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Friday, February 22, 2002

For once, I'm getting this thing started before 10:30pm. It's now 5:30-ish here, after a rather hot day, which seems like anything but winter. After getting wind that certain stores have absolutely no clue when my computer will be in stock, and a lunch that cost me all of $1.07, here I am. It's funny to think that I've owned this computer, technically, for over a month, yet I don't actually... have it.

As you know, or should know, if you were any type of REAL fan of the site, today's update is prequel-themed. Last Friday I asked for everyone to write in about what game(s) you'd like to see a prequel for. As you can see, the response was rather good. So good in fact, I had to put a few of the letters on the topic in Wednesday's column as well. Truth be told, I have no clue what this coming week's topic is, but I'm hoping by the time I get to the end (where I actually announce said topic), I'll have come up with something. Here's hoping.

One more Mailbag-related note. Today marks the debut of the Mailbag FAQ. While, honestly, none of these questions (save one) are actually -asked- of me, -frequently-, it makes the most sense for the section's name, so it stays.

Also new today is the addition of the topic page, explaining each week's topic, without having to mention it in the closing of every column. Note the link to your right, above my sexy staff picture.

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Tron Bonne > you

hey chrono,
i would like to see a prequel to final fantasy 7.it could cover sephiroth's life,his career in soldier,and lead up to the incident at nibelheim.the game would be like the misadventures of tron bonne because the main hero of the prequel is the villain in ff7.
~inquisitor pjq
Based on the whole one battle where you control Sephiroth, I'd have to agree it would be cool to play a whole game as him. (who, incidentally, is one of my favorite RPG villians ever)
Pheel the Phantasy

Honestly, the game that I can imagine needing/all its fans wanting a prequel is the Phantasy Star series. During Phantasy Star 4, when you goto the fourth planet, the being there tells about the fight between the light and the darkness in Algol. There is also the case of Alis Landale's lineage, with the great King Weiss, after whom the AW timeline is named. If Sega were to make a prequel with the main character as Weiss, and fill in the backstory, they could recreate the entire series and make many, many people very happy. Just a thought.

Ronald Huffine

Sega could do a lot of things to make people happy. (Where's that new Panzer Dragoon game? How about a real Sonic game?) In any case, here's a similar letter on the topic, from some random mysterious *cough* person.
Hey, Chronologist!

I'm a longtime reader and fan of your site! RPGFan totally rocks, especially the reviews, previews, and comic! The writing in that thing is wonderful, and the illustrations are just superb.

You think so? I think the review head and comic writer needs to be tarred and feathered for some of his work. Wait, he has feathers... well, tarred at least.
Anyway, I wanted to say my peace about that damn bastard who hated game music! He can just go and stick his head up his a... what? The topic's closed? Carp... okay, well I'll have to say something regarding the whole prequel deal. Personally, I'd love to see a prequel of Secret of Mana! That game was so awesome, and you never learned... what? Final Fantasy Adventure for GB was Seiken Densetsu in Japan? Hmm, well barring that, definitely a prequel to Shining Force! That was one of my fav... hmm? Shining in the Darkness? Oh, huh, guess so. Ahhh, I know, Terranigma! See, the gameplay and story were so... Illusion of Gaia and Soulblazer were unofficial prequels? Great, juuuuust great. Y'know, all I ask is for a frickin' game that I can get a decent prequel to! All right? Is that so much to ask? I was denied the sharks with frikin' laser beams attached to their heads, I want a prequel for a game of my choice gosh darnit! I... wait... that's it! I know the perfect game to have a prequel to! Phantasy Star!
Actually... I never did play FFA much, but I don't think any of the Seiken Densetsu series has a continuing story (same with Soulblazer etc, for that matter). While that would make SoM (or Seiken Densetsu 2, if you wanna get picky) a candidate for a prequel, the plot in that game was never something really outstanding in my opinion. Though if they could make a new Seiken Densetsu with gameplay (3 players, whoo) like part 2, I'm game.
Yes, I want to find out how it all began... well, I mean SEE how it all began. Thanks to PS4's rather looooong exposition at the end by El Grande Luz, we know what happened in the beginning, but I want to fight Dark Falz (snicker) again. I want to be part of the legend again! I'd love to see the rise of technology in the Algol Star System, find out more about the Dezorian and Motavian parts in the game, and I WANT PALMA BACK! I loved dem eye-vor-ee tower intulekshuals and, best of all, the converyor belts between cities. I want to ride a conveyor belt between where I live and New York... well, on a nice sunny day. But see, it's ALWAYS nice and sunny on Palma! That's why Dark Falz wanted to destroy it: he hates happy sunny people (and no, not Shiny Happy people). And there shouldn't be androids, but rather robots like the little guy whose name I forget in PS1. Y'know, the guy who flies the shuttles. Only this one should be named "Shaft" and he'd have a big metal afro and have theme music. It'd be like, "Uh, he's a sophisticated metal man, and no one understands him but his hard drive womaaaaan... SHAFT".

Oh, and instead of needlers and lasguns, you'd have chemical discharge weapons such as semi-automatic weapons, and the sword user in the group would be the first to die always because he/she's using a FRIKIN SWORD! I mean, at least use slashers or something against an automatic weapon. I HATE how in RPGs bullets do about as much damage as being bitten by a butterfly. That just shouldn't be right. But then again, I'm expecting realism from a game here, so what does that say about me? Anyway, this is Guy Incognito signing off.


Sure, sounds good. Sega, go make this game. Thanks.

Not that I've played much of the original PS games as of yet, so it's all Greek to me.

I'd like a Xenogears prequel too. Hey, wait...

I love it when games who have had most of their loose ends tied up get a prequal. There are many games I'd like to see a prequal for. The most glaring example, that is fortunately going to get it's prequals, is Xenogears. Xenogears is a great game, but there are many things in the past that need answering. The entire "Last episode" springs to mind. That's why I'm thrilled that Xenosagas is going to do prequals to Xenogears.

Another game I'd like to see a prequal to is Legend of Dragoon. I'd like to see the entire back story of that game played out in full. Wild Arms 2 could also use a prequal, keeping in mind that Wild Arms isn't a direct prequal to Wild Arms 2. Wild Arms has a different story all together from Wild Arms 2. There are many other games that would have interesting back stories that I'd love to see prequals to, but I'll stop with the ones I mentioned here.

One other thing I'd like to mention. I've read through the stuff you all posted about saving RPG Fan. First, I'd like to say I'm in awe of the fact that this site has been supported out-of-pocket by the editors for so long. This is one of my favorite web sites on the net. It is also one of very few sites I could tolerate pop up ads on or that I'd donate money to. Just tell me where to click, and I'll click on whatever ad or survey you want me to do. I've been reading this site since just after it became RPG Fan and I've been writing reader reviews since the end of 1999. Keep up the good work on this site. It would be a shame for this site to shut down.

Sl0th. Long time RPG Fan reader and writer of a number of reader reviews.

All I can really say about LoD is I despise the battle music. No comment on the rest.

Well, for one, the survey should pop up when you load the main page of the site. I was one of the few that filled it out before it was temporarily pulled for technical reasons... though it should be working now for everyone. As for donating and such, click the 'Save RPGFan' button to your left for information on donating like that. (preferably through PayPal, if you can) Another thing that helps out is buying soundtracks from AnimeNation, by way of our Soundtracks section. Just find a Soundtrack you want, and click the 'Buy at AnimeNation' button. You get your soundtrack, and a portion of the total price goes towards keeping us going. Everyone wins, no?

*draws blank for letter title*

There are plenty of games that I'd like to see have a prequel. However, most of them are simply so that I could play that same game mechanic, not continue the story. There are games that I absolutely love for their game mechanic, for example, Star Ocean 2, but have horrendous stories.

Story wise, however, there is mainly one RPG that i would like to see expanded, both into the past, and into the future. Beyond cheesy love plots and magical fantasy, there lies a game called Fallout. Simply put, how did the world come into its destruction? Where did all these friggin mutants come from? Why is it that rats are incredibly violent? Yes, it was the unoffical sequel to Wasteland, but i want a "Fallout .5".

-Your MB buddy,

Or maybe, 'Fallout 0', like Resident Evil 0 (not that I remember if RE0 is even a prequel). Hey, it's a better title than 'Shadow Man: 2econd Coming'. *cheap shot*
An overabundance of '2'

Hey Chrono-

I dought that you remember me writing, but my email address has changed because I did not feel like paying for the ISP. In any case I would love to comment on the recent events that have unfolded in the mailbag about musical dislikes, but seeing as how the topic has changed I will gladly give you my opinion for the best prequel.

Of course it would have to be Grandia II as I have finished that and I am playing the first one now. I really want to know how they coincide with each other based on the seemingly different plots. The other one would have to be Lunar 2 just for kicks as I love old school style RPG's. Finally Tales of Destiny 2 just becuse most people disliked it.

There is a prequel to Lunar 2. It's called Lunar 1. Well, technically it's called Lunar: Silver Star Story, or The Silver Star, etc etc. Point stands.
I also have one quick question, I have preordered Arc the Lad Collection and I checked the Workingdesigns website and they have the release date set for March?, but according to the release date on RPGFan it is still for Feb. 28, please let me know of an update or truth this, thanks.


Oh right, that game. I first saw that game in person at E3... 2000. I'd hope for their sake it's out at some point. As it is, as you mentioned, it should (might) be out next month. Our silly release date person forgot to change that. (though it's changed now)
Read this...or something.

If I were to chose one game's prequel I would want to play, it would have to be Final Fantasy Tactics.

!!!Warning!!! Possible HUGE hints to Squaresoft Designers/Programers!!

Imagine what it would be like to play as a young Balbanes or the powerful Orlandu during the Fifty Year's War. Train your warriors to become powerful Heavenly Knights!

Of course if this were to actually happen, there would need to be at least 10 new job classes, 200 new abilities, and new cooler monsters and equipment. Hopefully if a prequel were to be made for FFT, it would be on two discs and twice as long (and on the PSOne b/c I can't afford the PS2).

A prequel to Vagrant Story would also be awesome (I wonder what all of Ashley's previus missions mentioned in the game's manual were like?).


Fat Jack (watch out for that fat guy!!!)

Prequel, sequel, totally unrelated game, or whatever, I think Square should make another FFT-ish strategy RPG. Though, honestly, do you expect them to invest the money and effort into making a new game for a system from the previous generation? That's like asking Nintendo to keep making N64 games.
It's pronounced 'ee-ko'

Hi there

There are two games that I think deserve a sequel. One is the wonderful ICO, I'd love to know more about how Yorda's history an the world that it's all set in. But even more I would like to see a prequel to my all time favorite game Legend of Dragoon, I have heard that there is a sequel in the works, but there is a lot of backstory to the original game which could be exploited. I'd love to play a game about that whole human liberation part.


Oh yeah? Well, liberate this! Actually, I'm aware that makes no sense. I just wanted an excuse to show off that screenshot. (as you may have guessed, I'm not really an Xbox supporter, in the strictest sense of the word)
And this one, says some people, is 'loo-nahr'


How about a LUNAR prequel with Dragon Master Dyne, Ghaleon, Hell Me, Lemia and mabye even Althena as the main characters with the plot of destroying the evil Demi God.


Not a bad idea. At least it's better than constantly remaking the series' 2 main games over and over and over and over.

...and over.

Massive (really) Final Fantasy X Spoilers

Hey Chrono, I want a prequel to FFX so I can play it for another 120 hours. Woo-hoo! FFX rocks!

But seriously I think it would be awesome to play through Auron's adventures with Braska and Jecht for 40+ hours. Just from the small glimpses I saw of them in FFX they look like really interesting characters and I definitely wouldn't mind spending 40 hours with Auron and Braska. Sure their would be none of that cool character switching or anything but you have the core group of characters there so it would work well. You can just imagine how powerful Braska is seeing as how he defeat Sin. The story would be pretty good also and Auron dying would really bring a tear to my eye. Oh wait, it did! Either way I think this would definitely work as a prequel.

Two quick things. Bought FFX Official Soundtrack (15$) and I LOVE IT!!! I think I've listened to "Otherworld" about 50 times and the "Ending Theme" about 60. The ending theme must be the best Uematsu has ever done. Man videogame music has come a long way!

Tyrone Swanson
"One thousand years -- You ready? The otherworld it takes you!"

120 hours? Hmm... 107 here. Gimme a week and I can catch up.

I'm not sure how that would go over as a prequel, since we see so much of what happens with Braska's party in FFX as it is, especially key plot points. I do think it could be a neat side quest, or extra though. I'm still waiting on the FFX sequel myself.

I saw the tracklist for the Tokyopop soundtrack. It looks like they chose some really good tracks for it. Me, I went and bought the full soundtrack upon it's original Japanese release, back in July. I haven't regreted it.


hello chrono,
i'm writing in response to that prequel topic. even though it isn't an rpg i'd love to see a prequel to starcraft. it would be so cool to see the history of the Zerg and Xel'Naga (had to get my manual out to remember that). blizzard could even make it into an rpg. you could play as a xel'naga, zerg, or maybe even protoss... just imagine the story blizzard could come up with! think about it, they are an ancient race of aliens whose ultimate goal was the creation of a superior species! (that... later killed them.... bad luck...). that by itself is pretty cool, but they have much better writers than me...so i'll leave it to them. (if they decide to partake on this venture, all i'll want in return for the idea is a copy of the game) well thanks for hearing my piece. bye
See, at RPGFan, we cover RPGs.

Nallo's Magical Castle I. So I'd like to see Nallo's Magical Castle -1.:P

~Nallo (Eusina's baby doll)

As long as it doesn't have the ridiculous plot twists and mundane battle system of Nallo's Magical Castle XVI, I'd buy it.
Ack, one more.

After Suikoden II, and as more details of the world in which the games take place come to light, I've realized that there is so much to be explored that hasn't been covered. It's almost as if the producers are only showing us the tip of their creative iceberg, and only the obsessed (like myself) through a lot of digging realize just how immense the whole story is...

It occurred to me, after reading of Barbarossa's background on Suikosource, that the story of his succession was akin to the series' other tales of an underdog hero overcoming incredible hardships to accomplish a noble goal.

"Barbarossa was the crown prince, but Geil, Barbarossa's uncle, pushed a motion through the court to remove Barbarossa's right to the throne while Barbarossa was away fighting Jowston in the Dana area. This triggered the Succession Wars. Barbarossa's force was small in the beginning, but with the aid of the Six Great Generals and Leon Silverberg, he was able to defeat Geil despite the death of his wife, Claudia."

Excerpt taken from Suikosource: http://www.suikosource.com/chars/list/B#Barbarossa%20Rugner

What do we have here? An epic political conflict, a hero with a strong supporting cast, impossible odds, and tragedy...in other words, the making of another great Suikoden, or even Suikogaiden game. For those of us who have played the first Suikoden, and know Barbarossa's fate, playing him in the role of hero would make for quite an intriguing experience.

One has to wonder about all the events that lead up to his eventual transgression, or how strong his love for Claudia must've been to allow him to change as he did... You know, I really hate subjects like these, because I end up getting so hyped about a concept, only to remember that it's only a pipe dream... Bah! One day, I hope the full scopre of the Suikoden world will be captured either in novel or game form...

- Third

This one came in right when I thought the column was done. Damn you, Third. :P
Closing Thoughts

That was oddly painless. And now, due to a few comments about Lunar, I'm listening to music from Silver Star Story, thanks to the handy in-game music test. God, I need to play this game again... Anyway, just minutes ago I was able to come up with a topic, so consider yourself (and me, I guess) lucky.

With the new FAQ page, and topic system, things are somewhat different on here now. If you have any thoughts on the new topic system, whether you like it, or can think of a way it can be improved, drop me a line.

~ Chronologist (chronologist@rpgfan.com)


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