Slow Day
Monday, February 25, 2002

Hmm... Surprisingly, I haven't gotten that many letters over the weekend. So, today's update is going to be a bit smaller than usual. Maybe this week's topic hasn't been that popular. Maybe everyone's suddenly busy. In any case, this column needs letters to keep going strong, so even if this week's topic (available in right-hand menu) isn't your forte, write in about... er, something. Anything. In any case, let's get on with it.
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More old skool fandom

Ok, I filled out the survey, it was all good, fine'n dandy, smashing, all those silly little words, until I set my eyes upon the "What consoles do you own" jig.
I was offended, pissed off, annoyed, and more!
I looked at it over and over again, and tears welled up inside my eyes.
I own it, I live it, I love it, and in my eyes it is the best console ever released.
So, do me a favor, add a SNES checkmark to the pop-up, please.
-Tribal Tribatu
Hey, most of our staff are just as big fans as you are of the good ol' SNES. Don't think we'd forget it. We wanted to just put the more recent systems on the list of consoles owned, and ones you plan to purchase. Since it's doubtful a legion of people will still be going out to buy an SNES or Jaguar, we left those off the list.
Oranges = The Magical Fruit?


Prequels are one of those words that can mean many things, like the word "Orange", It's a color AND a fruit. SO I think to myself, when RPGDan asks what games I would like to see a "prequel" to, I start to thing. Is he talking about prequel as in a former game? Or a game I would like to see that includes some form of everyones new favorite fruit. So when I thought about this, I just decided to answer both.

So first I will talk about a game prequel as in opposite of sequel. IF an I mean a big if, as in, if is rather then if will... Well, it depends on your definition of if. But if I were to to want a prequel, I would like to see a prequel to Xenosaga. Although this time Monolith formoer employee's will leave to make a company called monogames and will start their first project "Xenobefore", now, Tecmo will buy all publishing rights and sell the game. However, tecmo requires that every charachter in the game is a female and has big jubblies. Monogames will be all like, yo dude, that is so totally way dudaromaniany cool. So they make a game and then it comes out. The game will feature the voice talents of Michelle rodriguez, Liv Tyler and RPGFans own editor "Bahamut". This all star cast of female charachters will battle monsters in double D action packed adventure. Both D's stand for "Dude this game rocks..." Okay so there weren't two D's in there but we get the point.

But the other prequel I am talking about is my favorite fruit titled by the same name. You've never heard of it? Well let me explain. I went out to check the mail one day and in the grass I saw two little fruits that looked alot like mushrooms, but I know they weren't mushrooms because I saw a dog do his business in the same exact place! So I know somebody must have dropped this delicious fruit. So I picked it up and ate it. Ten minutes later I started feeling loopy but man I knew that was a good fruit. so I named the fruit "prequel" and even plan on selling these fine things once I find more. If Sega calls me up I will let them package my prequels with their next RPG called "Dynes adventures SOA-1".

But beware, the game will probably have flashing lights and similar effects that may cause seizures but the prequel fruit will make that effect seem like a good thing. So yay! My fruitacular fruit will hit the stands once I find that dog again...

Chrono, chrono, do that thing Chrono chrono, getting jiggy!
-Joey Mikler

I think I laughed more at the hamster letter. :P
One long sentence...

Dear Chrono

I don't think your put this on the page our any thing since its not the topic you asked for but...I am a LUNAR freak and I demand to know why you don't like LUNAR 2 near as much as you liked LUNAR 1 yes I agree LUNAR 1 was better but I don't believe LUNAR 1 was a LOT bettter than number 2 and I think I only like LUNAR 1 more because of the main character in Eternal Blue Hiro wasn't as specail as the Silver Star Story's main character Alex. I also must ask you what your five favorite video game series is mine are LUNAR but of course, Breath of Fire one kicking series game that I believe deserves a prelude, Final Fantasy I love this stuff, Chrono series Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross two kick a$$ games and Dragon Warrior a old style type but still cool


First, to clarify about the topic thing: While I want to get letters on each topic, the idea is only to post those on Fridays. Even still, a letter is a letter, so write in on whatever you feel like.

As for Lunar, well, I just like the first better in all respects. I thought the characters, music, everything, was just done better in Silver Star Story. While I admittedly haven't finished Lunar 2, I'm nearly there, so I think I can make a fair judgment. But again, that's my opinion. Your mileage may vary, etc etc.

Favorite series? Let's see. I'd have to say the Chrono series (barely a series though, at two games), Metroid, Mega Man, Zelda, and Final Fantasy. For the record, Zelda and Metroid are the highest in my book.

Bringing Life Back Into Games (har har)

Dear Chronologist

This is my second letter to you. I have been thinking that it would be really cool if I could see one of my stories turned into an RPG. I have been working on a story called "Phoenix Saga" and I think it would really be a great game. How should I go about trying to get it made or what should I do. Any help you can give me would be great.

Also a game I think that should have a prequel is Wild Arms #1. It would be great to see how everything got started. When the humans and Elw joined forces to drive back the demons. It was a great game and a prequel would just make it more interesting.

Hmm... good luck with that. If I knew a sure-fire way into the industry (though technically this site is, in a way), I'd likely be there myself. All I could suggest is try contacting various companies with your idea, though I'd assume they'd want samples, experience, etc. Plus, US (or at least English)-made RPGs are few and far between, barring PC games. Ubi Soft and Crave might be a good idea to start, but again, no promises. We have links to a good deal of game developers on our Links page. And if there's anything we're missing, you can submit it to our Links editor, as well as search for them on Google or something.

i know this game is old, but how do you get to the oasis in the desert of death in breath of fire 3?
Good question. I could always go look it up, since it's not something I remember myself. Alternatively, I can give you a link to a place that can explain in detail:

GameFAQs Breath of Fire III page

The Education Of... wait, what was that movie called?

I dont think its that improtant .....the main thing about rpgs that you have to understand.......you have to have a story that can possible make a person cry or even angry..........you understand?


No, I do not understand. Please educate me. Seriously, I never implied it was the most important thing at all. My question was simply to find out if people deem it an important feature of a game or not, or how much they prefer the ability to customize things, as opposed to... well, not being able to.
Closing Thoughts

Gee, that took so little time, it felt like no work at all. Yet, I'm short on comments. Write in. That's all I can say.

~ Chronologist (chronologist@rpgfan.com)


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