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Monday, March 18, 2002

Talk about a slow weekend. Well, in terms of letters anyway. Outside of this 'internet' thing, life has been busy lately, what with moving furniture around, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning the mostly-unused-until-this-Wednesday upstairs bedroom. Thankfully, the room is pretty much done at this point. There's one minor thing left to do there, but I also have a few things to do in HERE now, because of it all. Fun fun.

I guess, with all that's going on, it's a blessing to be somewhat short on letters this week. Still, with only 3 'real' letters (the first 3), today's update is sparse at best.

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Random Randomness

Okay, I'm tired, I've got nothing to do, and it's raining outside....It's the perfect mix in which the primordial soup that is my brain starts to solidify enough that I begin to make coherent sentences.

Let me introduce myself...well, that's what I would say if I didn't have the constant fear that someone will take my phone number and ID and I get a knock on the door the next morning by a couple of whitecoats saying I was running nude in the middle of the city. It's a sad, sad world we live in, indeed.

So let's throw in some topics and make this letter interesting, o-tay?

Square reunites with Nintendo: You don't know how happy this makes me. I mean, really happy. Bounce-off-the-walls-and-throw-a-party-for-Ted-Koeppel-'cuz-I-damn-well-feel-like-it happy. Now maybe I can re-launch my army of rabid gerbils to hold the Square staff hostage until they meet my demand for a GBA port of Seiken Densetsu 3. Pure bliss that would be. Who's with me?

Dragon Warrior/Quest/Monsters/Adventure/Oddysee 4: Cancelled. Fine hilla beans, that. Most of us come from a period of time when Enix's sudden closing stopped us from getting DW6, Wonder Project J (The good one, not the N64 bomb), and Terranigma, if only in the states. Why should it be any different now? Should we be surprised that this happened? (Yes)

Speaking of Terranigma, being the 3rd in a trilogy that us USA-tizens didn't get, What IS it with the number 3 anyway? Seiken 3, Adventures Lolo only getting 3 games, Capcom only RECENTLY releasing Street Fighter 3, SNK folding after Metal Slug 3....If you ask me, the number has as much 'charm' as 42.

Ah, Lolo... truly a great series that was. I've always wished Hal would bring him back someday, in some form. Maybe a GBA version in the style of the NES ones. Or maybe, and this is serious wishful thinking...but imagine Lolo as a playable character in Smash Bros. Ah yeah, that's the stuff.

By the way, speaking of games with only 3 chapters, don't forget Ninja Gaiden.

It's a conspiracy I tell you. The government wants to give us false belief on certain numbers because the reality is that Aliens have been contacting us with those numbers for years. It's the only way to explain Douglas Adams' untimely death, which is undoubtedly somehow linked to Andy Kaufmann's death, which we all know is BS because he faked his death since he was tired of playing a nut on "Taxi" and is currently sipping Daqueris (SP, yo) with Adams and Elvis and a bunch of ass-shaped aliens hovering around the crab nebula. And SETI is hiding all this because they don't want the public to flip out over what could actually become our untimely demise. That honor belongs to the sun when it expands and consumes the planet over a period of a few billion years. Can't wait really. Should be fun.

Retro Time: I'm probably the last person who owns an N64 that HASN'T played Majora's Mask. Well, ask me that about a week ago and that's what I would've told you. But thanks to an anonymous grant (From my sister) I've been playing it nonstop. It's fun! It's freaky! That moon scares the living thompson's gazelle outta me. And is it me, or does that moon have a startling resemblance to the smiling asteroids of the SNES starfox? Maybe Miyamoto had his apocalypse of the world written years ago, and had someone execute it while he went to work on Ura-Zelda? Finally, This (http://rpgamer.com/games/zelda/zeldamm/propaganda/zeldamaj-nov1.jpg) Breaks my heart. God bless America, forever and ever, amen.

Heh... Ura Zelda. Yeah, THAT happened alright. Maybe he ended up going insane from working on the game that never came about, and we just now are seeing the side effects of his insanity in the GameCube Zelda. Or 'Celda', if you will.

I think MM is cool too. While I'm overall more fond of Ocarina of Time's setting and classic Zelda stuff (Hyrule, Ganon, etc), MM was very well done, and pretty unique.

Wow. I had a lot to say, didn't I? Well, It's because you kicks ass. And I know you'd listen to everyone, no matter how weird and delusional they are. Keep it real, 'k brudda? Love ya.

Former ProtoGroupie from sites past.

Yeah, you keep it real too. Word up yo.
Limit? What limit?

I've heard about all the "huge innovations" to the graphics of the GBA, but none have looked "dazzling" to me so far. Breath of Fire and Golden Sun have had very good graphics, but none so powerful as to blow me out the window or anything. What exactly is the limit to the GBA's graphical powers?

On another note: Does anyone remember Super Mario RPG for super nintendo? That was a great game! Could the GBA handle those kind of graphics? (3D characters, 2D backgrounds)


Well, Breath of Fire IS mostly a port of an older SNES game, which, while good at the time, isn't so special now. Golden Sun though, along with Castlevania, are pretty impressive if you ask me. If you don't agree, go fight the last boss on CV. That should change your tune. As far as limits go, there IS the interesting matter of that BlueRoses technology, discovered recently. While I hope to see good 2D games for a good long time on the GBA, from a technical standpoint, what these people are doing with the GBA is pretty impressive.

Mario RPG... I read today that there was apparently a rumor going around (obviously it didn't get around enough, since I never heard it) that the game might get ported to the GBA. Keep in mind that's all it is, is a rumor. Just like Secret of Mana on GBA is a rumor, which I'm starting right here. Yay. But seriously, I think it'd be possible to do (both games, actually), but we'll have to wait on word from Nintendo to know for sure. And as a side note, Mario RPG was still all 2D. The characters and stuff were pre-rendered, ala Donkey Kong Country, but images were still just 2D sprites.

I sense Euro/Canadian influence at work.

Ok, so this is a little late but I couldn't help but wonder why everyone with a PS2 was complainig that square was back with Nintendo. At least the playstation got the likes of FF7 and FF9. Nintendo was where square was best, at least that's what I think. Chrono Trigger is my favourite SNES game and besides, now they can work on the GBA. Hehe.


A common misconception in this whole ordeal seems to be that 'Square is back with Nintendo, leaving Sony'. At least the PS got FF7 and 9... well yes, and the PS(insert numeral here) will continue to get FF games, no matter what other platforms Square games come out for.

Though I do have to agree, CT on the GBA would be uber-sweet.

MJ is so totally 80s. Like...totally.

Subject: Why I think the captain of the Love Boat was basically Vyse as a fat transexual.

You wanna go make out or something?
Billy Jean
(By the way, I'm a dude!)

Uhhhhhh, yeah... sure. Meet me in Menlow Park, behind the big tree, at 10pm. Don't worry, I'll be there. I won't sit at home and pretend you don't exist or anything. Never.


Spam ahoy!

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I shouldn't condone spam, but this was so sadly blatant, and apparently, sent to the entire staff here... I had to. By the way, I'm Mike. And remember, I'm not just the president, I'm also...er.
Closing Thoughts

You'd think with half the usual amount of letters, this would have been done faster. As usual, I'm glued to IRC while doing this. Oh well. Back to doing... I dunno, something.

WRITE ME!!!!!1111

~ Chronologist (chronologist@rpgfan.com)


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