Time Kompression
Friday, March 15, 2002

SeeD. You akkursed SeeDs! I shall kill you! Kome!

*leaves lame FFVIII villain mode*

Anyway, time has definitely not been my friend lately, with all I've been busy with. So really, rather than time kom, er... compression, I need some way to cause a time -expansion-, so maybe give me some more time. Well, that's a personal issue I guess, and to most of you, it probably doesn't matter. :P I'm here, as is the Mailbag. So let's get some hot letter action, shall we?

Oh baby.

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Harmony of Dissonance anyone?

hello chrono,
how are you? i'm writing in on the square and nintendo topic. friday, square is with sony. monday it seems nintendo is with square (who is with sony). i'm not sure how it'll go but i think that square should port some of the old snes games to the GBA (though i don't own it), and maybe try out a new series on GC. and leave FF on PS. that would leave GC with a new series by the fabled square, GBA with old snes games (and quite possibly new games also), and sony with FF and some other series (I cannot wait for chrono break). that'd be good for all systems, and leave things somewhat the way they were. Now, for that topic... I think that for some instances a new translation is good, such as instances where we wouldn't get the japanese humor. though... other times... they seem to change names and other things, such as titles, for no apparent reason. now i don't mind if the name turns out to be better than the original... but most of the time they end up just plain stupid.

i appeared to have ranted,

Sounds like a good idea for Square. Although, porting FFX and FFXI would be good moves on their part as well. Of course, FFXI will probably happen on GCN, if Nintendo will ever announce its online plans. And the SNES ports on GBA are pretty much a given, which prompts a big 'yay' from yours truly.

Well, the re-writing isn't so bad. One, since most people won't notice a difference, unless they know both Japanese and English, and two, the humor thing, as you mentioned. Changing a perfectly good title for no apparent reason though... that I don't agree with.


Oooooh, sooooo clooooose little mail boy, but you left out the fearsome Tritoch from your list. It's the little mistakes, my boy, the little mistakes. Though you ARE improving, I must admit. I suppose you've earned another trivia question, but don't flub this one or I'll take my business to that sexy sexy RPGamer or those ingenious GIA folk, and that... would make me... sad. So listen up and use the old green noodle, we're about to begin. This time the question is mu-hoo-hoo-sical, so if you have any sense, you might want to get some help from your lovely soundtracks editor, Chudah. We all know Nobuo Uematsu is prolific, but exactly HOW prolific he is is another story all together. Well I want you to learn a thing or two, so I'm assigning you to find out the names of all the albums Nobuo Uematsu was associated with. That's right, not just what he TOTALLY composed, but ones he may have composed SOME of the music for and which may have just been based on his stuff. Remember, these have to be official albums. I'll make it easy for ya: you can miss two and still be graced with my lovely Trivia questions. Go for it, time cruiser.

Guy Incognito

You know, the Tritoch thing is a sad story. The night I put up the Mailbag (around 1 am), I was laying in bed (about 2 am) and I noticed I forgot Tritoch, at least... I think I did. Sure enough, the next day, I noticed. Bah.

As I mentioned in my intro, lack of time is something I'm all too familiar with lately. As such, I'll guess. :P Of course he's done all the FF games (excluding FFT, and he shared the honor on FFX). So that's like, 1-3 albums per FF games, counting originals, arranged/orchestrated, piano versions. Then there was those FF vocal albums. I know he did a few tracks and arrangement on Chrono Trigger as well, and I THINK helped with the Super Mario RPG soundtrack, though I may be wrong. As for the rest... no idea.

Who knew?

When it comes to translation of game names, especially with sequels, it is extremely important to tell the truth, or else you get confusion. Square's little act on SNES, trying to tell gamers they have the actually honest FF 2 and 3, not to mention Secret of Mana is really the second Seiken Dentetsu game. This problem is best exemplified by Square's Gameboy RPGs: Final Fantasy Legends I-III are part of the Saga Frontier and Romancing Saga game series, and Final Fantasy Adventure is the first Seiken Dentetsu game. Square merely used the FF name to lure more consumers to their games. Namco did some really horrible naming in the Tales series. Working Designs comes up with some completely different ones. Like Vanguard Bandits is actually Epica Stella if you went directly from Japanese to English. This type of renaming is good, since Vanguard Bandits is one Working Design's side projects, and very unlikely to get a sequel. Renaming sequel games is always a problem, it shouldn't be done. It also tends to make companies look like liars too.

Another problem is merely translation and localization. It is one thing to translate a game properly, leaving a japanese feel to the whole game culture wise, and quite another to localize it to the local culture. Square barely manages to translate things properly, like FFV and FFVII. However, Square did an impressive translation and localization of Vagrant Story, giving the text a truly medieval feel with old english spellings like Magick and Diablerie. Other companies like Working Designs spend quite a bit of time on translating it, then localizing it with american culture. One of my favorite lines from the Sega CD Lunar is a kid from Burg," I'm going to be like Dragonmaster Dyne someday, so I'm gonna eat my wheaties!". Whether you find it funny or not, attempting to add local culture elements like that show an impressive translation and localization effort. Working Designs always attempts to add humor to the game through elements like these.

Translating a game is important for an overall understanding of the game's plot and relating to the game's characters. Localizing the game to the particular cultures within the game or to the player's own culture can also be an important element to enhancing the game. Poor translation efforts detract from the plot and characters and the game overall.

-Steven the 'Old School' gamer-

Secret of Mana is Seiken Densetsu 2? Vanguard Bandits.... Epica Stella (dumb name)? My God!! Who knew?

Oh right... me.

Our returning champion

WHOO!! I won a picture, and you all (points to readers) didn't!! First off, i would like to tell all of you about the dangers of smoking. If you smoke, you will die. If you die, you have lost a very important part of your life. This has been a public service announcement from KeeperX. Secondly, i would like to emphizise the fact that i said that Office Space is an excellent movie. It is. Thirdly, Hey, who said the girlfriend was imaginary and not the guy? Huh? Ya graphics whore! Fourthly, can i be on the staff, now?


(PS: If you're reading this, Sumi: GO MUDs!!!)

First: I feel like I just finished watching one of those celebrity-endorsed PSAs on NBC, except you're not famous, and this isn't NBC. Oh well, Now You Know™.
Secondly: Indeed.
Thirdly: Fine, I'm a graphics whore, I admit it. SUE ME!
Fourthly: Sure. Oh wait... you're serious. Then no. :P
Non-obvious sarcasm abound

Dear Oprah,

First of all, that latest book you recommended titled "Don't eat that cheeseburger, it'll kill" was outstanding. I will never go near beef again. In fear of the cow, the mad angry cow. I have seen the light Oprah, and beef is not there. However, I still wonder, what if mad pork, mad chicken and mad lobster diseases enter our world? Will that mean we all have to turn into hippy vegetarians? I hope not! But anyway, lets get down to my problem shall we?

There is some tiny little website on the internet called "RPGFan", This website has changed my life, I have lost 14 pounds, my IQ has also dropped since I started visiting as well, but... I think I need some help from Doctor Phil. You see, there are a few things I have become worried about, and it is the editors at RPGFan and their mental stability... You see, it all started when RPGFan hired a beautiful princess named Schala to answer all email queries, but lately, the email section was taken over by "an asshole" named Chronologist, now pardon my tongue Oprah but I can tell you why I call him such names. You see, a man, who's age I shall not reveal due to not knowing, named Shuten entered my life. And changed my perception on this man because I knew there was a problem. Shuten told me all about how Chrono was "an asshole" because he wouldn't answer emails and all that... I knew there was a problem with Chrono, and after days of thinking, I have finally discovered the Problem. After researching Chrono's website, I have realized that Chrono is too busy making bad [he means really cool -Ed.] desktop wallpapers that nobody wants to see on their computers. Yes, the answer I have found, but now Oprah, we need Doctor Phil to snap Chrono back into shape. This is a problem a hug from Joey just can't solve. So please help a friend in need,

yours truly,
-Joey Mikler

(PS) Tell your producers that changing game names in America is often a good thing, I can just see an eleven year old kid at EB saying "Hi, do you guys have s**t on mommy's pencils?" manager: "you mean Shin Megami Tensei?" kid: yeah that's the one, "sniffing mommy's utensils".

Oprah was busy doing... something. As such, I'll address this letter as usual.

You suck. :P

Money money~ That's what I want~

Is it me, or does this whole "ps2-internet-paytoplay-allyourmoneyarebelongtosony" thing seem just a little uncalled for??? I mean for the most part all of us are a little too spoiled to pay to play....and I just read that you have to spend more money per character for ffXI????!!!! Gosh, add that to whatever you pay for internet service add that to the hard drive for the ps2 add that to the price tag of the game and you equal="hmmm do I pay car insurance this month, or whoop some arse online???"""

I smell a financial disaster.....
or maybe its just me.....

stay frosty

Don't forget the $40 network adapter. Now, $40 isn't so bad, but add it to the $50-ish for the game, $100 maybe (who knows) for the HD, $120 a year to play online... man, that gets expensive. Though, if you get heavily into online games, it might balance out, so you're not spending $10 a month for the ability to play one game online. We'll see, I suppose.
Punctuation is the devil!

Dear Chronologist,

I need some advice I'm saving to get a PS2 however there are three more games I want for PS1 I have saved up $149 but I want to blow my cash on the three other games Xenogears, Grandia and Star Ocean: The Second Story I want to know what you think I should do pleees tell me man


Well, since you'll need at least $400 to get a PS2, memory card and game, and you're at $150... you might be better off with the three PSX games for now. At least that way, you'll have something to play now, as opposed to much much later.
Closing Thoughts

K bye.

~ Chronologist (chronologist@rpgfan.com)


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