, flowers, and grain, signifying prosperity., though in this case, I refer to an alternate definition, namely 'the property of being extremely abundant') of letters, covering a lot of different topics. Also, remember that this Friday kicks off our weekly themes, so be sure to read my closing for information on that.

Perhaps it's not the place for it, but for the whole 2 people out there that might be able to sympathize with me, I gotta say, this week's episode of Roswell was a complete shock. I literally sat with my eyes wide open asking myself 'how the hell could they...' for about an hour after the show was over. It's a pity we have to wait til the 26th for the next episode. Maybe I get too into the few shows I watch, but seriously, I've never been as into it as I was Tuesday. Kinda sucks UPN might not bring it back next season. I should organize a riot group or something.

On one last TV-related note, I picked up Remy Zero's newest CD (The Golden Hum) Wednesday. The first CD I've bought in ages, I was not disappointed. I bought it for their (in my view) fantastic song Save Me, the opening theme for the WB show Smallville. While I don't listen to this type of music enough to draw comparisons to other groups, I'd highly recommend for anyone to at least give them a shot. Good stuff.

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Lots of questions, and wow, answers too!

I was wondering if by chance anymore Star Ocean or Grandia games were going to be released at all(possibly on portable systems)...
Let's see... Grandia Xtreme just came out in Japan (PS2), and with Ubi Soft's fantastic job with Grandia II on DC, PC, and PS2, I wouldn't doubt seeing it show up here by summer, though nothing's been announced. Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time is due out this spring in Japan, with no word on a US release. While a US publisher is uncertain, I'd bet we'll see it, whether it's from Enix, Ubi Soft, or someone else. Portable though, no idea. Grandia: Parallel Trippers and Star Ocean: Blue Sphere came out for GBC awhile ago in Japan, but don't count on either making it over here.
and do u got any word about the upcoming Dragon Ball Z game?
There's actually still DBZ fans out there? Wow.
Are there any more games out there that are somewhat like Star Ocean? I like that game and I want one similar to it.
While not exactly the same, there's definitely a similar feeling in a lot of tri-Ace games from my experience. If you like SO, you'd probably like Valkyrie Profile or the Tales series.
Also is there a possibility that any Final Fantasy or anymore strategy games may be released for the gameboy?

Thanx 4 ur answers-

- Azn1990@aol.com

Let's get one thing straight first: The Game Boy 'Final Fantasy' games were actually not FF at all. The 3 Legends games were the beginning of the SaGa series in Japan, while FF Adventure was the prequel to the SNES's Secret of Mana. In any case though, Square seems to be more interested in the floundering WonderSwan than GBA, plus there's Square and Nintendo's shaky relations anyway, so Square anything on GBA is anyone's guess. However, plenty of RPGs are either out or coming soon for GBA. For you, I'd definitely recommend Tactics Ogre, which is finally due out (it came out in Japan last summer) this April, thanks to Atlus. Then there's Megaman BN 2, ZOE, Lunar... heck, just check out Release Dates.
This is my story, er, answer.

In Final Fantasy X's Bltizball mini game for Playstation 2, can other people such as Larbeight or Isken learn jecht shot 2 if you learn all 3 of their key techniques, then use tech find on them, and then get jecht shot 2 as a prize or is Tidus still the only one that can learn it?

- MelancholyAlienM

Sorry to say, Tidus is the only one that can learn it. (Wow, that's probably my shortest reply ever.)
I guess they didn't like the idea of a 'Almost as Good as Those Others' lineup of games.

hi mailbag guy. i was wondering if xenogears will become a greatest hits title. i saw that chronocross is one now, but i'd really like to be able to purchase xenogears. do you know if it will be resold as a greatest hits, and if it is perhaps when?


Xenogears is an odd case. While apparently it never sold well enough to qualify as a GH game (and let's face it, compared to some games that made it to GH status, this is just flat-out wrong), it WAS re-released last year in very limited quantities. As I mentioned in a recent update, my local store manages to stock one or two copies of it most of the time since then. It should retail for about $45 USD, so check your local Babbages, EB, or other game store for it.
WonderSwan - Successful System, or Floundering Fowl?

Here is an easy one. Square says that they only want to make their games for successful systems or the best system. What I don't understand then (childish crap aside) is why they make games for the Wonderswan and not the Gameboy Advance? Hello, Square? GBA is has quite more units out there than Wonderswan can ever dream of. Eat your words Square!


I always wondered that myself. I'd say probably the biggest reason is the now-famous bad relationship between Square and Nintendo. Of course, Square has expressed interest in GBA (and GameCube) development, but crazy old Yamauchi still holds a grudge with Square over abandoning them back in the Final Fantasy VII days. Let's hope they patch things up, since the WonderSwan will never make it out of Japan, and we're missing out on all those games. See, if they worked on GBA games...well.
Kurono Burake

Miiiiiikkkkkeeee (I don't care if the k is silent!),

Hey, it's me, the guy with the scary girlfriend who talks to you on IRC about irrelevant things and who you and Liz met in Canada (and probably regret that fact daily)! XD

Anyway, Chrono Break. What I'm hoping is since Chrono Cross basically undoes itself, that it will be a direct sequel to Chrono Trigger, and maybe even use some of the same characters. Magus for sure, the non-inclusion of him in Chrono Cross was completely stupid, especially given a certain other character's appearance. And with all the funky timeline stuff that happens and then unhappens, Square could pretty easily bring back some of the core CT cast. Though I'd definitley wanna see them supplemented by some new characters, and a quest more involved then "Let's find Crono's cat!". I know, reusing characters and stuff isn't the norm and most people don't like it, but in a Chrono game I think it could work well, given the relative open-endedness of the premise. And whatever they do, they had best not have 40someodd characters with 4 lines each, that really hurt the game more than anything else. Of course now you're gonna shoot me down saying how stupid my idea is and how I misinterpreted CC and stuff, but I love you anyway!
...in a totally platonic, non sexual way of course... =P
-RydiaMist (For the last time I'm NOT a girl!)

.....platonic? Awww. And here I was hoping... oh well.

Really though, that would be the ideal premise for CB in my opinion. Comparing CT and CC, it's widely accepted that CT's cast is leaps and bounds ahead of CC's, mostly due to the fact it was smaller and easier to actually give each a storyline. While I had my dreams shattered about a true CT sequel upon seeing CC revealed back in 1999 (though I still loved it), I'd like to think Square has the heart to actually give all their fans just that someday. They did give us (in the US anyway) FFIV and CT, so who knows. Seeing the CT cast, and possibly more, rendered in gorgeous Xenosaga-caliber 3D would make me eternally happy.

And I know you're a girl. Despite meeting you in person twice, and your outward appearance being male, there must be SOME reason for your Rydia name... I'll find out your secret yet. Oh yes.

More more more

i really like finalfantasy8 i almost beat the game i'm in ulitimica's castle. i think thats how you spell it. you should put some codes on ur site that would be cool and some more pics please i really liked the wons you had. well i got to go now c ya!


More pictures? If it wasn't for our massive picture galleries and all you greedy readers out there, we wouldn't be in the financial situation we are now! Yeah, you had better feel guilty. (please take note of the sarcasm present)
I could use some help alright. Of the professional variety.


Sorry for that wrong address.

Anyways, I always thought it would be great (probably weird) if everybody writes in on what game they would want to see as a prequel, so you could find out why stuff in the sequel or original happens. For example, I'd like to see a prequel on Grandia II so we could see how it's related to part one. (It has to be...)

Also, with the increase in updates, will you be getting some help?

Rpgfan Fan

Three times the Joey....

There's an interesting thought. Grandia II would be a good candidate for that too, I'd say. Well hey, check out my closing then.

As for help, for now I'll be doing them myself. Maybe Schala will come back sometime if she ever feels like it. :P

Speaking of Joey, scroll down for more of your favorite person. :P

I still say it's easier to just get a DeLorean...

hey i saw the link and read through the article(very interesting), and i thought of another site i've visited that deals with some of the physics. this is about elements and space travel, just ignore the reply.


Aaron Porter

Now there's an interesting read... if not a bit strange. I suggest everyone reads that. (after finishing this fine column of course)
Haven't been asked about this one in awhile...

Dear Chronologist

What the heck happend to LUNAR 3 I want to know pleeees tell me if ya got any info and what about Chrono Break can ya realy trust a french fry by the way any info on good RPGs forĀ PS2 pleeees tell me man.


*after a fit of hysterical laughter* So.... Lunar 3? Certain people have been hinting at that game for many years, literally. I'd love to see it myself, even though I liked the first game a LOT more than the second. All I can say at this point it wait and see. Though with the Silver Star Story remake on Game Boy, I wonder if they plan to do a Lunar 2 on GBA after, further delaying any possible actual sequel...

PS2 RPGs? Xenosaga. It's all you need to know. Unless you mean already-released ones, then I recommend Final Fantasy X first and foremost, followed by Grandia II, Shadow Hearts, Okage and Tsugunai.

And finally, what everyone's been waiting for.

Dear RPGDan,

I've been under alot of stress lately, I'll tell you why, this letter isn't game related so I hope you don't mind. The other night, when taking care of business, MY TOILET OVERFLOWED! , Why you ask? I'll tell you why my friend... It's because of Mark Hamil of star wars fame! So sit back and listen, because Just as Auron would say, "This is my story".

It was a dark, stormy night... Okay well it was night but no storm, and I was using the restroom, one the mission was complete I called mission control for some toilet paper, unfortunately I could not get a hold to mission control, so I then wobbled my way to manually search for some toilet paper. I found it alright, All my worries were over... Or so you thought! The toilet paper was nice, it was made by someone like Charlette, so we're talking really thick and really fluffy TP here. This is the stuff Kings used when... Kings were around, err, so anyway, After using this soft and pretty TP I flushed, that's when it happened... my nightmere began. The water kept coming up. I took out my cross that I happened to have around my neck and held it up to the water, I yelled "go back you evil water, you are far from holy!" The demonic water refused the cross and kept rising, I jiggled the handle to get the water flow stopping, some water splashed onto my leg, Trying to demonize it, but since my leg was protected buy my nifty new Jeans, I wasn't harmed. I did however throw the jeans away.

Since the waterflow stopped I was relieved, If only I owned a plunger (or as I like to call it, the stick and a rubber thing - pardon the pun, I mean no perversion) I could have stopped this mess... SO as I went to sleep, I dreamt dreams that only I can dream of and then was awaken at 8:00am buy a maintnence man... He told me there was a leak in the apartment below... I let him in, when I saw that over night... slowly, the demonic water has risen and soaked my intire closet! 4 men came in to fix my toilet, yes, this is a job that one man cannot handle alone. They said they would be back in an hour to remove the carpeting, and get everything dry. I left when they came back, went to see "i am sam" at the theater and came on back home... everything seemed back to normal until I went into my bathroom. There was a BIG blue round airblower, Blowing air under my closets carpeting... At first I was frightened, for it made scary noises and taunted me with the smell of old people. But then, after taking a shower, I grew quiet fond of him, I mean, it... You see, after getting to know it a bit better, I found out how hates only being used as a tool, for just blowing air... I patted it on the nozzle and told him I could feel his pain, but then I introduced him to my other friend mr. oscillating fan. I put him into the closet to keep mr. airblower company... they are talking right now as I type this, and boy am I glad, they now feel much better about themselves, I think anything that blows air is useful, leaf blowers, fans.. Mr. airblower does NOT get along with my vacuum though, I had to put the vacuum into another room.

So what did we all learn today? We learned that you should not pay more money for fluffier toilet paper, the cheaper/thinner stuff gets the job done right. We also learned that we take airblowing tools forgranted... When the apartment people come tomorrow to take it away, I won't let them. Because it belongs to me now. I claimed him as my own. We also learned to stay away from Mark Hamil, he causes bad things to happen... It's true!

And just to keep this game related, I have Phantasy Star Online Ver. 2 running in the background at the time of these events.

Thank you mister Chrono, You're my valentine this year did you know that? I even included a picture for you... [link to said picture]

-Joey Mikler

Yeah, Mark Hamill is a bastard, he still owes me $50 from a bet we made back in the 70s. Something about some science-fiction movie not being popular, or something. Guess what? It was! If you're reading this Mark, I'm still waiting.

I guess it's good things eventually worked out in the end. I've had a similar experience (though I wasn't the one who caused it), though luckily there was a plunger handy. Though it was in the main house, and I was in the guest house, so it was a bit of a walk to get it. We had no fans around, so cleanup was less than fun, but hey, it worked. And come to think of it, I was talking to Mark on the phone earlier that night... And everyone thought he decided against using his Force for good... oh no, he's one twisted @#$%*&#$@.

Thanks for the picture by the way, it's.... it's.... um, thanks. (that dog...cat...uh, thing, scares me the most I'd say)

By the way, while I know nothing about the movie I Am Sam, nor do I care to know, my favorite artist ever (by a long shot) did one of the songs on the soundtrack, so I suggest listening. Heather Nova owns you, your mom, and even that dog/cat thing in Joey's picture.

Closing Thoughts

Long update. Tired. Let's finish up.

Write in on this topic or die
Well, I'm lying... but if it works, hey. Thanks to a reader known only as 'RPGFan Fan' (above), here's the theme for the coming week. I want to know what games you'd want to see a prequel for. I think asking about potential sequels is a tired concept, so here's something different. Pick a game, anything you like, where you'd like to see the story BEFORE the story. Come on, you can do it.

As I said before, themes will be updated weekly, so anything on this topic is welcome until we have a new one next Friday. Well, it'll be welcome anyway, but if you plan to write in about it, it might as well be now. Of course letters and questions on any topic are still welcome, so don't hesitate to write. I'm off to dabble in some random graphic design goodness now. With any luck, when I return Monday, it will be on a new godlike computer.

Here's hoping,

Chronologist (chronologist@rpgfan.com)


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